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Chapter 135 In Prison

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Chapter 135: In Prison

As I was making new pills, and practicing my Receptarism with the Heart Flame, a few disciples came to my house's doors. I sensed them using divine sense and realized that a couple of them were the same group that tried to hara.s.s the girl from earlier.

"Xiao Meng, come out you b.a.s.t.a.r.d!" one of the kids, emboldened by the company of many others spoke.

I didn't care for these little runts, I had more important things to do, so I ignored them.

But they didn't seem to understand that I didn't want to be bothered.

"You ugly old b.a.s.t.a.r.d, get your a.s.s over here!" said the same guy and swung his sword at the gate of the small lodging I was given by the sect. The sword strike blasted the gate open and revealed me.

I already removed the Heart flame, and the look on my face was something not even a brave lion would want to face.

Now, I'm not a person that gets angry really fast, but when I do. I'm not someone to be messed with.

I stood up and slowly walked towards the kid. I could have called X and told him to break this person's legs along with the group he was with, but that wouldn't be smart. The Seven Mountain Sect has a close relations.h.i.+p with the Three-Legged Raven sect. And if X appears here, they'll immediately know who I am, as the people in the Seven Mountain Sect already saw X.

So I have to do this using my own hands.

"So, you finally show yourself. Coward, here, you cost me a good girl, and I have been imprisoned for a while, how are you going to take responsibility?" the kid said.


Another one spoke, "I say he should pay a few thousand medium spirit stones."

"Yeah, and also forfeit his holding bag."

"Yes, but that's not enough, he should also beg down on his knees, and cripple his own cultivation, only then will I be satisfied," the kid said.

"Brother Yu, is wise!" another replied.

These kids have been talking to each other, speaking about breaking my core and crippling my cultivation, then broad daylight robbery, as if it was nothing.

"So, you're saying you'll do all that to me? Why?" I asked.

"Why? Because I can, because I'm stronger and you have no say in it," the kid said.

"Aren't you afraid of the sect's rules?" I asked.

"The sect won't care about crippled disciples, anyway even if they did punish me, I can buy myself out, I'm a genius after all and they have to treat geniuses well."

"So, the strong get to decide the life of others, thank you I have been enlightened." I grinned then charged the group before they could even realize what was happening.

Splitting in three copies using the Golden Scripture, each of my copies charged at one kid, stabbing three inches above their groin area and into their dantian, then with a twist, their core was destroyed. The kid in front of me however was in for a far worse ending.

I grabbed his head and immediately slammed it against the ground. If this was a normal human being, his head would have broken like an egg against a rock, but the skin on his face was so thick that the ground was cracked.

"This is how you bow to your elders," I said, as I raised his bloodied shocked and still none-understanding head to face me, "But I still don't feel any serenity from your bow, do another," I said as I slammed his face again, and again, on the ground, further bleeding his forehead, until I feared that a concussion would be the least of his worries. I don't want him to die.

Then I immediately bore my hand into the kid's abdomen, breaking his core.

"Now, all three of you are cripples, and the sect doesn't care about cripples. Genius you said, you'd only become of value if you live to achieve your potential, but you crossed someone you shouldn't have, and what you have wanted to do to others, have been done unto you. How does it feel, kid?" I said as I threw the spasming body of the cultivator back next to the other two.

Then as I left their screaming and wailing selves in front of my doorsteps, I walked back in and resumed my work while the door of my house was still broken.

I couldn't use Receptarism here, in case someone comes in and see what I'm doing, so I pulled an old cauldron and went back to regular alchemy, I needed to make more poison pills.

A few minutes later, I heard a ruckus next to my house, it seems that a few disciples had recognized the three crippled kids and had told an elder.

"Who's responsible for this!" a man said with a resounding booming voice.

"That door it's broke, it seems that whoever lives there has an answer," Someone else said.

I ignored the group and continued refining my pill, soon the elder approached my house and noticed me working diligently on the pill.

Just as he was about to speak, I raised my hand to stop him, and with the other hand swiped the pills that I made.

Turning I said, "I welcome the elder to my house, how can I be of service?" I asked politely.

"Do you know what happened? The disciples were attacked and crippled, they're not even coherent."

"Oh, those three, I crippled them." I bluntly said, to the amazement of the elder and the rest of the disciples that swarmed around my house.

"Xiao Meng, right?" the elder said, he had a slightly irritated look on his face.

"Yes," I said.

"Who gave you the right to cripple disciples of this sect! unless you give a satisfying answer, I'll have you cripple your own cultivation… no, you managed to defeat three cultivators that are one realm above you, and since you're a genius cultivator, I won't cripple you, but you'll have to be punished for this act.

"This was self-defense," I said.

"Self-defense? The two there didn't even draw their weapons, not to mention the one in the middle had his skull fractured and his core ripped before he could even attack, don't lie, child."

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"I didn't lie, here," I said as I threw the man a jade. It replayed the whole event from start to finish.

"Ah…" I replied and calmed down.

This must be the formation that's protecting the Purple Cloud Palace, and the Three-Legged Raven sect is using it as a practice, both to break the formation and at the same time train their disciples.

Quite vicious.

Soon I arrived in front of a single-story house, where it said above it, Punishment Hall.

"Doesn't seem that big to me," I said.

"Most of the structure is underground, you'll see for yourself. This is as far as I can take you, you'll need to go in by yourself." The disciple said and waited for me to enter.

Just as I walked inside, I felt a powerful formation activating, restricting all Qi inside the building.

There was a desk with a mortal man manning it, he didn't have an ounce of spiritual Qi, but it would be natural, as a matter of fact, a cultivator would find this place a h.e.l.lish spot to be in, but a mortal man won't feel a thing even if I was not present, nor would I, because I don't really need spiritual Qi.

The man looked bored, as he had an elbow on the desk and his hand on his chin, he looked at me with half-asleep eyes and said, "Name and crime."

I said the same thing I told the kid from earlier, and the 'jailor,' said, "Right, for crippling three disciples, you'll be sent to the fourth floor." He said as he wrote something on a note, "Stand there," he said as he pointed at an elevator-like structure.

When I stood there he pressed on something on his desk and the elevator brightened up and went down fast.

It soon stopped and I found myself at the front of a long hall that had many chambers where many cultivators sat. they all looked grim and annoyed, but when they saw the new 'Fish' they got excited.

The moment I stepped out of the elevator it rose up, leaving a ma.s.sive hole that only led down. And without Qi, there was no way for anyone to climb up and the only path left was dow.

Also, the heat from this floor was rather hot, though it didn't affect me in the least as I had the Heart FLame, the rest of the people here are probably suffocating from it. I wonder what's the punishment level is like on the lower floors.


Remembering where I was, one of the prisoners with an evil look on his eyes soon approached me, and before he could even speak. I grabbed his face and slammed it into the wall then kicked him back to where he came from.

From all my Earth knowledge about prisons, you always take on the first dumba.s.s that comes your way, beat him up good swift and fast, and prove that you're not someone to be messed with. And since I could still use my Qi, none of these fools had any power against me.

The results were impeccable as the excitement of the inmates immediately calmed down to a lull.

I looked around and moved through the hall, it had rooms without bars, and many sat in their own rooms calmy. I walked until I found a room that was empty and sat inside it.

Now, I'll wait, I have a feeling that something interesting was going to happen here.

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