Poison God's Heritage


Chapter 145 A Plan Like No Other

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Chapter 145: A Plan Like No Other

As I was accompanied by the inner Disciple of the Grand Elder many disciples gave me some weird looks. Most disciples were of the Nascent Soul Realm, and seeing someone with core cultivation walking among them caused them to feel annoyance.

I didn't bother with them though, as I was already sending messages to Y.

I had an issue with Y, the reactor I made for him was pretty good, yet, it consumed medium-grade spirit stones like they were water and ate up high-grade spirit stones with almost the same speed. But for a Top Grade, Spirit Stone supplemented with high-grade ones, Y will be able to operate at maximum output for his current Reactor.

He won't reach to the ascendant Realm, but as Y just confirmed to me, no one below the Ascendant Realm would survive his onslaught if I were to let him go. Though he will fully consume the Top Grade Spirit Stone in less than a minute while going at Max Output for his current reactor, he'll be more than powerful enough to end anyone that could threaten my life.

This made me feel confident in my current undertaking, and also felt a bit guilty since I'm relying a lot on Y and neglected X's progress. I'll make sure to build some great powerups for X especially with using Law. Not to mention the promise of speech I gave him.

As we walked down the mountain and towards the booming sounds of combat, I felt the atmosphere growing more electric.

People were agitated and were competing against each other by blasting a ma.s.sive barrier that protected the Purple Cloud Palace.

I've always wondered how the Three-Legged Raven Sect had managed to capture the entire palace and get it here, but no one was going to answer that question for me.

Just as I stood in front of the battleground, I saw the result of a year worth of constant bombardment.

Hundreds of corpses littered the ground inside the barrier, they were all disciples that gave every bit of their Qi to power the formation, and many other cultivators fell as they used their Qi to reinforce the Purple Cloud Barrier.

Elders I've seen in the Purple Cloud Sect stood valiantly powering the Formation. They were bleeding through their orifices and suffered from the continuous onslaught. I would bet that any of the elders inside could beat these disciples black and blue in a second, but to do so would cause the death of the sect, so they had to suffer through the humiliation of being ridiculed and attacked without being able to retaliate. They could only defend and look as their disciples and their sect heritage was slowly ground to nothingness.

My heart wrenched as I saw kids, boys, and girls the age of flowers dying after trying to reinforce the barrier from an incoming powerful attack.

And the disciples of the Three-Legged Raven Sect rejoice after successfully gaining contribution to their sect by killing some of those who defended the Purple Cloud Sect.

My body was shaking as I looked at the scene in front of me, but I couldn't act hastily, I have a plan but I need to use it perfectly otherwise I'll be caught and only Y could save me by then. Though I'd really want to unleash Y on them, If I could keep some secrets I'm better off not revealing the extent of my a.r.s.enal.

"I've done what Master Asked me off, do your thing, and don't try anything funny, if you're incapable of contributing, then I might as well just take the Top Grade Spirit Stone and save you some face," the disciple said.

I shook my head, "Oh, don't worry, I'm more than capable, this barrier is strong but I have confidence in at least cracking it or weakening it." I said.

A few disciples from the Purple Cloud Sect noticed my arrival and winced in fear. Destroying the barrier was one thing, but using formation techniques to disable it was a whole other disaster. A few of them immediately relayed the information to the higher up.

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Immediately, a group of high-level cultivators appeared from inside the palace, among them were two that I recognized.

For he heard the same sentence and to him, it meant a completely different thing, "I'm on your side, I'm here to help." I said loud enough for the people around to hear, and especially for the people inside the barrier aswell.

This gave Lao Bofan a great idea, "Spread around, that's but a Core Cultivator, don't be fooled by his act. Just keep powering the barrier!"

His words were a tactic agreement to me to do whatever I was planning to do, and that no one was going to stop me.

I'm really grateful for him to have trusted me, if I were in his choose I'd have second doubts, shouldn't he think that I'm actually a part of the Three-Legged Raven Sect and I'm here to sabotage them?

Perhaps, with the barrier being so weak, they knew they were going to die, and if I came presenting hope, I'm the same to them as a raft for a drowning man. So, placing their hopes on me was the only thing they could do, otherwise, their death is already guaranteed.

I pulled a few talismans and began writing some symbols on them, none of it was actually useful stuff, well, useful in the term of destroying the barrier. But their real use, well, it was something that no one in the Three-Legged Raven Sect would ever understand unless they study inscriptions of the Celestial Realm.

I then threw them and they stuck to the barrier side "BREAK!" I shouted and cracks appeared on the barrier.

Alright, time to start my Oscar-worthy act!

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