Poison God's Heritage


Chapter 104 The Wrong Foot

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Chapter 104: The Wrong Foot

I began writing some inscriptions on the gra.s.s blade, though the difference in experience was great, as the maker of this formation was far beyond my current level, I'm a good student, and I could put two and two together, to make a small change to the overall function of the gra.s.s blade.

Though the maker of this formation had set the rules and laws of his formation, my slight change could alter the overall function of the gra.s.s blade.

Once I was done and felt satisfied with my work, I held the glowing piece of green gra.s.s blade in my hand, smiled then threw it forward.

I was sitting in the middle of the garden of this house, and everywhere were numerous formations erect to protect everything and anything, as I have said the maker of the formation was crazy enough to even inscribe large swaths of gra.s.s, but thankfully he didn't inscribe every blade of gra.s.s and was satisfied with just the corners of each garden.

And thanks to that, I had a safe spot in the middle of the garden where I could work, and now, I threw the piece of gra.s.s right into one of the four corners of the garden.

Immediately, the formation lit up, and my heart thumped loud, I feared that my work would fail if the formation decided that the piece of gra.s.s I threw at it was hostile.

But my fears were unfounded, the piece of gra.s.s easily went through the formation, and its task started. The masterful inscriptions of the maker of these formations began s.h.i.+mmering and harmonizing with my piece of gra.s.s, and soon the formation crumbled.

"Yes! Success!" I held a fist up, satisfied with my success. Not only was I able to disable the formation, now I have even more material to study.

I went toward the fallen remains of the formation and started noting all of the new inscriptions that weren't part of the herb, this reminds me of the time I was crafting X, but sadly, the inscriptions here are too complex to be understood with trial and error, and they were just too numerous, I'll definitely need an Inscription Book of this caliber to be able to understand this, or, I'll need to spend a good deal of time to slowly figure out each and every inscription. But I doubt that monkey will allow it, nor would this small world.

I have a slowly compelling feeling that I'm in the house of someone else and I'm unwanted. It's a strange feeling, it's like being invited to someone's apartment, but then you could clearly feel that his wife doesn't like the sight of you, and you just want to leave.


At first, it was slight, but now the feeling is growing with every pa.s.sing moment. I'm sure after a time, it will be unbearable, so I don't have the luxury to understand all the inscriptions here, and I'm better off noting all of them.

And so I did.

I wrote every new inscription symbol, every formation, their diagram, and how they were set up. Though I was only focused on one piece of garden, I knew that all of the formations here were based on something like the gra.s.s formation here, I could even see the resemblance on the formations on the walls, streets, and even windows were quite similar to the one I was inspecting, and they all seem to have only a small change between them to change the aftereffects of the formation.

I was tired after a while, my mental health was at risk if I were to continue studying these formations, and even with so many Soul Strengthening Pills, I was still feeling suffocated with the amount of knowledge I was stuffing down my brain.

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I needed to take a breather and come back to this, but I can't take long, the feeling of oppression from this Lower Celestial Realm is getting more and more powerful.

The whole story was empty with the exception of the center, there was a small table that had an oil lamp, with a lit wick.


The oil lamp looked extraordinary, especially the purple flame that looked like it had been lit from time immemorial.

"Snuff it out!"

I heard the word was more like a command of someone on a higher realm commanding an ant.

This was the same person who spoke those words a few days ago and was the same person that was using his divine sense on me. He was rude, and just because he was rude…

I turned and left the room.

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