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Chapter 125 Preparation Complete!

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Chapter 125: Preparation Complete!

Taking advantage of the many resources I had, I began by making pills. Soul Strengthening and Soul revitalizing pills were the priority. I needed them to keep my Mental Fortress fully functional as I cultivate.

The second batch of pills is composed of ma.s.sive poisons.

Half of which I'll be using for myself, and the rest I'll be needing for future upgrades that I have in mind.

I began by concocting Pure Earth Poison pills. And Spirit Breath Sealing Pills, Then a Green Sun Pills. All these were recipes that were in the Lord of Lord's library. Though they can't compare to the Poison G.o.d's poison pills in potency, they had some pretty good effects that I'll need.

The Pure Earth Poison Pills are good as they are perfect to paralyze the enemy if they come in contact with them, and if I consume them, they'll increase my resistance to paralysis. The Spirit Breath Stealing Pills are great to cause suffocation. Cultivators mainly have increased survivability, for example, I can spend as much time as I wish inside the depth of a pool without needing to take a single breath, as long as I had enough Poison Qi to supplement my body, I won't need breath or food. The same goes for other cultivators, as for them, as long as they have enough Qi, they can survive even in s.p.a.ce.

But with the Spirit Breath Sealing pills, the Qi inside their body will be hampered and won't supplement them, creating a suffocating feeling like a fish on land. Also, consuming them I'll gain more resistance to the same type of side-effect, and won't suffer from Spirit Breath Sealing pills, or any poison or object that causes the same effect.

Finally, the Green Sun Spirit Pills, these are just poison pills that once they receive a heavy impact they'll explode in incinerating heat. Like small suns. Pretty destructive and useful. These, well I won't be eating. Not a fan of having my innards blow up.

After a couple of days, and thousands of pills later, I managed to separate the batches and split the rest of the time I had left, which was less than a month.

Every eight hours, I focused on eating pills and digesting them, coursing the energy within me and slowly increasing my cultivation, the next eight hours, I focused on creating a new type of weaponry, it was a mini-gun.

The creation of such a weapon was pretty easy, compared to the reactor, I just needed tubes that weren't that hard to make, and a few cylinders to attach them to. A rotation inscription, and a loading chamber mechanism for the bullets.


The majority of the time was lost in actually making the bullets. They weren't hard to make, but the process of making each and every bullet by hand took a lot of time. And after eight hours, I only managed to make a couple of belts of two hundred bullets each.

With a Mini-Gun's RPM-(Rounds Per Minute)- it will eat through the four hundred bullets in less than thirty seconds. So I actually focused more time on creating bullets than more weapons.

For the third eight hours portion. I focused on my skills, I tested all of the Poison G.o.d's skills, and began adjusting and changing, each day, I focused on a different skill. I took Zhang Tian's tips.

Slight rotations, different points of strikes, changed the power behind each strike, and even played around with the rigidity and flexibility of my muscles.

I came to few results, but they were not ignorable, I found out that actually using two hands to strike down the Poison Tiger Claws at the same time was less efficient than striking with one hand then following up with the other.

The first looks imposing, but it loses a lot of power since all the Qi that is generated from the Poison Qi rotating from the Dantian into the meridians, into the hands to exit out as a skill, is actually split in two.

But striking with my right first, then following with my right, actually gives my body enough time to do another Poison Qi circulation that shoots out after the first is already discharged.

Though it takes two moves, the offensive power is more than two times higher than striking once with two hands.

As for the Sanguine Blade arts, I found out that the more my own blood flowed, the stronger the blows. It seems that the Sanguine Blade arts are heavily impacted with blood. It's like an occult reaction, that when blood is present the Sanguine Blade Arts become stronger.

And especially if it was my own blood. So being wounded makes the Sanguine Blade Arts even more vicious. Pretty dangerous, and the effects are far greater than before.

Another aspect was my movement techniques, I improved my understanding o the Golden Doppelganger Scripture. And was actually able to control the clones that it makes to a certain extent.

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Though I wasn't able to achieve the minor success stages which allow me to actually change place with one of the copies, I can now control them to attack in certain patterns.

I jumped on the Poison G.o.d's Flying Sword and flew back to Tarta 'Ghoul's city, only to find thousands upon thousands of soldiers stationed outside the city.

Among the soldiers, there were a few war towers, and heavy cavalry, only this cavalry wasn't horses, as for the demon lands there was no such cute thing as horses. But they were a type of two-legged lizards, wait, they were more like raptors with horns, and the cavalry rode on them.

And in the middle of the army, was a ma.s.sive palanquin, carried by weak, famished, and barely dressed humans. Draped in rags. It seems that Vitra' Ghoul already had enough humans, but it seems that they won't last for much. The time it takes for the Demon Gate to open again can vary and can take a long time, longer than his hunger for human flesh, they will all die before the gate opens up, that's why he needs the humans in Tarta'Ghoul's territory.

So, it seems that he has yet to activate whatever he has that can make him leave which is a good thing. As I flew toward the city, one of the demon-kin near the palanquin noticed me, he then held a javelin and shot it at me with enough power that it broke the sound barrier.

Yet, even if I heard the sound barrier-breaking, and saw the javelin coming toward my head…it was slow…way too d.a.m.n slow.


I slowly tilted my head that the javelin completely missed. But for this man's offense, I pulled my improved revolver slash desert eagle and pointed it at him, with a single click, and the man's head was completely blown off.

With better material, I improved the revolver and changed its structure, enabling even more rotation energy and with bullets far stronger than meteorite steel bullets, the shot was too fast for that man to even dodge.

I scuffed at the dead man and continued moving toward the city unperturbed while the army was at a loss unknowing of what just happened.

The palanquin's roof shattered as an aura of someone on the Nascent Soul burst out from within it.

"YOU DARE!" he called.

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