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Chapter 151 Black Tower Pavilion

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Chapter 151: Black Tower Pavilion

Settling within the city was good and all, especially with the commendation of the Three-Legged Raven Sect, but that doesn't mean I'll live here for the rest of my life. I'll be leaving this area soon, but I'm still worried about one thing, the person who used their divine sense on me.

They either were some random cultivator, or probably someone sent by the Three-Legged Raven Sect to monitor my movement, after all, I left in an all too well, too inconspicuous matter that it left people suspicious of me having done some underhanded play on the disappearance of the Purple Cloud Sect's palace.

So instead of staying here, I might as well just take my stuff and leave for another area. Going back to the Zhou Country is counterproductive, as there is probably nothing left for me to do there, and staying here will only cause problems, I'll also need a way to settle the Purple Cloud sect as I can't have them rent-free within my Lord's PaG.o.da.

However, they'll still find a home there until the Sect Master is back in power because releasing them back is the same as ordering their death.

I currently find myself without purpose, for many of the cultivators I've read about always had the drive to push them forward, a goal or an event that happened and caused them to seek more strength, but besides the doom looming above my head which is the Primordial Dragon Snake, I don't see any reason to seek strength, nor a way to actually achieve it.

Joining a sect has so far proven to be nothing but a ha.s.sle, it's hard to achieve something in a sect where everyone is working double time on ruining the others. A sect's main goal should be to work on improving everyone else around a person, but this mentality of fend for yourself is rather counterproductive. I might as well make my own sect, but that's not something I'm too keen on doing right now, it's a lot of ha.s.sle and I don't have the foundation to make something like a sect nor the cultivation rank, after all, even if I could easily kill off a nascent Soul as a Core Cultivator, no disciple would willingly want to be taught in a sect where the sect master is a core disciple.

I still need to gain strength, and with my sixth layer Core Formation, I'm really too weak to even think about becoming an elder at a prestigious sect not to mention actually leading one.

For now, I already have enough defensive and offensive means to protect myself, but for my personal strength, though I have the heritage of the Poison G.o.d and the vast knowledge of the Lord of Lords, I'm still too weak and too incapable of using them.

My understanding of Law allows me to learn Domain, but after a few rounds of study, I understood that making a domain is a pretty huge step for anyone wanting to move forward. And a regular elemental domain, though easy to achieve, is by far the weakest.

The Poison G.o.d's own domain, The Forsaken Poison Abyss is an Esoteric Domain, a none elemental domain with its own laws, Poison is in a sense a mix of wind, water, earth, and metal elements, so to understand the poison domain one must master four of the five major elements in this cultivation world, being Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, and Metal.

It gets even more complex when using other types of Esoteric Domains, for example, Wisdom of the Ages, which was brother Zhang Tian's domain was a none elemental domain, and it relied heavily on his scholarly nature, he understood Law in his search of Scholarly Immortality, and in his search, he founded his own law something that was far from the Elemental Law and could be said to be his own achievement as no one had probably done something like him.

Seeking domain and learning is imperial in one's advancement in cultivation, though there are some great domains that one can learn following the footsteps of other cultivators who did the same, it's not certain that they'll achieve the same results.

For example, even if the Poison G.o.d had left exact and detailed information on how to recreate his Forsaken Poison Abyss, it's not certain I'll achieve a hundred percent mastery even if I followed the same footsteps.

Domain is something that is born from one's own experience in life, their understanding of their existence in this world. Domain is literally wrenching away a portion of the world from heavenly law and making it your own, and for someone to achieve this, they'll have to have a perfect understanding of their own self and what happens around them, their own experience and what they did through their life will culminate and create a domain that only they can perfectly understand, thus enabling them to wrench control from heavens.

If another person came and tried to mimic a said domain, they'll most likely fail because they didn't experience the same things the originator of the domain had done, and even success will be minor or will have a drastic change to the shape and functionality of the domain.

Understanding all this made me immediately shake away the idea of recreating something similar to the Poison G.o.d, though I have a majority of his teachings I didn't experience life the same way he did so success is impossible.

Sighing, I decided that before I would try and focus on a single domain idea, I'm better off looking through the Law Stone I had from the Laughing Slaughterer. The quality of that Law Stone was pretty impressive and I could use it to learn various laws, and once I have learned enough laws, I'll be able to think something up.

I'm more inclined to learn s.p.a.ce Laws, after all, being able to control s.p.a.ce is not something easy but at the same time hard work pays off greatly. As I've seen from the Poison G.o.d's ability to manipulate s.p.a.ce, he seemed to have mastered it to an incredible degree, and that enabled him to use not Domain, but just mere laws to flip the battle against Zhang Tian immediately.

Though I can't outright go and create a s.p.a.ce Domain because I have not a single clue on how that will work, I can still learn s.p.a.ce Law, and that will definitely open up a lot of options for me later on.

Having made good progress on my future objectives, I decided that it was time to make an exit and leave this city, so far, I have no real reason to stay here, and I might as well continue venturing, there could be opportunities I could obtain to increase my cultivation level. Because so far, the poisons and treasures I have aren't enough to help me to the Nascent Soul stage.

So, I need information, thus I had to leave my home.

The moment I walked out of the house, I saw a man standing in front of the house, he was waiting for me to come out and the moment he saw me, his expressions perked up.

"Master Xiao Meng! I've been tasked to tend to your needs, if you need anything please tell me and I can get it for you." The man said.

"That's rather convenient, I was actually going out to look for something, also what's your name?" I asked.

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"My name is Xi Bai, Master Xiao Meng!" the man said all too enthusiastically.

"Yes sir, but the auction is for cultivators only, I'm really sorry." The woman said.

Frowning, I said, "You mean you'll be dismissing me since I'm not a cultivator?"

"Sir, please, you'll only get hurt, even if you have valuables on you, the moment any cultivator sees them and noticed that you're a mortal you will lose your valuables and probably your life, this is for your own interest." The woman spoke, though her words were polite her tone was degrading and condescending.

"You have some galls to speak these words to me, call your supervisor," if I'm going all out, I'm pulling the Karen Card and I don't give a f.u.c.k.

The woman frowned, "Sir, I'll have to ask you to leave, you're bothering the customers behind you," she said as she pointed behind me at a person who just arrived at the pavilion.

"Master Xiao Meng, please, we can come back later when this is done, the pavilion itself has some good stuff, not just the auction."

"I came for the Auction, I won't leave until I enter and see it, Call the dammed supervisor! Now!" I said and the last word was spoken rather loudly, which caused many of the people around us to stand and watch the commotion happening in front of the auction house.

"Guards!" the woman said and immediately two men of a huge build, barbarian looking appeared behind her.

"Take them out of my sight,"

"So, this is how this Black Tower Pavilion treats its guests! Very well! You'll hear from me soon!" I replied and before the guards even came closer another person came flying down from above the top of the black tower.

The man came down with grace and finesse as he landed silently on the ground, he had black robes and looked like a gentle old grandpa.

"What seems to be the problem, Yue," the old man said.

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