Poison God's Heritage


Chapter 113 The Hidden Treasure

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Chapter 113: The Hidden Treasure

I continued down the creepy and cold corridors underneath the hut. The stairs were worn and old. There were heaps of dust, as a matter of fact for every step I took, I felt my foot slightly sinking into the settling dust. One wrong move and I'll be sneezing and coughing for days to come.

After a minute or so climbing down, I found myself in a large and open hall, it was a far cry compared to the humble hut on top.

Here, there were a couple of dozen luminescent pearls s.h.i.+ning lighting from the ceiling and illuminating the place. There was a ma.s.sive bookshelf that was at least ten meters high to more than fifty in width covering the entire side of the room, it was so large, big, and amazingly in perfect condition despite the pa.s.sage of what seemed to be eons.

The bookshelf had loads of manuals, books on various subjects, and a few materials that I've never seen before.

On the other side of this ma.s.sive bookshelf were tools, parchments, talismans, completed and incomplete, loads of inscription materials, and some crafting materials that were just strewn across the ground with no regard to their value.

For example, there were a few pieces of Spiritual Obsidian. A fourth-tier crafting material, with a value comparable to my own Creeping Demise's material. And it was just thrown on the ground as if it was a piece of trash. On the table, there were so many tools that I salivated at them.

Crafting materials are rare, but good tools to create objects are even rarer, for example, a Crafting Scalpel, is a sharp scalpel similar to that of doctors, only this one is used to scalp metals while keeping the precision and shape of the object in mind. And there was one right in front of me. Not to mention even many more, weightless hammers, tuning valves and so many more objects laying around.

The man who made this whole place seemed to be interested not only in inscriptions but also in craftsmans.h.i.+p. And this was probably where he spent his off-time while he was making this prison.

Master Rain, I wonder what kind of character he was?

But why did he leave all of this stuff here? Something I'll have to answer later but for now…


I looked at the whole area with greed in my eyes and pulled out the poison G.o.d's book.

"It would be a waste to just leave everything here."

The poison G.o.d's book greedily sucked in everything in the room. Even in the books, nothing was spared.

I have a lot of stuff in my poison G.o.d's book, and I still need to go over many of them, the Black Nether Rose, and the Veridian Heart Flame. Not to mention these high-quality ores and materials. I'll probably be able to upgrade X to an even higher level.

After making sure that I didn't leave anything, I decided that it was time to leave, but just before I turned, I noticed something that I wouldn't have seen if I didn't take all the books from the shelf.

There were slight signs of inscriptions on one part of the shelf. And when I got closer, I realized that this was actually a lock mechanism.

What would a lock mechanism do here?

I immediately answered that question, "Hidden door!"

I removed the dust over the inscriptions and began studying them. It was nothing compared to the inscriptions on the trapdoor.

This inscription here is on a whole other level, dare I say…on the same level as the one on the palace.

d.a.m.n, I'm really tempted to see what's behind this, but the Palace Inscription was really hard to figure out.

I had two options, try and attempt to unlock this, or just leave.

My sense of curiosity is preventing me from actually taking the second choice. After all, if there was a lock this tight, there had to be something important behind this.

I sat down and began going through the inscriptions on this lock. There were a lot of symbols, but thankfully I decided to study them instead of leaving. At first glance, this lock would appear similar to the locks made by the inscriptions on the palace. But there was a huge difference. The palace was a huge piece of work, and it definitely took a long time for Master Rain to create the inscription, but this lock, was small and only served to block people from entering.

This small lock was inherently lower quality than the palace, just because Master Rain didn't have enough s.p.a.ce to make it even stronger. Also, this lock didn't seem to be made with defensive measures in mind, after all, he was the one responsible for imprisoning the Young Prince of the Wind Celestial Realm, who would dare steal from him or come here and put his nose where it doesn't belong.

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I studied the inscriptions on the lock for days, and in that time I was continuously stuffing my mouth with Soul Strengthening Pills. Using the Mind's Eye for such an extended period is dangerous, but I bet it's worth it.

The puppet was gigantic to say the least, even if X was standing here, X's head would barely make it past this thing's knee.

The armor on this puppet was amazing, it was beautifully created, with its skirt armor, the cascading pauldrons, and even the masked Kabuto.

There were also four things of interest.

The first was the ma.s.sive layers upon layers of research paper thrown everywhere. And more tools than ever in the other room, add to it, there were heaps of material that I've never seen, heard of, or even read about, just laying about.

The second was the fact that this ma.s.sive creature had four sword sheaths, but only two hands, and yes sheaths, the swords don't seem to be around here.

The third thing, was the two ridiculously scary objects just… hovering near this d.a.m.n puppet. It seems to be two pieces of a set, and taking a step back I realized what this was. It was an Oni-Mask, a demon mask that was the same size as the whole puppet and it was just casually hovering next to the puppet.

The Oni-mask was frightening, it had four fangs, counter-protruding, and its eyes tracked me, even if the puppet seemed dead and unmoving, the hovering mask was following my movement closely.


And the final thing was the reason, why this puppet was here.

Its stomach area was open and inside it was something that made my skin crawl as I saw it.

There was an octagonal diamond-like object held within a gla.s.s container, and from the container, several tubes, lay lines, and a lot of conductive traces of inscriptions led from the small jewel to everywhere around the puppet.

i shuddered as the realization came to me, the value of such thing, back in what the Prince called a backwater planet without any Qi... this thing would make people wage wars that could last for centuries

"Saint Qi Spirit Stone…"

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