Poison God's Heritage


Chapter 150 Prospects and Hopes

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Chapter 150: Prospects and Hopes

I then pulled the herbs and began refining them. Though the difficulty of doing Receptarism is far higher than doing regular alchemy, the pills I'm making right now don't need a lot of finesse, but need extreme heat.

Yin Invigorating Pills, and Sun Pills. Two pills of contradicting nature will cause widespread destruction inside anyone's body if they were consumed at the same time, but with a medium like the Bodhi Spiritual Pill, the clash of the two elements can be negated and have both pills work together in healing internal injuries.

Once all the three types of pills were done, and that took a few hours, I stood up and walked to the sect master.

"Take these," I said as I handed the pill to her.

She didn't want to take them, but a single sigh, from me, "Please, it's for your own good."

She hesitantly took them, and for the first time in hours that felt like days she spoke, "The pills, they're precious, this one even has pill veins, she said as she just noticed the pill veins on the Bodhi Spiritual pill."

"Yes, otherwise I wouldn't have given you this recipe, the Bodhi Spiritual Pill needs to be the stronger of the two, or the other pills will cause more damage than good once you consume them. Start with the Bodhi Pill, I'll help you digest it, but you'll have to allow me to navigate the pill's content through your body."

"I can do it myself," she said, as she didn't want me to once again probe her body using Qi.

"Do as you please then, I'll be here in case you're in danger," I said, then I sat back waiting.

The sect master swallowed the pill and entered a meditative state, she slowly coursed the pill's content into her body then followed with swallowing the two other pills.

Almost immediately, her complexion turned graver as her face paled through the pain of circulating the pills.

The pain from such an experience is pretty grave, almost on par with suffering the Bone and Body Grinding Poison, if she was still in her prime, she could have probably suffered through it with ease, but right now, with the heavy damage from the Ice Destruction, she will definitely keel over if I don't intervene, but as long as she doesn't ask for help, and as long as she keeps her pride I won't help. It's a lesson she needs to learn, I wonder how some cultivators live for so long and find asking for help to be beneath them, it's like they want to shoulder the world and wouldn't allow another to help. Such arrogance, such hubris.

Soon, my fears came to fruition, the strong-headed Sect Master's already pale complexions turned wither than a sheet, then she coughed out a vile jet of blood from her mouth.

Her eyes threatened to turn back to her skull from the pain, her hands shook as did her whole body and she still didn't want my help.

"G.o.d d.a.m.n it, woman!" I shouted, "Would it kill you to ask for help!" I shouted and immediately flew over behind her, placed my palms on her back, and forced my qi into her body, only to see destruction had run amok within her body.

"Good lord what have you done, you almost killed yourself with your d.a.m.n pride." I cursed as I began funneling my Qi to forcefully stop the damage.

Apparently, she didn't fully dissipate the Bodhi Spiritual Pill, not because of lack of understanding, but because she believed that the amount she dissipated from the pill was enough, she was too rash in ingesting the two other pills before she fully consumed the first. And this caused the two Yin and Yang pills to find more ground to battle inside her body without the intervention of the Bodhi Spiritual Pill.

I gathered my will and Qi and began by breaking down the remains of the Bodhi Spiritual Pill, I then guided the essence to the areas with the most damage, and soon the Yin and Yang Properties of the Sun Pill and Yin Invigorating Pill stopped clas.h.i.+ng and began their true purpose. Cleansing and repairing the damage caused by the Ice Destruction poison.

And while I'm at it, I slowly absorbed all the small remains of the Ice Destruction Poison that didn't fully fuse with her body, this will help greatly in accelerating the process of healing and as it would lessen the amount of Ice Destruction in her body, and at the same time will increase my cultivation even if slightly so.

A lot of stuff was happening inside the Sect Master's Body and I needed to keep track of everything. Make sure the Sun Pill and Yin Invigorating Pill don't cause problems and work together in repairing her organ. Cleanse and clean any remains of the Ice Destruction Poison, and every now and then, feed the Sect Master a couple Healing Pills and Soul Rejuvenating Pills, though I was only a.s.sisting in this, the Sect Master was doing the bulwark of the work, I guided her Qi, but she had to actively stimulate her Qi into repairing her damaged organs.

