Poison God's Heritage


Chapter 149 Tough Love?

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Chapter 149: Tough Love?

The Sect Master looked at me, for a second, there was hope, pride, and a bit of reminiscence in her eyes for days long gone since she stood at the forefront of her peers in power, then she slowly shook her head

"But I fear that this will cost you greatly would it not? For no power in the world comes easy, especially repairing a body as old and decrypt as mine, I'm no longer as I used to be, though I might not look like I have lost my youth, my body is as old as a senile crone," the sect master said.

Clearly, she was speaking out of her a.s.s, for as far as I could see, I've yet to see someone with even half of her beauty and she is calling herself an old crone.

"Don't worry about your body's deterioration, I'm slightly more capable than before, but we'll need a private venue. Please," I said nodding to the rest of the elders who were too shameless in staying while I spoke to about the sect master's health issues.

The majority of them understood the message, while some even went to the extent of coughing and saying that they had something to do, only to beat a hasty retreat away from the awkward exchange.

Soon as everyone was out of the room, I walked up to the Sect Master, and looked her in the eyes saying, "No wonder that Chuzi Yan acted despicably so, you really are pretty, also don't worry about deterioration, anything can be fixed and improved upon given enough resources."

"I haven't been spoken this way too in a long time, but don't try your luck, I might not be as powerful as I used to be, but I can still break your neck if I wish to." Though with Y present that's probably close to impossible, yet the Sect Master had acted like the proud sect master to keep up appearance and 'Face', but I could clearly see the slight smile that flashed across her face when I mentioned her beauty.

'd.a.m.n it feels good being young,'

"Right, now, excuse me," I said as I grabbed her hand, closing my eye I began feeling her pulse as I sent my Poison Qi probing through her body.

Immediately, she slapped my hand away, "What are you doing!" she said, fury emanating from her words.

"I'm scanning your body; I need to know the extent of the damage…why are you being so aggressive?" I asked.

"As a man, don't you find it shameful to inspect a woman's body so rudely so?" she asked.

"As a man, I would undoubtedly have not so good intentions, but right now, I'm your caretaker, I'm here to heal you, so stop whinging about decency, my goal is to know the extent of the Ice Destruction damage and treat it," I said sternly reprimanding her.

"So, you either let me do my job, or I'll leave," I said.

"I'd rather not suffer through the humiliation of having someone besides a spouse see my body." The sect master said sternly and full of conviction.

"What kind of backwatered mentality is that? Do you tell off a doctor if you were sick? Decency dignity I can understand but in situations where your life is on the line, things as flimsy as those concepts amount to nothing. So stop being all grumpy about this, and let me finish my job." I said.

The Sect Master seemed rather unconvinced and shook her head, "I'd rather not."

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"For crying out loud, Y, come out," I said and immediately the ma.s.sive samurai stood up behind me, "Master, what do you wish me to do?" the puppet asked.

"Apparently, the ministration I gave you the last time with removing the bulk of the Ice Destruction Poison allowed your body to slightly adjust and be more welcoming to this element. Yet, the damage to your organs has been dealt, and even if your body started gaining the Ice Element attribute, it's like the body is too damaged to actually benefit from it, and can only use the Ice Destruction Poison inside you to both increase your incredibly low life span, and at the same time kill you. It's a strange contradiction. But… I have a way around it, but it's not pleasant." I said.

The Sect Master took my words with a grain of salt and didn't speak again.

I sighed and said, "The idea is to temper your body in an icy environment after treating the wounds all over your organs. I can do the latter, and for the first, in one of the biomes here, there exists an ice mountain with high Yin concentration that will help you recover greatly, not only that, I'm sure that with enough time you'll be able to regain not only your Soul Formation cultivation base, but all the way to the same stage where you failed reaching the Soul Transformation stage."

The Sect Master was still giving me the silent treatment, making me second guess my use of force into scanning her body and thinking of other ways I could have done, but I immediately shook those thoughts away, the milk was already spilled and there was no need to cry over it.

I pulled my pouch and from it grabbed a few strains and spiritual herbs. I backed off from the sect master and sat down in the middle of the hall.

I raised my palm and from it flame green as emeralds shone brightly above my palm, a scene which caused the stoic and clearly angry sect master to have a change of expression ever so slightly, to that of surprise, but as if remembering she was still angry with me, she regained her cold-natured self immediately.

Noticed her change of expression I purposefully grinned, enough that she saw it and her face redden again. Man, it's like an anime girl with all the blus.h.i.+ng, it was…cute.

'Stop thinking silly thing Shen Bao, get to work you have lots to do,' I told myself then set out to work.

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