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Chapter 133 Sect's Trials

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Chapter 133: Sect's Trials

One day later, and a lot of cultivators more, the Three-Legged Raven Sect opened its doors to the people who are here for the trials and to join their ranks.

Just as the gates to the Three-Legged Raven sect was open, the same person who gave me my token came out and said, "All above the Core Cultivation realm are to proceed forward, you don't need to partake in these trials, you'll have your own set of challenges to do, monitored by elders of the sect. as for the rest of you, follow me." He said and our group slowly walked after that man.

Among the many people in the sect I saw a lot that was young kids, probably of the age of sixteen to twenty, these are the geniuses of their clans and countries. They're young and already achieved great success in cultivation, while I for example only begun cultivating when I was in my eighties.

There were a few that we're older, probably older than I am, but I can bet my fortune that none of them started as late as I did, they must have struggled halfway. Though Core cultivation isn't that hard to achieve, for many people it takes them hundreds of years to get there.

Age becomes irrelevant though, once one cultivates to higher levels, a person's age is drastically separated from their cultivation talent, as there, fortuitous encounters are what play a role in the fate of a person's achievements. A person can be stuck for a thousand-year in a certain cultivation realm, while another could find an elixir or a divine fruit and can surpa.s.s them in a day.

It's all about luck.

As I was thinking about this, the monitor stopped in front of a pyramid-like structure. It was in the outskirts of the sect, even if considering the ma.s.sive size of this structure, it seemed that it's only valued at being on the rims of the sect and not among the sect's main buildings.

"This is the trial ground, this pyramid has ninety-nine levels. Anyone who reaches beyond the fiftieth level will advance to the next trial. You have four hours." The man said, and the people began racing as if the pyramid didn't have enough s.p.a.ce or was going to disappear if they didn't get in time.

I calmly waited as I studied the horde of people racing to climb up.

Soon a person's body literally exploded in front of everyone in viscera and blood.


This put a damper on everyone's mood.

"What's this? Why did he die?" a person asked who was only a few levels below the man who just died.

"Soul Strength, the higher you go, the higher the pressure, he advanced far faster than his soul can handle and he blew up in the procedure." The monitor said in a matter-of-factly, as if the death of that person wasn't worth more than the trouble of cleaning up after his remains.

With many cultivators finally understanding what's going on, a few began pulling pills and eating them, then slowly advanced.

I noticed that people would be forced to stop and meditate at every ten levels, and for those who didn't…

"Another exploded, this test is ruthless." A cultivator said as he wiped the blood off of his face.

"In a world of cultivation, one should expect death at every corner, if you think that this is difficult you have no need to continue the trial, it will only get worse." The monitor said.

He then turned to me and the few that didn't climb up yet, "What's going on, are you afraid of climbing?" ha asked.

"One must judge a situation fully before diving in, nose first." I replied.

"But in the real world, you'll not have this chance to judge the situation," The monitor said.

"True, but this is exactly why I need to see and judge first, because unlike in the real world, I have the chance to do so, and I will use it, perhaps I'll learn something that will come in handy in the real world, don't you think?" I said.

"Hmm, you do have some truth to your words. Then so be it, move whenever you find it to your liking, just know that I won't give you more time if you dally here," the monitor said and closed his eyes to meditate.

After carefully inspecting the situation and making sure that I understood how everything was going on, as in every ten steps the strength of the pressure would exponentially increase, I deemed it was time for me to move.

So far, an hour had pa.s.sed, and there were already a few that managed to go beyond the fiftieth level, and they still continued moving upward to challenge themselves and see where they can reach.

I walked towards the pyramid and this brought the attention of the monitor. He keenly watched as I climbed.

And frankly, this was really easy, the soul pressure here was none-existent almost, but I could see many cultivators still struggling with the first few levels. I walked past them and continued onwards until I reached the first milestone. Ten levels.

Just as I stepped in, I felt a slight increase in soul pressure, but it was negligible. I continued climbing and the same happened on the third, fourth, and even fifth, this challenge was ridicule.

However, I couldn't bring too much attention to myself, I looked up and saw that many had already reached and stopped at the sixtieth level, and they didn't dare move up. I climbed until I was next to them, then sat down meditating, the soul pressure here was far weaker than the Laughing Slaughterer's paG.o.da and was compared to a joke against Zhang Tian's grazing divine sense.

"Xiao Meng, you seem to still have some power in you," the monitor said, "Why not go further?" he asked in a divine sense message.

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"I do have some power, but I still have other tests to do, it would be stupid to waste energy here when there is more to the trial."

I looked at him and scuffed at his weak disposition, a man who can't achieve anything in life only finds joy in points the other's mistakes.

But I didn't even have to do anything before the monitor interfered, "You there, either you focus on your own trial, or I'll kick you out. I have declared that any means can be used to destroy the pillars, he is within his right to use his own talents. Do your best or leave. We don't allow weaklings in our sect," The monitor said.

The cultivator swallowed the words and looked menacingly at me, if looks could kill I'd be dead a hundred times now.

After an hour, many had their pillars still standing and they were all flunked.

"Good, now for the final exam," the monitor said, but another person once again interrupted him.

"Just one more chance please!" he begged.

The monitor didn't get angry though and said, "If you really think that you're strong enough to continue on to the next stage, then you're welcome to stay, who here thinks that he can still continue even after failing into breaking their pillar?" the monitor asked.

A lot of people that failed to break their pillars came forward, thinking they still have another chance.

"Very well then, you're all eligible to the next trial, but you'll be the first to go. Outer Disciples come forth!" the monitor said, and a group of outer disciples was led forward.


They all had wounds and were battered, and all of them were chained.

"What's this?" asked one of the people who asked for another chance.

"Your next trial, these are the outer disciples who committed crimes against the sect, they were also given a second chance, and if they kill the newcomers their crimes will be forgiven. As for you, if you kill them, you'll take their place and become an outer disciple." The monitor said.

'Ah, now I understand the purpose of the trials. It's to test the potential of the disciples, and if they're not strong enough to even clear these simple trials, they'll never manage to take the outer disciple's spot because these outer disciples must have done the same trials and succeeded, not to mention they had more time to train and become stronger. This Three-Legged Raven Sect is really cruel. Because using this method, they'll never lose strength. Criminals are given a second chance, while the sect only chooses the best talents because only the best can survive.'

"Now, fight for your life, you asked for a second chance, here is your chance!" the monitor said and the chained disciples were released.

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