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Chapter 142 Law

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Chapter 142: Law

"How come he managed to defeat a Nascent Soul cultivator of the sixth realm with one blow?" a disciple sitting in front of the Mirror World where Shen Bao was asked.

This was a question that many disciples had been asking, but no one knew the answer.

"It must be a treasure," the elder who sent Shen Bao inside said with an ugly expression on his face, though he wanted to have Shen Bao Killed for harming an Inner Disciple, it seems that if Shen Bao continued like this he will be able to become an Inner Sect Disciple, not to mention he had a treasure that could instantly kill a Nascent Soul cultivator the same rank as the elder.

The elder feared if Shen Bao wanted to retaliate and discover that he was actually being sent to a slaughterhouse then he'll come out and use the treasure on the elder, but at the same time, greed clouded his eyes, if the elder had the treasure Shen Bao had, he will be able to overcome many difficulties and raise his standing in the sect.

"Pay up!" a disciple said to another.

"No! he cheated, he used a treasure and not his own strength!"

"I don't care, I already took your bet on the chance of Meng Xiao losing, and he was facing a Nascent Soul cultivator, I don't care if he cheated or not, he won, so pay up!" the kid said and the other one reluctantly handed him a couple of High-Grade Spirit Stones.

"d.a.m.n Meng Xiao! You caused me a heavy loss! Once you get out I'll make sure that you'll pay back in full!" the loser of the bet said. His anger was unfairly placed on Shen Bao, and that was only because he couldn't afford to fight the disciple with the same level as him, as for Shen Bao, he was but a mere Core Cultivator, only valued for the entertainment he provides.

Within the Mirror World, Shen Bao found himself in front of yet another testing area. In front of him were nine pillars that were pretty similar to the pillar inside the Laughing Slaughterer's paG.o.da.

These were Law Pillars, where one can sit in front of them and understand Law. And the test was clear to Shen Bao since this was designed for Nascent Soul Cultivators, and Nascent Soul cultivators need to understand Law to begin their journey to create their domain.

Every Pillar had a different symbol, as for the first that was in front of him had the symbol of a phoenix, and emitted an incinerating heat.

Shen Bao approached it and sat down in front of the pillar to meditate. To understand the law, he needed to be one with the flames of this pillar, though he didn't know the first thing about phoenixes, he already had a Heart Flame, and this will help him greatly in understanding fire law.

The moment Shen Bao closed his eyes in front of the pillar, a picture of a phoenix raged within his mind, the phoenix swam in a celestial basin of flames, diving within it and jumping up as it twirled and spread its wings, showring the world with endless flames.

As the Pheonix spread its wings, Shen Bao saw s.p.a.ce itself morphing in agony against the incinerating heat of the phoenix, and within these distortions, there were lines, red lines that appeared for a fraction of a second the disappeared.

Shen Bao was immediately forced out of his meditative state. And when he closed his eyes to try and enter again he was denied entry.

Looking at the stone, and thinking that he failed, Shen Bao was about to give up. But at that moment, and from the heat coming from the stone, Shen Bao saw once again the red lines, as if mesmerized by the red lines, She Bao extended his hand and touched one of the lines that spread all over the pillar.

He then pulled on one of the lines which caused the rest of them to follow suit, and as the lines followed so did a flame burst from within the pillar and followed Shen Bao's hand as if it was a well-trained serpent of flame.

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"Huh? What's going on?" Shen Bao asked no one in particular, but still tried more, slowly playing around with the lines until he finally understood what they meant.

And from within the whiteness of the world, bright lines grew.

Once again Shen Bao was woken from his meditation and was able to see the white line.

He began by moving them around and created stalact.i.tes of ice, amazed by his own understanding of Law. He smiled as he had a new idea.

Shen Bao went between the two pillars and with one hand pulled on the fire law lines, and his other hand, on the ice law lines. He then forcefully merged them both, causing ice and fire to merge.

"MASTER NO!" came the sound of Y, yet before even Y could act, the two lines collided and blew up in Shen Bao's face throwing him like a ragdoll a dozen meters away from the pillars to a tumbling carca.s.s like state.

Groggily, Shen Bao sat back up, thanks to his enhanced robes he didn't immediately die, but his face was bloodied, his chest ribs felt like they were broken and he couldn't feel his hands.

Yet, there was a wide smile on Shen Bao's face as he pulled a few poison pills and ate them.

Shen Bao laughed as his pain was clearly not enough to even sway the gears in his mind from working. "This is some seriously explosive stuff…I can't wait to put Laws in a canister and see how explosive they'll be."

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