Poison God's Heritage


Chapter 116 A Pill With Secrets.

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Chapter 116: A Pill With Secrets.

Once I entered a secluded cave, I locked it up with a boulder and had X stand watch, then I summoned the Flying PaG.o.da inside the cave. The whole paG.o.da was small, fit to a snuggle inside the cave. But the best part was that once I entered the paG.o.da, I was able to enjoy the vast size inside it modified by s.p.a.ce law.

It was something similar to a storing pouch, a small object that held a gigantic dimension inside. Also, it helped a lot with what I'm about to do. First thing first, I need to work on improving my personal strength.

I pulled the cauldron that I received from the rewards of the Lord of Lords test. The cauldron had a hundred demon's faces imprinted on it, its whole bearing gave a demonic eerie feeling to it. This thing would work wonders in creating dark attributed pills. Poison pills and Demonic Cultivation pills would be created with utmost ease here.

I opened the Poison G.o.d's book and looked for the Blac Nether Rose's pa.s.sage.


Black Nether Rose.

A sublime alchemical ingredient that can help a cultivator remove evil energy from their body and increase their cultivation speed.

As a poison Cultivator, The Black Nether Rose is highly lethal to you, but if you refine it using the energy of a Yin Origin Rose that you already consumed it can switch its attributes to increase the Evil Energy within you, making your Poison Qi far more lethal and allow you to use it to better ends. I have managed to find one of these Black Nether Roses in my travels and it helped me greatly.

This was the same thing I saw last time I found the Black Nether Rose. So now that I'm ready to refine it, I'll make sure to follow the Poison G.o.d's refining steps. Thankfully the two most important materials needed to start the refining process are already in hand.


First, the Yin Qi, from the Yin Origin Rose I had already consumed will help wondrously in calming the volatile and highly aggressive nature of the Black Nether Rose's Qi.

And since I don't want to infect the Hundred Demon cauldron, I'll have to use inscriptions to generate Qi to heat the cauldron.

After half a day of hard work inscribing many inscriptions and even adding more enhanced versions of them thanks to learning from Master Rain's works and Formation methods, I was able to create a Glyph that I placed on the bottom of the cauldron.

The Glyph was an a.s.sembly of fully functioning arrays and Formations, that would work wonders in heating the cauldron. This was a temporary solution, especially since I already have a Heart Flame that will overtake this crude alchemy method.

Once I'm able to refine the Heart Flame, I'll be able to immediately start refining anything without needing inscriptions to heat cauldrons.

Then, I began by dropping bodhi roots that I got from the Crimson Cultivator's sealed pouch. Though they were not important for the creation of the Demonic Nether Pills, they would help greatly in keeping the quality of the end product intact, also bodhi roots are so pure that when they're added to an alchemical formula they only serve to increase purity and not harm the pill's quality since Bodhi Roots are the easiest Spiritual Herbs to refine and are the ones with approximately no impurities.

Once the bodhi roots melted and their essence was extracted, I added more Spiritual Blade Gra.s.s, further enhancing the quality of the product, this was definitely overkill on an attempt to increase the quality, as only one of these two was enough, but that was for a master alchemist- no, Receptarier like the Poison G.o.d, he wouldn't even bother adding any of the two ingredients since he is d.a.m.n proficient. But I'm not at his level, and I need all the help I can get so, overkill or not, if it makes the end product better, I'm more than willing to put everything I have here.

I also added some demonic herbs I found in this Demonic world, they are needed to harmonize the Black Nether Rose with the cauldron's content.

Then, I pulled the Black Nether Rose, from a normal person's view, this looked nothing more than a normal th.o.r.n.y blooming black rose, it released no qi and no aura, it didn't even look any more special than a regular rose besides its color.

But for demonic ent.i.ties, creatures, and cultivators, could obviously see the amount of Evil Qi inside it.

I placed it inside the cauldron, and immediately, gout of black smoke shot up creating a tri-demon face that howled in wrathful vengeful fury, then it charged at me.

On any other day, I would have been immediately consumed by this demonic aura and lost my mind to this cursed smoke, it would have taken over my body and controlled me. This rose had devastating parasitic abilities.

But thanks to having consumed the Yin Qi so early in my cultivation, my spiritual roots, though I cannot use them to cultivate, I can use them send a wave of Yin Qi into the cauldron.

I slapped the cauldron immediately, sending a surge of Yin Qi into it. On any other day, this cool Qi, and its collision with the already blistering hot cauldron would have at least cracked any other cauldron, if not straight up blow it up.

Yet, this Hundred Demon cauldron was amazingly proficient in controlling demonic energies, and since the Black Nether Rose and the Origin Yin Flower are both demonic type herbs, the collision of the two didn't damage the furnace but actually caused it to surge with more Qi.

Of the hundred demons, the lower ten imprinted on its bottom had their eyes s.h.i.+ne bright.

The Tri-Demon smoke shooting from the cauldron was forced halfway back into the cauldron the moment it came in contact with the Yin Qi, then it tried to surge back again and attack me, but another slap caused the second Demon Row to have their eyes s.h.i.+ne, and the Tri-Demon was forced once again further back.

This scenario continued three more times before the smoke no longer dared come out and was patiently being refined.

I continued slapping the cauldron, but this time the demons on the side didn't s.h.i.+ne anymore, it seems that they're there to help suppress demonic energy and not much of help in alchemy. But it's an ingenious method of craftsmans.h.i.+p. The maker of this cauldron was pretty eccentric to use demons to suppress demonic energy.

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After a few more hours, the Black Nether Rose had finally been fully refined and its essence extracted and began merging with the rest of the essences.

Angry, I pulled a brush and paper and began drawing the same design. But the same happened and the design was immediately wiped.

p.i.s.sed at this 'divine intervention, I held my middle finger up against whoever was trying to stop me from learning.

"Try and wipe this b.i.t.c.h!"

I pulled my brush and began re-drawing the design, only this time, I never completed every design, I just left a small bit of it incomplete. It's like drawing a circle but stopping right when the circle was about to finish, this way, no heavenly design would be complete. And lo and behold the drawings weren't wiped.

I had no idea what's the value of these things, but if heaven was so adamant about wiping them from my memory, then they're bound to be worth something. I'll study them later.

I collected the pieces of paper and stored them in my Poison G.o.d's book. Then waited patiently for the pill to shed everything.

And the moment the last piece of the outer sh.e.l.l fell, the golden pill's designs disappeared leaving a powerful pill in my hand.

Now, this little pill is pretty d.a.m.n important for any Devil Cultivator, though I can't say the same for me who is following the Poison cultivation, which is a branch of Demonic Cultivation, it is still pretty beneficial to one's cultivation, and especially, in my current level.

This Pill will help me consolidate my Core, increase my mental computing abilities, increase my divine sense, all at the cost of one little thing, well it would be costly for anyone else, but not me.


I grinned as I threw the pill down my mouth.

This pill, no cultivator in their right mind would consume directly unless they wanted to die because, with all of its amazing bonuses, it comes with one downside that makes it only useful for Devil Cultivators.

It's a poisonous pill, and without Devilish energy to suppress the poison, any cultivator in the Core Formation level would die. But for me, this pill, it's all but benefits.

The pill's melted down my throat, and a surging coolness began seeping through my body, and I began feeling numbness all over. This numbness is the body's response to being poisoned.

Heh, even with me daily eating up poisons, my body is actually feeling threatened by this pill. No wonder the Poison G.o.d praised this pill so much. Now, let's cultivate!

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