Poison God's Heritage


Chapter 118 The Pagoda's Facilities

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Chapter 118: The PaG.o.da's Facilities

Creating the modified version of the Reactor was no easy feat. After all, I needed to rework a lot of the Spirit Channels, tubing, and material needed to reorganize the spiritual paths of Qi. This was like recreating a whole new thing by relying on the prototype of Master Rain. Though Master Rain's own reactor was not working, mine was far easier to use.

The difference between the two was the availability of materials. For Master Rain, he needed Purple Adamantium to create the circuits that could transfer Saint Qi, this was all in his research papers, but since he couldn't find enough, he had to replace the Purple Adamantium with lower quality materials, though the circuit was completed, it still couldn't channel the Saint Qi efficiently, thus the Puppet couldn't use Saint Crystal to move.

But for me, I'll only need to use regular materials, like Black Steel plates, and Meteorite Steel to create circuits that could easily transfer the Qi from Spirit Stones.

I Still had a huge problem though, this was something that Master Rain didn't encounter. Heat.

The reactor would melt down the Spirit Stones and use the created energy to operate the puppet, but in this process, the Reactor's Heat signature will increase to impossible levels to maintain. This wouldn't have been a problem with Master Rain's own reactor, due to the quality of his own materials, the heat from the Saint Qi stone would never cause his reactor to melt, but the quality of my own materials will make the puppet into a bomb after ten seconds of motion.

I needed a way to transfer this heat… And there was nothing better than Dragon Bra.s.s to do this.

I pulled the Dragon bra.s.s cauldron that the Emperor had given me and began tearing it apart. At first, I wanted to create a heat sink that could absorb the reactor's heat and then disperse it outside the puppet, but then, the heat sink will need to be placed outside the puppet, and with a reactor this hot, I'll need a gigantic heatsink, that's just absurd it will look aesthetically unpleasing, unprofessional, and bulky awkward on such a great puppet.

So, my only option was to transfer this heat and actually use it. it would be a shame to lose so much power without actually benefiting from it. So, an ingenious idea befell me. But to do it, I'll need a ma.s.sive source of heat.

And the only thing hot enough to successfully execute my idea was the very thing that I wanted to refine last.

The Veridian Heart Flame. Unless I'm a nascent Soul Cultivator, trying to ingest this flame is nothing but suicide, but I don't have any choice. I can't beat Vitra'Ghoul without Master Rain's puppet, and if I can't beat him, I'll be stuck here.


'd.a.m.n,' I cursed as I pulled my poison G.o.d's Book, grit my teeth, and swore, "s.h.i.+t, I might really kill myself."

The Poison G.o.d's book opened up, and with my will, the heat from the Veridian Heart Flame began surging outside of the book, but almost immediately a person touched my shoulder, causing me to jump up, pull my sword and point it at the invader's head.

'Who the h.e.l.l managed to find their way into the paG.o.da?' this was my first question, but the moment I saw the preparator, I took a sigh of relief.

"What are you doing here?" I asked the lifeless puppet that belonged to the Lord of Lords.

"You were going to burn the paG.o.da, that's a heart flame I presume?" the puppet said. "Also, I'm the operator of this paG.o.da and all of its facilities, did you think that this treasure only had one level?" the puppet asked.

"What do you mean? I know it had three stories, but I never found the entrance to the upper floors."

"Three? There are more than nine floors, and you're at the entrance. I should have explained more. This is the Lord of Lord's PaG.o.da, his house and his palace, it's one of the greatest Treasures the Lord of Lords had ever refined and you think it's a mere three-story paG.o.da with special law?"

"Well, you didn't explain anything."

"I was feeling a bit peevish."

"Feeling? A puppet?" I said.

"Who says puppets can't have feelings? Anyway, do you wish to use the Heart Flame? It's best you do it in a place more suitable than this, use your token and you'll understand what I mean."

I pulled the paG.o.da's token and saw the number 1 on it.

"Touch the on the front once to go to the next floor, and on the back once to go back to the lower floors." The puppet said.

I pressed my finger on the token, and immediately, the whole room changed, and I found myself in a ma.s.sive library area, there were hundreds of thousands of books all aligned and placed neatly and orderly all over the library.

The books were of all types of literature, poetry, fiction, even world history, and mythology. "These aren't cultivation materials," I said.

"The Lord of Lords was an avid reader and enjoyed reading here in his spare time. As for Cultivation materials, such as crafting-related, cultivation related and alchemy-related books are all placed on the far end of this library, though they're not many of them, you'll find a good few that will interest you.

The puppet said, and since I was here I might as well take a look.

Following the puppet to the end of the library, there was one singular ma.s.sive shelve at the end that held several sections, like the puppet said, Cultivation manuals were on the left side, alchemy in the middle, and craftsmans.h.i.+p to the side. Also, there was a small part that had Array and formation in one of the library's corners, this was the one with the least amount of books, about twenty or so.

"All of this material is for you to use, also I would advise you to place your own books if you have here I'll maintain them and clean them so they don't deteriorate.

I think the puppet thinks that my Poison G.o.d's book is a regular book.

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"Don't worry, I'll shelve my own books later. So this is the second floor, what about the other floors?" I asked.

"There are Nine Floors, but you're currently unable to access them, you don't have the qualification. Cultivation-wise, you'll die the moment you step there." The puppet said.

"Right then,"

I pressed the token and I found myself in the last room I was allowed access to.

There was a white void here, and it didn't seem to have an exit or entry.

The puppet next to me said, "This is a training room for cultivators below the Ascendant Realm, you'll never find a better training place for experience. Not only is the time dilation here thirty to one, it's also capable of sustaining blows from an Ascendant Cultivator. Also, you may choose to do battle against any number of enemies you wish, from any tier of cultivation, and here are the enemies you're allowed to do battle against that are below the ascendant stage." The puppet said and showed me a screen where I was mind blown seeing the number of enemies I could fight.

"Though none of these are 'real' ent.i.ties, they're created from the memory and experience of the Lord of Lords, and they will do battle like the real thing. You should be careful though, choose an enemy too strong for you and you can probably die."

"So there is a risk of death, d.a.m.n. Hang on, you said there is a time dilation here?"

"Yes, one month here is the same as one day outside."

"This is a great piece of info, I should probably use this room to create the reactor, I'll have a lot of time for trial and error."


The puppet shook its head, "You don't need to, this is a place of physical and cultivation training, the time dilation can be applied to the whole paG.o.da if you wish, so don't worry about it."

"Then you should have said so earlier! I wasted four days!" I cursed, four days that's four months' worth of progress I could have done. But no worries, I still have six more days, I'll be able to finish my project by then!

But seriously, this paG.o.da, it's like it was designed and tailored for me. It has all the facilities I ever dreamed of. With this, I could do alchemy, do craftsmans.h.i.+p, study, and cultivate without the need to even go outside. This paG.o.da is every introvert's dream.

For many of the Mc's stories I read, they always used to have a certain treasure that would help them, usually, it's something omnipotent, mysterious, and can change the causality of their own faith. But the treasure I have here is worthless without effort, as long as a person isn't hard working in the domains this treasure is offering, this paG.o.da will have the same use to them as would a net attempting to cover the sun.

I grinned as I imagined all the possible things I could do, all the crazy inventions I can make, and all the training I could have. This is a G.o.dly treasure, and I'm glad I'm the one who obtained it!

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