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Chapter 129 Escape

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Chapter 129: Escape

The ma.s.sive Ogre slammed its fist down towards me, where I hastily jumped to the side dodging the blow but the impact from the Qi-infused blow caused the ground under me to crack and send me flying.

I tumbled across the ground for a while until a boulder broke my fall, and cracked while doing so. Pain rattled my body as I felt like every bone on my back was broken.

"Not even heavens wants you alive!" the man who struck me in the chest said.

I popped a couple of poison pills into my mouth, and cursed, there was no way for me to survive if this continues. I will have to use Y and reveal some of my secrets.

But before I did so, I heard the loud sound of bullets shooting in the forest. Seems like X was forced to use his mini-gun.

I immediately pulled a couple of canisters from my pouch and threw them all over the place, creating ma.s.sive explosions and rousing poisonous clouds that began eating the gra.s.s and low trees of the swamp.

The ogre sniffed at the poison and whined in pain, the poison seemed to be affecting him as he dipped back into the pond almost immediately.

I pulled my flying sword and rushed forward.

"X, come back," I called and almost immediately, X's form appeared near me, as if he was summoned. He looked slightly damaged but not much that a half-hour worth of my time couldn't fix.

X handed me two pouches.


"You killed two? Nice," I said as I grabbed the pouches and placed them in my bag.

I took off with as much speed as I could, but the Nascent Soul Cultivators still chased after me, teleporting to close the distance and made me take different turns, further straying from the correct path.

I had a treasure that could save me from this ordeal, my only regret is having lost Creeping Demise in that d.a.m.n pond, and with that f.u.c.king ogre there, I can't go back and take it while being chased by these cultivators.

"X, Y, I'll be using a teleportation treasure, I'm not sure where it will take me but be on your guard if something happens," I said and pulled a talisman, it was a gift from the person who came to recruit me from the Seven Mountain Peaks. The Emperor of Zhou had already said that these guys are not trustworthy, and while I hesitate at using this talisman, with X and Y, I'll be able to get myself out if worse comes to worst.

I immediately tore the talisman activating it and my whole body was engulfed in bright white light, then my vision swam as the scenery around me began morphing and stretching.

I found myself at a different location where the gra.s.s extended to the horizon.

Looking back at the far-away horizon, I could see the swamps and the mist. This talisman just teleported me a few thousand kilometers. And I was thankful, this will give me a good head start as I believe I'm already in the country of Zhan Yi.

I zoomed through the open fields as I followed the map, the Seven Mountain Peaks should still be a distance away and I don't want to be chased and caught for dawdling here.

As I flew forward with as much speed as my Qi and already wounded body could allow me, I ate many pills but my safety was only guaranteed for a little while, looking back and in the distance, twelve Nascent Soul Cultivators were behind me and closing the gap at an extremely fast pace.

"X! come out!" I called and X stood behind me on the flying sword.

"Shoot them down!" I ordered, and the puppet pulled the two mini-guns and began raining h.e.l.l at the Cultivators as I flew forward.

Many of the cultivators used defensive treasures to stop X's bullets, and the rest shot sword waves at me to which I dodged to my life's worth avoiding the brunt of the damage while keeping my pace.

At this rate, they'll only need to land a solid blow and I'll be done for, once again I was forced to pull Y, but heaven thought that I suffered enough.

"YOU DARE!" spoke a man with a voice loud enough that even if it was not aimed at me, I felt like my soul was about to leave my body.

Looking at him he was the same person that gave me the escape talisman. What is he doing here? No, he should have done something to the talisman, the moment I used it, he must have been notified and came rus.h.i.+ng towards me.

The Nascent Soul cultivators stopped as they looked at the person with a saint-like att.i.tude. He came down like a being from the heavens and stopped, his robes fluttering slowly as his hair was caressed by the winds. I could swear that this man was probably the most beautiful man in the world, not handsome, but beautiful, which sent a lot of various and mixed signals to my brain but I stopped them, he's here to help, I don't need to question his habits.

"You, you're Shen Bao, right? You have the same aura, but not the same appearance." The man said.

"Yes," I said as I took deep breaths, "I'm Shen Bao, we met at the Zhou Country Alchemy compet.i.tion, I used the talisman you gave me to escape the hunt from these cultivators."

"I'll take care of them for you, you're an honored guest at our house, we'll treat you well." He said.

Then he waved his hand and winds bowed to his will as waves of wind gathered into blades and came down upon the cultivators like gales of death.

The cultivators used defensive treasures and began attacking back with their own skills but none was able to take a second step forward.

"You dared a.s.sault an honored guest of the Seven Mountain Peaks, you'll all die here." The man said, and the moment the group heard the name of his sect, they all split and ran away.

"Disciples of the Seven Mountain Peaks! HUNT!" he called and hundreds upon hundreds of Disciples showed up from behind him and flew, splitting to chase after the cultivator group in groups.

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"You've suffered greatly, but to have actually managed to survive the hunt of a dozen Nascent Soul Cultivator, I'm impressed with you Shen Bao." The man said.

"Thank you for the praise, indeed I got some good fortuitous encounter back at the Lord's Tomb."

"Oh, so you were one among the people who entered, we only received information late, I would have sent a few disciples to the tomb as well, what did you obtain?"

"An age regression fruit and a good cauldron," I said as I pulled the cauldron from the paG.o.da.

The man in front of me frowned, then said, "You seem too trusting of others, aren't you worried I would take this from you?" he asked.

"If you wanted to take it, then why ask about it, you could still take it right now if you wish and I'll have no way to stop you, so why would I need to lie to you and hide what I've obtained." Though even if he took this cauldron is not like it would really bother me, I'm a Receptarier now, I no longer need cauldrons I could make pills just using the Heart Flame.

"Hah! Very wise, indeed. Not bad Shen Bao, you know your position and how much power you have, and how strong is the one next to you, indeed it was a wise choice to show me what you have obtained, but because you were honest, I don't feel like taking what's yours, you're still our guest."

'So you were actually thinking of taking it if I had lied. d.a.m.n, this world is nasty.'

"Thank you for your understanding," I said.

"You said you needed to heal your wounds, you may do so as we fly back to the Seven mountain Peaks, I'll guard you." He said.

"Then I'll have to trouble you," I said. I entered meditation but already notified X and Y to be ready, the moment that Han Fei was to try and harm me, they'll end his life.

And the moment I closed my eyes, I felt a slight rippling of Divine Sense trying to inspect me, but my Eye immediately activated its inscriptions, sending thousands of torturous images down Han Fei's mind.


I heard him gasping but immediately he quieted down, he didn't bring the subject of trying to inspect me, and I didn't bring the fact that he tried to spy on me, there was a tacit agreement between us that none would speak of this to keep…f.u.c.k why do I have to use this expression… to keep Face.


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