Poison God's Heritage


Chapter 110 Fourth Lesson -Battle-

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Chapter 110: Fourth Lesson -Battle-

After a couple of hours dawdling mostly because the next lamp was just too d.a.m.n far, now with the fourth down, Zhang Tian came to my Sea of Consciousness and said, "I'll show you a replay of our battle. Make sure to pay attention."

Immediately, I found myself looking through the eyes of a young man, and just as I came to appreciate the stuffing world energy, I realized I was actually floating in s.p.a.ce, for a split second my heart skipped a beat and threatened to stop from fright, but I regained my bearings immediately.

The prince, Zhang Tian seemed to be standing at the forefront of so many cultivators that just counting their numbers would take days to finish. And in front of him was a heavily wounded and bloodied man, but his eyes were redder than blood, as they were bloodshot, and anger clearly displayed on his face.

The bloodied man wore green robes and had a floating jar behind him that was continuously exuding dark smoke. In his left hand was a sword that looked surprisingly similar to my Creeping Demise. Yet it was inherently different.

"Little brat, what do you think you're doing." The man spoke.

"Senior Poison Lord, I come at the behest of my father to ask you to calm down, you already slaughtered the entire *@@//# Sect, is there any need for more bloodshed."

'Poison Lord, wasn't he t.i.tled the Poison G.o.d? But from the looks of it, he was still younger than when I saw him fighting the Primordial Dragon Serpent.'

"I have come far! I have struggled much, I have fought much, and I have lived through hards.h.i.+p and despair, but I endured, I calmly walked my path without bothering any of the Holy Sects of the Celestial Realm, yet they dared! THEY DARED kill one of my own! I have yet to finish exacting my revenge! Walk or find yourself at the mercy of my blade!" the man's words were heaven rattling, and not even the unending number of cultivators were capable of sustaining the effects of the Poison Lord's presence. Some even vomited blood as his words clashed against their divine senses.

"Haven't you sated your bloodl.u.s.t? You killed billions of lives!" The Prince shouted.

"But the one that matters escaped! Unless I kill him with my own hands! Then none of this is enough! Step aside, this shall be my last warning!"


"I am afraid I cannot, Qin Xue had owed us a favor, and I am obliged to repay it."

"Then so be it, Second Prince of the Wind realm, today you have chosen to step in the path of the Poison Lord, let all who is here be witness to this battle!" The Poison G.o.d said.

The young Poison G.o.d drew his sword, and from its hilt, the blade elongated to a whip and it shot forward with speed so fast that I found it impossible for me to be able to see it, yet see it I was capable.

It seems that I'm experiencing the Prince of the wind Realm's experience as if I was him. Because at my current level, that speed, not to mention blocking or dodging it, It would be a miracle amongst miracles if I was only able to see a glimpse of it.

Zhang Tian grunted and drew nine swords that hovered behind him, one of them shot forward parrying the whip-like blade while the other nine-shot at the Poison Lord.

"Tiamat, bring chaos!" the young Poison G.o.d spoke and from the hilt of his weapon, eight other whip swords shot forward to intercept the Prince's swords.

The Prince slapped both hands together into a prayer motion then howled, "Divine Law! s.p.a.ce Rent Asunder!"

The veins on the prince's face popped up as his eyes turned golden, his whole body exuded immense Saint Qi that the world began to groan. s.p.a.ce shattered from around the Poison G.o.d as fissures appeared in s.p.a.ce, then wind so dark, so fast, and so deadly shot from within these fissures at the Poison Lord.

"Fool!" the Poison G.o.d said and held his hand forward, in a gripping motion that was facing up, then he twisted his hand and my vision swam, the winds that were going to attack the Poison G.o.d were now attacking the prince, their positions swapped.

"d.a.m.n!" the prince cursed and immediately pulled a talisman from his pouch, the winds came close to tearing the prince into pieces but the talisman vibrated and turned the prince's body into a mirage. The special winds tore into the mirage harmlessly, then the special rifts closed afterward.

"It seems that your understanding of s.p.a.ce Laws is as amazing as ever. It would be unwise to fight you like this. Then Poison Lord! Let's see how competent you are in Domain! Wisdom of the Ages!"

Immediately, the same library that I experienced earlier appeared, with all of its shelves and rows, only this time, the area where the corpses lay, there weren't as many as I saw before but barely a few hundred.

The prince's clothes and appearance changed to that of a scholarly divine saint, while the young Poison G.o.d's b.l.o.o.d.y figure was still the same, only the Poison G.o.d's eyes weren't as bloodshot as before, but he seemed to have regained just a bit of his sanity.

"Child, your laws are based on the knowledge you have obtained from the heritage of your father, but it is lacking. For a battle of Domain, this place is too small to confine me!"

"Let's see about that, Poison Lord, Seventh Book! h.e.l.l Eternal!"

One of the books from the shelves shot forward then it opened up, and within the library, the shelves spread apart opening a small area where a globe of fire encompa.s.sed both the young Poison G.o.d and the Prince.

"Burn by h.e.l.l's eternal flames!" Zhang Tian said and the globe of red fire surged as waves of heat a.s.saulted the young Poison G.o.d.

"You must be mad to try and use flames against an alchemist!" the Poison G.o.d's face turned into a wicked grin, "Sacred Heart Flame! Refine!"

The Poison G.o.d held his hand forward and a verdant flame much like the one I just obtained surged and shot forward, then it began eating up the domain of fire.

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"Submerged World!" Zhang Tian immediately dispersed the h.e.l.l Eternal domain and switched to a water domain.

The King looked at his son and then nodded.

The Prince sighed, and held his left hand forward, then unceremoniously cut it off with his own sword. He then threw the hand to the Poison G.o.d."

"I hope you're satisfied." The king said.

"I shall consider this as a cease of hostilities, between me and the Wind Celestial realm. But I shall keep this hand just as an a.s.surance, lest the Wind turns back against its course."

"You have nothing to worry about," the king said.

"I am not worried, you all should, today's matter has concluded, I shall take my leave." The Poison G.o.d said, and then he ripped through s.p.a.ce opening a pa.s.sage to G.o.d knows where then he stepped inside it.

My vision turned back to me and I was standing in my sea of consciousness.

"So that's what a high-level battle is like."

"That was nothing more than a short bout, but I hope you learned from this."


I shuddered at the thought, and the strength gap between me, and the Poison G.o.d, and it seems that he was not even at his full potential at that point, the Poison G.o.d had yet to grow and to have the Lord removed from his name and the word G.o.d added to it.

The prince as if he was reading through my mind said, "It took a few years before his name changed. He did something risky afterward, thus enabling him to gain the G.o.d t.i.tle."

"I guess it was something spectacular," I said.

"Well… spectacular, that's a way to say it, it's a story for another day, now go for the fifth lamp."

"Right, on it," I said and removed myself from my sea of consciousness.

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