Poison God's Heritage


Chapter 126 Battling a Nascent Soul

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Chapter 126: Battling a Nascent Soul

I didn't even bother answering him and continued flying toward the city.

The man inside the palanquin shot up and followed me, with a hand in a grasping motion toward my throat.

But before his hand could reach me, Tarta'Ghoul showed up and struck at who I a.s.sumed to be Vitra 'Ghoul's hand.

"Vitra! He is my guest, and your henchmen offended him first!" Tarta' Ghoul said.

"I don't care who he is, he will die! Or your daughter dies." The man domineeringly spoke, as if he owned the lives of whoever he saw.

I looked around and noticed that on top of the broken palanquin was a chained and barely dressed girl there. She was the same blond girl I saw on the pond.

"So, you took his daughter as a prisoner and you're being all arrogant and such, right?" I said. I didn't wait for an answer anyway.

"You, core cultivator, shut up and wash your neck for me," said Vitra Ghoul as he drew a ma.s.sive scimitar that far outweighed his size.

He went by Tarta'Ghoul and swung at me.

I could see his blow, even if he was a Nascent Soul Cultivator, for some reason, having spent time with Zhang Tian, and seeing the battles of the Poison G.o.d, and even having more knowledge about the cultivation world, this man, with his Nascent Soul Cultivation, for a lack of better words, looked like he was nothing more than a bug compared to them.


It was just so underwhelming and anticlimactic to watch. I summoned X from my book and he easily stopped the scimitar on Vitra's Hands.

"Kill him," I said, and the puppet obliged.

X closed his fingers forming a fist and struck right into Vitra'Ghoul's stomach, sending him flying right into his army, crus.h.i.+ng many of his underlings as his body cratered a comical human shape into the ground.

Vitra Ghoul howled from inside the ground, releasing waves of energy from his body, enough to break the ground he was dug in.

The rest of his army spread away not to incur Vitra'Ghoul's wrath as he rose back up, "You sneak attacking b.a.s.t.a.r.d!" he called.

I picked my nose and flicked whatever was inside at Vitra'Ghoul's direction and said, "You attacked first and call me out for sneak attacking, shameless." I said, though the words were cringy to speak, they served well into enraging these proud self-proclaiming G.o.dlike ent.i.ties that think with their meager power they can rule the world.

"Tarta! I'll have you for this! Kill her!" Vitra Ghoul said, and a couple of demons went toward the chained princess.

"No!" Tarta'Ghoul shouted as he flew toward the princes.

"X, get rid of them," I said and X immediately flew toward the palanquin to save the princess.

"Fool! Now you have no one to save you" said the Nascent Soul cultivator as he immediately appeared behind me.

'Teleportation? Ah, Nascent Soul cultivators can teleport short distances. This would have been bad. He's smart, after all, he used the princess to lure my puppet, if I only had X I would have been dead here.'

The Nascent Soul cultivator swung down with his scimitar, only to have his arm ripped completely from its place.

He didn't even know what happened to him.

What surprised me was that the moment his hand was ripped, he teleported again and away, this time he was close to the palanquin, but X had already killed everyone there and came back to me with the princess in his arms.

"What, got skittish or something? Why'd you run away?" I grinned.

Vitra'Ghoul's face turned to a sour grim and growl. He looked around and grabbed one of the humans that were carrying the palanquin, crushed his windpipe then a red baleful aura began encompa.s.sing the corpse of that human sucking all the blood from within him. immediately, Vitra'Ghoul's torn arm was repaired and he was back in full force.

"That's some nasty ability you have," I said as I grabbed the princess from X's hands and handed it over to Tarta'Ghoul.

"Now, your daughter is back, what are you gonna do about this guy?" I asked.

"I'll kill him. Now without my daughter as a hostage, I can go out with full power!" Tarta'Ghoul's Qi surged as he readied for battle.

"You'll probably just exhaust yourself, let me take care of this army," I said tauntingly as I looked at Vitra'Ghoul's ugly mug.

"You're too arrogant, you think that with your puppet you can defeat my army, though I don't know what defensive treasure you had that severed my hand I know it only works if I got close, so I'll bombard you with my Nascent Soul cultivation from afar and you'll have nothing to do about it!"

Vitra'Ghoul began summoning his Qi preparing for an attack.

"Bombard me? Man, such irony, such a poor choice of words. X, light them up," I said.

X placed his hands behind his back, touched a storage pouch I had given him, and pulled out two miniguns, one in each arm with a belt of bullets extending from the mini-guns to behind him and into the pouch.

Then the skies cried, raining blood and bullets of life-ending h.e.l.l.

Modern guns, against steel armor, spears, and swords. In a matter of seconds, X's miniguns showered the enemy with so many bullets that wherever he aimed the miniguns, only death remained.

Under X's hovering form, empty cases of bullets fell down at an extreme pace, creating a continuous jingle of bra.s.s against rocks.

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On the other side, the enemy fell like flies. Inescapable death.

"Fool, poison won't work on cough…. Cough!" Vitra'Ghoul's words were abruptly cut as he entered a coughing fit, now even his sword swings weren't enough to block X's bullet rain as X's bullets began penetrating Vitra's defense.

One bullet made it to his ribs, it didn't penetrate his body, but was enough to send a heavy blow. Then a second, which further disturbed his balance, then with another coughing fit, Vitra'Ghoul's defense was broken and X's bullets all made it into his body, shredding and ripping his robes and causing heavy damage to his body.

In less than ten seconds, Vitra'Ghoul body defenses were broken and the bullets found their way into his flesh, breaking every organ and ripping his body, and riddling it with holes.

Vitra breathed his last, as he fell down in battle.

While his army had long since abandoned him.

"What a frightening battle method. What are those weapons? They don't seem to be powerful but the rate of fire on them is absurd." Tarta'Ghoul said.

"Oh, guns, don't worry about it, now let's hope his holding bag is still safe. You said he had something that can take me out of this Demon Lands, right?" I asked.

"Yes, it should be on his person. It's a four-piece tablet that can be used as a key to open a hidden gate that the Lord of Lords created. I have the second piece of the Tablet."

"Hold up, you have one, I suppose Vitra has one and the two other kings also have one each? Right, does that mean I'll have to go looking for the other pieces, I'm really not a fan of people tricking me," I said because this wasn't in the deal.

"No! I wouldn't dare!" the man said, although his cultivation was higher than mine, he spoke with respect, seems that power is everything in this world.

"Right then what do you mean then?"

"Vitra Ghoul already took the other tablets from the other kings, the two other, Sarsa'Ghoul and Tinra'Ghoul are cowards, and they didn't want to fight Vitra's Army."

"Good, then you're the only one that actually kept the tablet.


"Out of spite, if he didn't kidnap my daughter, and asked for it, I could have given it to him, but he chose force first."

"Right then," I said as I guided my flying sword to the corpse.

The moment I arrived though, a ghostly face shot out from the skull of Tarta'Ghoul and right into my head.

"YOU STUPID MORTAL! You have so many secrets! Now that I'll possess you, all you have will be mine!" Spoke Vitra'Ghoul as I immediately found myself inside my Sea of Consciousness.

"Really now," I grinned, "I bet you didn't expect this though," I said as I stood in front of the ghostly but shocked and mouth agape form of Vitra'Ghoul, as behind me was a fully functioning, fully operating defensive mental fortress with more weaponry than the best naval army could ever have.

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