Long arduous hours later, and organ by organ, starting from the liver, pancreas, kidneys, spleen, to her lungs spine, and reproductive organs, where I was forced to not even go there with my Qi, thankfully she already understood well enough how to heal her organs from me guiding her Qi that as she managed that herself in that particular area.

Soon came the turn of more secondary parts, flesh, in particular, her muscles, veins, and bones, all needed a thorough cleansing of Yin and Yang, enough to literally reset the imbalance within her body. Soon, came the rest, like her hair and some old scars that were left on her body from battle or the damage the Ice Destruction poison had done to her.

After several hours, and once I made sure that everything was perfectly repaired I pulled my palms away from the Sect Master and waited for her to wake up.

Almost immediately after she woke up, she turned around and threw up a disgusting pile of sludge.

Grinning I said, "Congratulation on your newfound health, and welcome to the club."

"This is rather disgusting," the Sect Master said as she wiped her mouth.

"Nothing a good bath and some rest can't fix, tell your attendant to take care of your needs, once you're freshened up, I'll take you to where you can cultivate and regain your strength."

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"Much obliged," the Sect Master said and that was as close as a thank you, I would ever get, she is still not that okay with holding a casual conversation with me, and I won't blame her, but sometimes you have to act like an a.s.s if it's for the best interest of that person, even if they don't see it right away.

"I know that, but still, I'm really bothered how he managed to locate the Purple Cloud Sect in the first place, and how the whole palace was captured and placed inside their sect."

"Ah, that would be Chuzi Yan's Father, Chuzi Dae. His father is a powerful half-step Soul Transformation cultivator, though he is avoiding the mortal world since he wishes to Sever His Mortality, he still helped his son."

'Hmm, Severing Mortality that's what brother Zhang Tian spoke about, it seems that it's a needed step to becoming a Soul Transformation Cultivator. Apparently, every major realm of cultivation has a special thing for it. A Core Cultivator gains Divine Sense, a Nascent Soul Cultivator understands Laws, a Soul Formation Gains Domain, and a Soul Transformation Sever Mortality. I wonder what the Ascendant Stage has.'

"Right then, since he is a powerful cultivator, we'll need to remain in hiding, after all, only the Sect Master at full strength can compete with Chuzi Dae in strength."

"Yes, though Chuzi Yan is powerful, if he were to know that the Sect Master had regained her cultivation base, he would never leave his sect. Because he clearly knows that she will kill him thousand times over. But since he has his father, he is acting arrogantly."

"More reasons to accelerate the recovery of the Sect Master, I'll tend to it. For now, I'll have to leave, since I can't afford to be missing for a long period of time back in the overworld.

"G.o.dspeed Shen Bao, we'll keep cultivating here." Lao Bofan replied.

"Yes, if you need any spiritual herbs just take it, but make sure to leave the roots to sprout more herbs," I said.

"Oh, thank you, don't worry about tending to your spiritual garden, I'm proficient in that regard, these herbs will help greatly in healing the disciples of our sect."

"Right," I said as I looked at the palace.

"The Purple Cloud Palace is the symbol of prosperity of the Purple Cloud Sect," I said as I looked back at the ma.s.sive palace.

"Oh, yes, how grand it was, this sect was one of the greatest Sects In this continent, before I was even borne, the Purple Cloud Sect, with the leaders.h.i.+p of the first Sect Master reached highest never before seen, and managed to be a fourth tier sect. But the declining quality of disciples and the ma.s.sive internal problems caused the sect to fall, though our current Sect Master was the hope to regain our former glory, with the sneak attack on her while she was ascending, all hope was lost." Lao Bofan said.

"Right, Then, once I'm back, I'll do something about that. Perhaps the glory of the Purple Cloud Sect is yet to fade." I said then teleported out.

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