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Chapter 119 Finishing Touches

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Chapter 119: Finis.h.i.+ng Touches

I went down to the third level, where the crafting chambers were. I went inside the Smelting room and closed it. It's time to tackle the hardest endeavor, refining and consuming the Heart Flame. With the Heart Flame at my disposal, I'll be able to use greater heat and control it on even more detailed levels, and from it, I'll elevate myself from an alchemist to a true Receptarier.

The problem lays in my cultivation level, someone at my level is usually not fit to consume the heart flame, as it will burn me from inside out, but thanks to the Demonic Nether Pill I consumed, and my enhanced divine sense and mental functions, I'll be able to refine the Heart Flame with fewer troubles, but that doesn't mean it will be safe.

I called the Poison G.o.d's book out and began by releasing the heart flame bit by bit. If I were to extract all the heart flame I'll burn to death, so slow and steady wins the race.

A single drop of the Heart Flame felt like I was trying to hug the core of the sun, its heat was extreme, incinerating, and devastatingly high. Just a single drop, had so much heat, I can't believe how hot the whole pond worth of Heart Flame could be.

I immediately used the book to suck back in the Heart Flame drop.

This is not going to work…

My body can't tolerate the heat, and for me to refine this pond I'll need to be next to it and infuse it with my own Poison Qi, even if it's compatible with the Veridian Heart Flame, it's nigh impossible for me to stay alive for hours trying to refine the pond due to its heat.

So, since I can't stay there I'll make something that will enable me to stay there.

X had gone inside the Veridian Heart Flame lake and managed to retrieve it without melting. The metal X was made for was pretty resistant to heat, though I don't have anything similar to it, since the metal-making X came from the Laughing Slaughterer' Minor World, I need a subst.i.tute.

Since I didn't have anything like X's material, I wasn't keen on using X to make armor, I'm not that petty, X has been a great help in my travels, and will still help me until I overgrow his current level. So it's obviously a no-brainer that I'll dismantle something that can help me in the future for current gain.


I first need to identify the metals from Master Rain's workshop. And thankfully among his many, many research papers, there were descriptions of the purpose of some of the metals, and among them was the Cool Steel. A metal capable of resisting extreme heat, and could actually transfer heat into coldness. But the problem is, that the method to actually melt the Cool Steel needs not heat, but extreme cold. This is pretty new to me, as I never thought that something could actually melt in extreme coldness, but thankfully this was no problem.

I took the Cool Steel Metal and headed back to the alchemy room. Where it had the five biomes. The Mountain Area at the north would be a perfect place to cool this Cool Steel and have it turn to liquid that I can infuse with other metals.

I used my Flying sword and headed to the peak of the largest mountain. It took me a few minutes to get there, and I was amazed at how special this place is. The moment I left the gra.s.slands, I was met with a wave of extreme cold. But thanks to my robes, I didn't suffer much from this coldness. But this won't be the case if I were to stay here for a long time. So I placed a small metallic basin on the top of the biggest mountain, inside it were ingots of Cool Steel that I left there and then pressed on the token to take me back to the Smelting Level of the PaG.o.da.

For my next step, I opened the Poison G.o.d's book and began by pulling out the Materials from Master Rain's workshop. The metals and tools he had at his disposal all came from the Celestial Realms. Add to them the tools and swords that I obtained from the ruins of the Lower Celestial Realm. I ended up with a huge pile of metals.

I turned to the Furnace area, there was a huge covered crucible used to melt metals. And underneath it was an array that can heat up the crucible.

I threw in the metals I had in the crucible and turned up the heat.

Then, I turned to the other side, there was something that looked like a blast furnace, and it's great for me as I can use it to make molds for my next plan.

This reminds me of my first few days coming to this world, when I created bricks, the difference between then and now, is the technology at my disposal right now, but the feeling I still melancholic and reminiscent. I smiled as I remember my younger years, this gave me a good morale boost and I worked even more diligently creating molds for the suit that I'll be wearing.

I didn't need to have something artistic, just a spherical helmet and a full-body suit of heat-resistant metal.

Creating the molds didn't take much time and once I had the full suite molds created, I headed back to the alchemy area and into the North, where the cool steel was sitting inside a metallic basin. I was surprised to find the cool steel actually bubbling and boiling at the top of the mountain, it had already turned to liquid.

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I needed to work fast, since the moment I'll leave the cold area of this mountain this metal will start solidifying, I have to pour it into the blistering hot smelting furnace and have the two metals merge together, I'll end up with a lower quality product due to having to dilute the Cool Steel with other metals, but it will still work the same.

The hilt took me an hour to create, and two more to make three more copies. Now with Four Hilts, I need to make four swords, and I have enough Neutron Steel to do so. But before I can even make the swords and tackle the big elephant in the room that's the Veridian Heart Flame that without it all of this work would be for naught. I needed to actually make sure that the reactor I made is capable of reviving this seemingly dead puppet.

I carefully removed Master Rain's reactor, along with the large Saint Crystal inside it. This whole thing is powerful enough to power up an entire planet or blow half a continent if I were to mess with it. And this is not a joke, the energy this Saint Crystal can generate is way too powerful that not even a hydrogen bomb can compare to a fraction of a tenth of the energy within it. With a Saint Crystal like this, if I had it back on earth, I would be more than capable of generating electricity for the entire planet for thousands of years. That's how powerful Saint Crystals are, and it's no wonder that cultivators would wage war against each other for something as precious and powerful as this. Because for them, without Saint Energy in their bodies, they cannot ascend. And this is the only way for a Soul Transformation stage cultivator to shed his mortal bounds and become an ascendant capable of leaving their planet and venture into the Vast Expanse.

After carefully putting the reactor in a safe location even inside the Poison G.o.d's book. I went back to the puppet in front of me.

I began s.c.r.e.w.i.n.g in my own reactor, which was far simpler than master Rain and it only had a small purpose, to create energy capable of moving the puppet without suffering any deficiency in movement. But saying that and actually doing it is not simple, because this puppet needed a Saint Qi crystal to operate, though the saint Qi crystal will enable 100% of the puppet's power, my reactor can probably pull out at most 1% of the puppet's abilities. And that's more than enough, considering this is a puppet made by a cultivator of a ream far higher than ascendant.


I also checked the puppet's own inscriptions and was surprised to find many, many great additional arrays inside the puppet. Primarily, there was an inscription that allowed the puppet to deploy a barrier-like s.h.i.+eld. Which was pretty d.a.m.n op. There were other inscriptions inside the puppet, mainly to enable it flight, and the ability to use Cultivator Skills, like sword skills. I'll be able to use all of these even with 1% of the puppet's power but the energy cost will be huge.

I placed a single High-Grade Spiritual Stone inside the gla.s.s chamber of the reactor. The High-Grade spirit stone began emitting power, and the reactor started spinning the High-Grade crystal. Heat began surging inside the reactor but it was not enough to cause any danger, since the puppet was in idle mode.

The eyes under the Samurai helmet turned bright red, and the whole puppet shuddered, the ma.s.sive s.h.i.+eld-like masks on its side had the eyes on them also s.h.i.+ne bright, and then the puppet looked at me.

"You are not my creator! Initiating self-destruction!"

"THE f.u.c.k?!"

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