Poison God's Heritage


Chapter 155 The Deeps

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Chapter 155: The Deeps

It took me less than an hour to make a batch of healing pills for Wu Di, they weren't something great that could heal his plague, because that thing is a curse. The Emrodite Plague is a plant-based sickness, not even poison so I can't even absorb it. But I can easily identify and beware of it.

It has a Yang Base, and works in slowly degrading one's body and at the same time sealing and locking their meridians. If a mortal is contracted with this disease, they won't even feel it, as it cannot penetrate into their meridian since mortal meridians aren't activated.

But for a cultivator, the plague goes into their meridians and nests there for a week, then it transforms into a contagious state, all while the person carrying the plague never even feels that they are sick.

But the moment the sickness starts propagating, pain, nausea, and even a sense of loss and disorientation are easy to occur.

What I gave Wu Di were pills to help supplement his Meridians with Qi, this will help him lower the impact of the sickness, but will not cure him. It's a temporary solution for Wu Di. I also added a Night Glow Pill. Which will help him suffer the heat from the sun.

Due to some reason, the sun activates the Emrodite Plague and causes it to go haywire in one's body causing more damage.

"You should be good to move, this is only temporary until we reach the Place of The Deep, if we find the Sealing Technique, then you might be in luck, at least like you said, the sealing technique should help you survive until we can find an Albedo."

"If we ever find one." Wu Di said.

"True, they are hard to find, but it's better to hope than give up, Wu Di. The whole of the Tian Ji sect relies on you, c'mon, we don't want to disappoint."

"True, Brother Shen Bao, I forgot for a moment that, let's go."

Nodding at Wu Di, I turned and removed the barrier then left. Huang and Hai Yun were waiting outside with worried expressions.

Behind me, the not-so-pale Wu Di came out, he s.h.i.+elded his eyes from the sun and smiled.

"Brother Wu Di! The sun, you should go back!" Hai Yun said with worry in her voice.

"Worry not, brother… Xiao Meng here helped me, I should be good to travel," Wu Di said.

"Are you sure you can move around?" Huang replied.

"Yes, everyone has their map ready?" Wu Di asked.

And the group pulled their pieces of the map, as I did to mine.

Once the four pieces were next to each other, the map stuck to itself and the symbols on it began morphing and shaping into a holographic display of a piece of land that was in the high seas.

"d.a.m.n…" Wu Di cursed.

"What's wrong?"

"I know this island… We had some doubts about the Palace of The Deep being in the Deeps, but seeing is really an eye-opener."

"I'm not understanding," I replied. "What are the Deeps, and why do you look so worried?"

"Ah, right, well, the Deeps is a maritime area that has ma.s.sive amounts of sea beasts, the weakest are the sixth level, and there were reported sightings of tier-one sea beasts. Enough to drown continents if they were enraged." Wu Di said.

I rubbed the small stub of beard I had as I thought, "I suppose the Palace of The Deep built their sect there for a purpose, to use the beasts as a line of defense against alien invaders."

"Yes, and it worked greatly, but it's strange because we do know that their disciples occasionally visited land, so how did they manage to go in and back to the palace without having to suffer through the dangers of the Deeps."

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"We'll have to see about that when we get there," I replied.

"Don't worry about Qi expenditure, I'll supplement you all with restorative pills, just keep moving as fast as you can."

"But some of the pursuers behind us are Nascent Soul Cultivators, the moment we reach the sea we'll be exhausted while they won' even have a fraction of their Qi depleted," Hai Yue said with a fearful tone.

"As I said, don't worry about it," I replied and we kept moving.

"Brother, you never told me, how did you leave the Demon Lands." Wu Di asked.

"Oh, I had a huge fight with Vitra'Goul," I replied.

"Really, that guy was a Nascent Soul Level, I wish if I was there." Wu Di replied in a grin.

"Who is this Vitra Ghoul?" asked Huang.

"A demon kin, one of the four demon kings of the Demon Lands, we have a huge conflict there, a lot of things happened and a war even broke but we couldn't stay inside and help allied forces, but it seemed that my brother here did what we couldn't," Wu Di replied.

"You defeated a Nascent Soul Demon Kin? I find that hard to believe, especially since you're a core cultivator stage," Hua Yue said with skepticism.

"You shouldn't underestimate him," Wu Di said, "After all, he was only a Foundation Establishment back when we first entered the Demon Lands, and he was already a threat to everyone who ever tried to cross him. Also, where is Arslan? I haven't seen him in a while."

"He is probably having fun right now, he is still well."

"Good to know," Wu Di replied and we continued chatting as we moved on, the two of us didn't even seem to be worried about the pursuers unlike the other two, but a few occasional rea.s.surances made them less skittish and they focused more on the journey ahead.

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