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Chapter 132 Sect Trial

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Chapter 132: Sect Trial

This was both good and bad news, I now know that the Purple Cloud Sect hasn't perished but I don't think I have the strength to take on an entire sect just to get them. After all, a sect that was able to raze the whole Purple Cloud Sect in a single night wasn't something to scoff at. Even with Y, I'll be at a disadvantage, the puppet can hold off many of the cultivators but it won't be able to protect me, and if I were to have it use the Saint Qi crystal, the damage it can cause would be too much for even me to bear. I'll need to think up a way to get them out of their mess.

I saw through the jade slip and understood the entirety of the situation. The Palace of the Sect Master was being constantly attacked by cultivators from the Three-Legged Raven Sect, it had also been teleported to somewhere in the north of this country of Zhen Yi.

It should take about half a month's travel time to get there, but even if, what can I do? I'm still a Core realm cultivator, and the Sect Master is already a step into the Soul Transformation, while his son, is in secluded cultivation to attack the same realm. Once he succeeds, they'll have two, and those realms are like G.o.ds in this world, and I can't fight against that. Not with my current strength.

"Shen Bao, listen here, I know that look, I've seen it many times," Tu Sei said. "Being angry or depressed is normal, it's one's sect and origin, I understand that, but you're not strong enough, not nearly enough to change the outcome of what is going on right now. Even the fact that you came here and arrogantly went up against the sect master was foolish for he was far stronger than you and he could have killed you and no one would have dared speak. Don't do anything rash Shen Bao, I only told you of this so that I would have fulfilled my Karma with Lao Bofan." Tu Sei said.

"That's just being cowardly," I said to the man, though he looked hurt for hearing the words, he didn't argue.

I stood up, "No matter, I got what I came for." I said then left taking my flying sword and heading north.

Many of the disciples of the Seven Mountain Peak had a not so friendly expression on their faces as I was flying away, they are probably planning something. But I can't be bothered now.

Tu Sei knows I'm heading north to the Three-Legged Raven Sect, but that's just a faint, my goal was to take a detour and head back to the swamps. I can't go on without my sword. So I'll be making a detour and if anyone follows me, I'll be able to shake their trail at the swamps.

I opened my poison G.o.d's Book and took a look at the sliver of divine sense there. It was Zhang Tian's Divine Sense, as I was supposed to release it once I was out of the Demon Realm, a lot happened. But seeing how powerful this sliver of Divine Sense, I could use it to help me later on.

"I'm sorry Brother Zhang Tina, just wait a little bit more."


As I continued heading north then began taking turns across the low terrains and between hills and large mountains. I don't know if I'm currently being followed but it's best to do some measures of security.

Soon, I managed to sense the presence of a few disciples of the Seven Mountain Peaks behind me. I spat a couple of gouts of nauseating poison and continued heading towards the swamp. The poison smoke was successful as I heard the retching sounds of the disciples as I flew away and into the swamps.

It took me a few hours to get to the pond while I managed to dodge the majority of the dangerous areas in the swamps, and once I was at the Pond I stood there and had Y up, summoned next to me. I came back with vengeance this time.

Immediately, the ogre-like creature came out from the swamp, enraged at yet another person daring to cross his territory, "Remember me, b.i.t.c.h?" I said.

Though the rage in the ogre-like creature was apparent, the moment he saw Y, he calmed down.

"Human," he spoke.

"So you can speak," I said.

"Yes, why have you come to bother me?"

"Bother? You a.s.shole tried to kill me this morning I'm here to get my revenge," I said simply.

"Am I not allowed to defend my home from invaders," he said.

"True, but I didn't attack you, I was just pa.s.sing by, wait why the h.e.l.l is I even discussing this with you, you cost my weapon," I said.

"Wait then," the ogre-like creature said and dove into the pond, soon he came out with two magnificent fourth their weapons, a curved blade that had a silver dragon design on the none sharp edge, and a long Liang sword that had a golden hilt and looked sharp enough that it would cut with a graze.

"Are these your weapons?" the Ogre asked.

I frowned, this reminds me of a story. A poor woodcutter had lost his ax in a pond, where a great snake lived, the snake came out to him and showed him two axes, which neither was his, a silver ax and a golden ax. Then it asked him which one was his, the woodcutter spoke true and said that neither was his, as he only had an iron ax, and the snake rewarded him with both silver and gold ax for speaking truth and not succ.u.mbing to greed. But could this be the same?

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Usually, I wouldn't really follow what's in a folklore tale, but taking a second look at these weapons, I noticed a slight baleful aura around them. even if they looked of the same quality as Creeping Demise, they were not mine, nor would they fit my usage, Creeping Demise was light, sharp and like a rapier that had many other usages, even if these weapons were higher grades, I wouldn't have chosen them over my own sword, because I have yet to unlock its true potential.


After two weeks of unhindered travel, I arrived at the peripheries of the Three-Legged Raven Sect. And to my surprise there seemed to be an event going on.

I slowly approached the gates of the Three-Legged Raven Sect and saw thousands of cultivators gathered around the sect gate. They all seemed to be at the Core Cultivation level, with a few even at the first step of the Nascent Soul Cultivation level.

As I approached, a man wearing purple-colored robes and had the stigma of the Three-Legged Raven on his chest approached me, "You, where is your initiation token?"

"Token? I don't have such," I said.

"Then what are you doing here? Only those with the token are allowed to take the trial to join the Three-Legged Raven Sect."

I looked around so that no one was looking and handed the man a small pill bottle, "This should be enough to allow me to partake in the trial," I said.


The man took the bottle faster than a person can blink, after taking a whiff of the pille's content he had a wide smile on his face, "I wish if everyone was as sensible as you, you're more than welcome, and here," he said as he handed me a token, "This is just so you could avoid any unnecessary troubles. Also what's your name, so I can add you to the list of compet.i.tors." He said.

"Xiao Meng," I said. No need to give them my name, I'm only using this trial to get into the sect.

"Right then, Xiao, wait here with everyone, the trial will begin in a few days when everyone is here, I'd advise you to cultivate here and meditate so you're in a good condition. Also, consider this a tip from a benefactor as great as myself, the first trial is a test of Soul Strength, if you have something to handle that, use it," he said and left to attend to other cultivators who came to join.

Soul Strength, I never had a problem with that, since I'm a transmigrator, my soul is strong enough to sustain a lot of pressure so I won't have trouble with that. This is good, I can get some high marks on the first trial to get a better chance at joining this sect.

I sat down meditating and waiting, once I'm in the sect, I'll be able to find a way to get the Purple Cloud sect out.

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