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Chapter 117 Qi Reactor

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Chapter 117: Qi Reactor

The moment the pill settled in my stomach, I could feel my stomach convulse. Pain a.s.saulted my stomach as black veins began rippling through my whole body. Shuddering at the painful experience, I almost fainted, but if I were to faint I'll probably end up dying.

What cultivators do in these scenarios is bite at the tip of their tongues, but I'm not that crazy? I pulled a small bottle of powerful smelling salts and took a strong whiff, the jolt shook me up and immediately removed the feeling of feeling faint.

I continued circulating my poison Qi, not to suppress the Demonic Nether Pill, but to help it course through my whole body, no matter how painful. Any Devil cultivator would usually use their own Devilish energy to suppress the Demonic Nether Pill and then will slowly allow it to nourish his body. This process would usually take years for the pill to fully melt and fuse with the cultivator.

Because otherwise, the potent poison of the Black Nether Rose will immediately kill anyone below the Nascent Soul. However, for me, the poison is as important as the increase to my mental ability, or quality of divine sense that the pill will add.

The poison coursed my body with unbridled restraints, breaking a few arteries in the process and causing ma.s.s internal bleedings. But I supplemented my body with a few nutritious pills, mostly poison pills because I can't use healing pills.

My body consumed the additional pills and repaired my broken arteries while allowing the Demonic Nether Pill to continue running amok within my body.

My nose, ears, and eyes began bleeding, but the blood was black murky, more like impure blood. The Demonic Nether Pill's overbearing performance was the same as a slave driver running his slaves on fumes trying to exert every bit of their power before he can discard them. If the slaves die, then they're dead, but if they survive they'll be allowed rest. And the pill was considering my body as a testing ground-breaking everything before it could even award me with its powers.

I grit my teeth and called more of my Poison Qi, I rotated it along my meridians and sent it through my veins, forcing the Demonic Nether Pill to go through my veins along with my own Poison Qi.

Now, this is where things will get difficult, I'll need to use my Poison Qi to protect my veins and arteries while the Demonic Nether Pill continued its circulation.

I closed my eye and used divines sense, tracking almost every artery in my body, every vein to monitor the pa.s.sage of the Demonic Nether Pill and send my own poison Qi to stop the pill from further destroying my body. I was doing this very action more than thousands of times all over my body. And thankfully, the more the Demonic Nether Pill coursed my body, the more I was able to track the damage and repair it and further stop the Demonic Nether Pill from further harming me. The most ironic thing was, that the Demonic Nether Pill itself was what was powering my mental abilities and trying to destroy my body at the same time.


Hours later, the last of the Demonic Nether Pill fused with me, and I was finally done. I was too focused on managing the Demonic Nether Pill that I didn't notice that I cracked a few teeth from gritting them so hard, and had several tore muscles from sudden convulsions. Pain wreaked my body, but a few pills did the trick of restoring me back to proper form.

But the pills only healed the body and didn't treat the exhaustion so I meditated to rest.

Three days had pa.s.sed and on the fourth day I woke up from my meditative state then used my divine sense. I could see a pale green aura spread around me at extremely high speeds. It spread outside the paG.o.da, and around the mountain, I was hiding in and it even touched the rim of the Demon City.

"d.a.m.n, my Divine Sense was barely a hundred meters, now it's more than a kilometer's wide."

Not only did the Divine Sense increase, but it also gained a Demonic Property, as I have noticed many critters and small animals also shuddered and scurried away the moment my divine sense touched them. This was quite similar to what Zhang Tian had done only his divine sense was on a whole different level than mine. Not to mention that Zhang Tian's divine sense was not only able to scan it was even able to oppress and destroy if he even wanted it.

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And finally, the computing ability. Opening my eye, I pulled out the paperwork of Master Rain and what he called the Ultimate Battle Puppet. Good G.o.d such a lousy name.

I wanted to transfer X's consciousness the same way to this puppet but it seems that it is impossible, Master Rain's work is too complicated for my 'primitive' inscriptions to take control over. But I can still find a way to have this sword puppet be mine.

Thirdly, I cannot use this Reactor, it's just too powerful, all I need is the ability to move the puppet and have it use just its most basic abilities. The Saint Qi Crystal inside it will allow it to use greater power but I'm too low level that I think the moment this puppet uses a single skill with 20% of its power I'll outright die in the shockwave and I'm not even the enemy.


Too much power is as much risk as too little. So I'll need to modify this. At least recreate the core to function using regular Spirit Stones, though the puppet's output will be far, far less than what master rain wanted to achieve, it will be more in tune with my current level. And once I'm powerful enough, I'll replace the reactor with Master Rain's reactor.

Finally, the final hurdle and this one is the one that is least troublesome for now. Master Rain's diagram is perfectly fine, and even his Reactor should theoretically be in functional condition. Yet, somehow it's not operating, there seems to be some sort of problem with the reactor, and the best way to understand the reactor is to create one just like it, only it would be attuned to Spirit Stones instead of Saint Qi.

Time to get to work.

I pulled dozens of pieces of metals and materials that I got from Master Rain's chambers, then used his own scalping tools and began creating tubes, cylinders, and carve arrays and inscriptions on metals.

I have a strong feeling that this reactor will cause great waves in the world of Cultivation, thank you Master Rain, but I'll be plagiarizing your work for now.

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