Poison God's Heritage


Chapter 106 Chance Opportunity

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Chapter 106: Chance Opportunity

"His real name was a mystery to everyone, and he was only known as the Poison G.o.d. He had originated from a faraway planet on the western side of the Vast Expanse, though I doubt you'll even know what that is." The young master said, mockingly.

I was irked by this guy flaunting his knowledge so I spoke up.

"The culmination of planetary might of all the cultivators of this dimensional side. The Vast expanse is where the real might of this universe reside, and even this Lower Celestial Realm is nothing more than a speck of dust compared to the Vast Expanse. Also, it's where the Primordial Beings reside in."

After hearing an embarra.s.sed cough, "You're mostly right, anyway, The Poison G.o.d was famous first for his alchemy, his abnormal methods of making some of the world's mightiest pills preceded him and as such many sects wanted him as a guest at their sects, but with a lot of fame, comes many tribulations.

The Poison G.o.d's own talent made many sects envy others for having him as a guest, and thus one day a conflict between two sects broke out, and in the process, one of the Poison G.o.d's Concubines died. The attacking sect was the cause, though the Poison G.o.d was barely at the *"*é"**é* Cultivation stage—"

"Hold, what was that? Say it again,"

"Say what? I hate when I'm interrupted you know."

"You just said something about the poison G.o.d's Cultivation stage, but I didn't hear it right."

"Ah, world prevention, you're not powerful enough nor had severed your mortality, knowledge of such stages of cultivation is actually forbidden by the Heavens, the knowledge of such high levels will be forbidden to you until you claim your Domain from Heavens, don't worry about it, it's actually good to not know a lot right now it will only deviate you from your path. Let's just say that the Poison G.o.d was at that time had a tenth of the strength of this Prince."

"Right, that I can probably gouge," Which was obviously a lie if this guy was imprisoned with so many of these formations and not even able to use a fraction of his power and still not this powerful… the poison G.o.d was definitely someone h.e.l.la strong.


"Anyway, when the Poison G.o.d received the news, he went off alone against one of the pillars of the cultivation world, with elders and disciples far surpa.s.sing his cultivation level, and a sect master that was an entire realm above him, the Poison G.o.d used one day to completely annihilate the whole sect, in one day and one night, more than three billion people had died, all for having crossed a man that was not even a tenth as powerful as I am. And let me tell you the truth, if I, at my peak, and full capabilities were to face that very sect, I could probably achieve the same degree of success, but I would have to give a literal arm and a leg not to mention risking my cultivation level drop. The Poison G.o.d's feat caused his name to spread through the Vast Expanse as one of the most dangerous people alive. Not only that, no one dared even speak his name out of fright, and he wasn't even on a high cultivation level compared to many others. But his poison manipulation was so masterful that the fear he brought with his mere presence was enough to make children grow white hair."

"Seems like a very charismatic man."

"Oh, charismatic he was not, that man was vile, evil and most of all a master of Demonic Cultivation, you don't get affection and niceness by a.s.sociation with people like that, but the good thing about him was his word. No matter how evil people think he is, no matter how cruel and atrocious his poisons had been, the Poison G.o.d was a man of his word, and if he promised someone something, he would deliver, and as such, I had the pleasure of meeting him, though I lost an arm in the process."

"Ugh, he seemed like not such a pleasant guy to be around with, but you sound rather…fan-struck."

"Why wouldn't I, we're in a world where strength is respected." The prince said.

"But isn't he a master of poison, isn't it deceitful vile and not an orthodox way of cultivation?" I asked.

"That's the belief of the weak, you should know, it doesn't matter what means you use to manifest your power, I have known of mighty characters who wielded the power of the Underworld's River, killed people by the day, but they were doting parents, loyal friends, and the best companions. A man's cultivation should not reflect their behavior and the Poison G.o.d was the literal embodiment of good character."

'This guy's been Praising the Poison G.o.d so much, one would say he has a crush on him.'

"Anyway, as I have said, I know the exact location to one of the caves where the Poison G.o.d used to cultivate, it's on a planet that has a lot of poisonous substances and he hid there after having battled the sect that killed his concubine. And since this planet is under the Jurisdiction of my father, lord of the Wind Realm, it has been forbidden entry for anyone else besides the relatives of the Poison G.o.d, not even the Seven Poison Sect has the right to enter it even if it is a heaven for them. unless my father wishes it, none shall enter."

"Right, and you said that you'll show me that place."

"Yes, but I'll have to warn you, lest you say I am a liar or had deceived you. You cannot access it right now."

"Why not?"

"It's hard to explain, let me show you."

Almost immediately, my eye turned white, as my vision changed and I found myself standing right on top of my Sea of Consciousness.

The green sea of poison and the rotating golden core above it slowly gave me a sense of safety, security, and a sense of belonging this was my own Sea of Consciousness.

"Impressive, your foundations are perfect." Spoke a man. Turning, I saw a man wearing golden and white robes, while he had a devilish handsomeness to his face.

His whole body exuded power beyond power, and I could feel his might even though his whole aura was fully locked tight against his skin.

The man stepped forward, and with every step he made, the calm sea of consciousness rippled.

"You haven't been taught well though, what the h.e.l.l is going on with you?"

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"What do you mean, and how come you're here?" I asked.

"You can actually use the Sea of consciousness like that?" I asked.

The prince, Zhang Tian, facepalmed. "What sect have you been learning at, they can't be this incompetent."

"Well, actually, I never had the chance to learn at a sect, the first sect I ever joined was destroyed shortly after I entered it, and from then on, I was on my own."

"That explains a lot, Shen Bao, you're really weak, this is not an understatement, you're beyond weak, but the fact that you're mentally capable of solving many situations is your greatest power, sadly, in the world of cultivation no matter how one is smart, compared to absolute power, compared to world rending, planet tearing and void destroying power, smartness alone is not enough."

The prince sighed, then he looked at me, and his eyes brightened, "How about I fix some of your shortcomings?"

"Oh, but I don't know if I should accept a master," I said, worrying that the Poison G.o.d's will might be p.i.s.sed.

"No, I would never take the place of the Poison G.o.d, even with that incomplete book, which is really worrying me, you should never betray your master. I will only mentor you on things your master had not included. I'm smart enough to know that the poison G.o.d only taught you the basics of combat and completely ignored the establishment of your comprehensive foundation and practical use of your powers."

"Well, sounds like the school is in session," I said.

"Yes, but we don't have a lot of time," Zhang Tian said.


"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Well, the Lord of Lords, a mysterious being who created the test that you entered has made a time limitation, and if you're asking how do I know this, it's easy, the rest of the cultivators that came here are a chattering bunch.

The time limitation will kick everyone who is not purposefully making progress, unlike you who figured out how to enter through the Spatial Chambers, the other cultivators were wandering aimlessly and half of them had already been kicked out. Your turn will come later, and you must have felt it, but I suppose we have about a couple of months, in that time, I can help you grow stronger while you help me remove some of these restrictions."

"Sounds like a good plan, when do we start?"

The young man smiled, "That's what I like to hear."

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