Poison God's Heritage


Chapter 111 Fifth Lesson- Debate-

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Chapter 111: Fifth Lesson- Debate-

The next lamp was not easy. Most of the oil lams were not that difficult to obtain as they were hidden behind barriers that only needed a bit of effort to unlock and remove. But this one, this one was trouble. Because what separated me and the silverback ape was only a couple of barriers, and thanks to it wounding itself a lot by forcefully breaking the barriers, it looked at me with wrath in its eyes I was more than certain that the moment it recuperates enough, it will break through the barrier and come bearing its fangs upon my frail old body.

Zhang Tian, had shown me many things, but without proper time and practice, I'll never be able to use the things he taught me, so this time, I'll need to be careful with my life.

The ape was looking at me with angry eyes and howled consecutively, thankfully his roar's impact didn't reach me, all thanks to the formations.

I removed my eyes from the ape and focused on the few barriers in front of me. After half an hour, and slight jump-scares because the ape thought it was strong enough to bore through the barriers, but thankfully failed. I managed to open the restriction on yet another barrier.

Once I snuffed the lamp, the prince appeared once again in my sea of consciousness.

He looked around and said, "We've dealt with your cultivation, your understanding of Law, your comprehension of Domain, and a review of battle with your master the Poison G.o.d. You should now have a slight understanding of the world o cultivation, yet there is one small thing that we need to address before we touch the final subject of our sessions." Zhang Tian said.

"You sound like a teacher," I said.

"I 'could be considered something close to that nature, I'm the Divine Scholar Afterall." Zhang Tian said.

Apparently, big shots such as Zhang Tian have a nickname, same as the Poison G.o.d, who was known as the Poison Lord, then his name got an upgrade after he did something crazy that not even Zhang Tian is willing to share.

"Sit down Shen Bao," Zhang Tian said, "This is a subject we'll need to be rather comfortable to speak about."


Immediately my own sea of consciousness had changed, and from the ma.s.sive endless green see, the view changed to that of a garden, where we were sitting on the ground, in front of each other.

Above us was a small cone-like structure shading us from a gentle sun. And around us was a garden of all types of beautiful flowers. The gra.s.s was green and it smelled like freshly cut gra.s.s. And between me and Zhang Tian, was a small table with a tea set brewed and ready. Zhang Tian gestured at the set with his head hinting for me to serve him tea.

I wasn't going to object, after all, I'm learning from one of the greatest figures in the world of cultivation.

Zhang Tian took the cup like it was a holy object with both hands and took a sip then said "Well, now, our fifth subject, Mortality Severing."

"And what is that?" I asked as I took my seat in front of him, trying not to get too distracted by the amazing garden or the gentle breeze. If I ever wanted to study, this would be the perfect place for it.

"The majority of cultivators, unlike me and a few people of the highest echelons are born as mortals. Bar a few people from legendary races, such as the t.i.tan Race, or the Spirit Race, every being that has ever been created has the looming scythe of The Everlasting Silence upon their necks. We're all bound to death, but at the same time, we're bound to life.

People who seek the truths of the world can overcome their mortality, thus Cultivation."

"Ah, the search of truth, so in a way, cultivation is a way to reach immortality, but that's not the purpose if I understand correctly?" I asked.

"Indeed, you're quite smart. The purpose to seek the truth of the world is to know the secrets of heaven, the majority want to know the secret to immortality, as who wouldn't want to live forever. But a good deal of people seeks the knowledge of heaven they wish to understand heaven's reason for creating this world, these laws, and this disparity of strength between the people. Say, Shen Bao do you think it is unfair for people to be either weak or strong, poor or rich? Wouldn't it be better if everyone was borne equally?"

I immediately shook my head, "If everyone was born equal, then there would be no meaning to life. For man was born to help another. Equality is impossible, if all were farmers, who would make clothes? But if all made clothes, who would feed them? one needs another to survive, but every occupation is inherently different, pays different, and makes people feel superior to one another."

"This superiority is born from man's own greed and consciousness, reining this greed wouldn't all occupation be of the same value?" Zhang Tian asked. This was a trick question.

"You're not asking if people would be equal if they rein in their greed, you're truly asking if a man can actually stop one of his most basic natures. People are greedy by nature, they cannot overcome this, no matter how pious, they cannot avoid greed." I calmly replied while sipping tea.

"What about the monks, they seem to live life following the three Truths and the four n.o.ble Paths?" Zhang Tian asked.

"No man is saved from greed, I have met a few monks, even before I came to know the world of cultivation, many of them came to my city. Asking for charity and preaching Buddhism, though it was nice and all, I strongly disagree with them, refraining from eating meat, or drinking alcohol, or women, perhaps, on some level I could understand the need for them to refrain from worldly desires, but it is greed against their nature. Isn't it selfish to refrain from giving birth to children? Isn't it selfish not to sate one's basic need of sustenance? You can argue all you wish about how vegetables are all humans need to survive, but we're not born or created to be sated, but our own nature is greed."

"You say that man cannot be sated?" Zhang Tian said. "I have seen many who are thankful for what they have and are sufficed."

"Perhaps we have different views. I have not lived as long as you did but I know one thing, man, no matter how much gold you give him, he will not stop wanting more. For the only thing that can fill a man's throat is nothing but dirt (Death)."

Zhang Tian pondered for a moment, "Then you truly believe man's nature is greed."

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"Yes, let me give you another example. Gift a healthy man all the women in the world, yet forbid him one, what do you think will plague that man's mind?" I asked.

"You're finally catching on," I said.

Zhang Tian stood up, clasped his hands to me, and gave me a half bow, not a full bow just a half bow. But in that half-bow, I almost felt that my own existence couldn't bear the bow from this man.

"W-what are you doing?!" I asked shuddering under the weight of his bow.

Zhang Tian raised his head, "You have taught me something I wouldn't have ever been able to learn. I delve with the immortals, yet questions of Immortals have been answered by a mortal. You taught me what I could have never learned. So it is my duty to bow to one who taught me. Your very words, do you know their meaning? How heavy they are, and how impactful they could be to the cultivation world?"

"What do you mean it's just a small lapse in logic that I pointed."

"This very laps of logic, do you know how many cultivators have gone through without asking the origin of? So many cultivators severe their immortality by removing themselves from the mortal world, but you just showed that one can severe their immortality without losing their greed and possessive nature of the world. I should have 'fallen' the moment I agreed with your logic, but my scholarly nature forbids me from disagreeing with logical thinking, thus, your words speak true, ring true, and are true. This is something I would wish to explore later, I must speak to my father. You're a good sapling worthy of nurturing, so would you still not wish to be under my patronage?" Zhang Tian asked.

"I'll have to refuse once again, like I said, I don't like being restricted."

"Your freedom will be untouched, and I'll even have people guarding you, you'll be nurtured and helped to ascend and reach our level in less than a thousand years, a feat that I'll pour my heart and soul for you to achieve."


'man is talking about a thousand years as if it's a blink of an eye, but for immortals, it probably is.'

"I'll think about it, I'm not too dumb to give up free things. But we'll still need to get you out of here first."

"Yes, this round I wanted to teach you but it seems that you're the one who taught me. I'll make sure to remember this. Now, the final lamp." Zhang Tian said.

"Right," I replied and opened my eyes.

Now, the most troublesome lamp, the only way toward it is to go right next to the ape, and that guy will definitely not make it easy.

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