Poison God's Heritage


Chapter 101 Modern Warfare

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Chapter 101: Modern Warfare

Why the h.e.l.l did they come after me, how did they notice I was there, and why the h.e.l.l didn't I notice them approach, h.e.l.l if I knew this place was this dangerous I wouldn't have come here, I'd rather stay inside that maze. But It's my fault, the Poison G.o.d's book did warn me from the d.a.m.n stuff inside this place.

I dipped into the ma.s.sive ba.s.sine where the city was and unsealed my sky pearl, I needed to inspect for any formation that could be built within this place, even the d.a.m.n air would be tricky to navigate with formations all over the G.o.d d.a.m.n place.

The apes followed after me, but the moment they went inside the basin they slowed down their pace, this is both good and extremely bad.

I'm not too headstrong to think that apes are nothing but stupid beasts, these creatures are strong, definitely at the Nascent Soul level, or even higher, each one of them is easily a sixth-tier beast. But unlike the Venom Spitting Skylark or the Blight Bearing Toad, these creatures looked far stronger and were definitely on the cusp of making it to the seventh-grade Monsters. I had no chance in battling even one of them, they were robust, fast, strong, and fregging mad! The f.u.c.kers were laughing replicating human laughter and that itself was haunting on one's mind.

'Hold up. I'm f.u.c.king stupid!" I stopped my sword, and thankfully my insight came at this moment because I had stopped right when I was a few meters away from a formation that was built in the G.o.d d.a.m.n air.

I took a deep breath, I was going to die without even noticing, this d.a.m.n thing is powerful, and the s.h.i.+mmering writing on the air was heavy and compound. I'd give anything to study these formations, but with the apes behind me, I'll have no d.a.m.n way to do so.

"X, I choose you!" I said and immediately X shot out from the poison G.o.d's book inside my chest. Once again the divine sense probed through me, this time it was rather forceful, but I felt it jerking cut like something had stopped whoever used the divine sense, it was clearly not the Poison G.o.d's Book, but whoever stopped the person that used the Divine Sense on me, had done it with a proper vengeance as a bit of that man's own divine sense was separated here with me, then it began dissipating.

I opened my poison G.o.d's book and sucked in that bit of divine sense. Keeping it with me, it would help to study it if the poison G.o.d's book is able to preserve it.

X immediately shot forward and crashed headlong against one of the apes, grabbing it by the horns and smashed it to the side. Another ape came at him from behind, but X didn't bother to look at the second ape and only pointed his palm at him.

"You're not gonna like that," I grinned, as X's hand rattled three times in a row shooting three bullets with perfect precision into the ape's face.


Each bullet shot through one of the ape's eyes dropping it dead on X's feet.

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The other apes saw their friend die, and instead of running away, they started batting at their chests as if their own chests were their own enemies, they batted and hopped up and down on the ground p.i.s.sed and enraged, their golden fur turned red and their third eye became bloodshot red. Steam began bursting from their bodies as they charged at X.


The cylinders immediately s.h.i.+mmered as their inscriptions were activated, then exploded in heat, destruction, and flame. If that was all, the apes would probably survive the explosions, but the secondary effect was the nastiest.

The poison within the canisters began seeping on the ground, then took to the air as the apes sniffed in the nasty substance, they began choking. Though I know the correct formula to create Mustard Gas, I had no way to obtain Ethynyl, nor Sulfur Dichloride, however This organic mix I made, this poison is the closest thing I could make to replicate the same blistering and choking effects.

And it worked wonders in making these apes wish for death as they suffocated and blistered all over their bodies. This was a nasty effect of this poison, no wonder it was a war crime to use biological weapons in warfare.

Yet, not everything was going according to plan, as a matter of fact, a new monster appeared, an ape with chrome-colored fur appeared, it was far wider, bigger larger, and more robust than all of the other apes, and it looked wrathful at the sight of his dying allies.

"I guess the boss is here."

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