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Chapter 100 Celestium of the Apes (FIRST MILSTONE WOOP WOOP!)

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Chapter 100: Celestium of the Apes (FIRST MILSTONE WOOP WOOP!)

A fraction of a second of hesitation would have rewarded me with a very bad bruise on my forehead. But I made calculations after calculations and the only way out from this place is through this d.a.m.n wall. Unlike before, all of the Spatial Chambers were created in empty areas, so there were no physical barriers to stop me from going from one room to the other, but this wall was an exception, it was here alright, but at the same time it was not.

When I used my divine sense, I could feel this was a physical wall, but the ripples around it clearly state that this is the exit of this maze.

"Hogwarts Express here I come!" I shouted and ran right through the wall and managed to exit out into an open area without feeling any sort of resistance.

"Yes! I made it!" I fist-b.u.mped the sky like a teenager then calmed myself after looking around, I'm not that young, but it seems that the impact of rejuvenation from growing in cultivation is slightly impacting my att.i.tude, I should keep myself in check lest I turn into some arrogant sn.o.bbish young n.o.ble.

Looking around, I had a vague feeling that I was being watched, and that sucked. It must be the one who used the divine sense earlier and this feeling of being watching is irking me because I feel that whatever I do, I'll be exposed.

However, since the owner of the divine sense didn't act maliciously towards me, I'm feeling that so far I'm not at any risk, but it's always good to be cautious.

Also, I need to tone down my Sky Pearl, so far, it hurts like a motherf.u.c.ker when a Divine Sense that powerful goes through me, but I can't disable it outright, I might end up against other cultivators and I'll need it to help me to fend off the Divine Senses.

Looking around, the area around me didn't seem much different from where I was, actually if a normal person was here, he wouldn't see the difference between the area behind this old wall or after it. But it's a night and day's difference. Now, I'm sure I'm in a place that hasn't been touched by any other cultivator for at least a long time.

I began looking around, hoping to find anything of value, the whole landscape was still part of the Celestial realm, thought it was a strange ground, looking at the dirt, it was like dirt, but golden dirt. As for the sky, it was still a dark s.p.a.ce, and I'm still unable to comprehend how the heck this place is even receiving light.

Sadly there were no planets in sight, all of this area was just dirt. Nothing of value.


I walked forward without any specific destination because there were no points of reference where I was, there were a few hills in the distance, but besides the hills and the area where I came from, there was nothing else here.

I pulled out my sword and hopped on it, and almost immediately I felt the same annoying Divine Sense goes against me, and heavily inspect the sword.

d.a.m.n it… what's with this person and his nosy a.s.s Divine Sense. But I better keep my discontent to myself, if he is strong enough to threaten my life with his mere glancing divine sense I better not p.i.s.s him off.

I flew until I reached the hills and saw what was behind them, and here I was totally, completely, and fully astonished.

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Just behind the hills was a ma.s.sive basin that had an entire city within it, yet it was all void of life.

Right in front of the apes, I split into two perfect clones, one of them took to the right and the other to the left.


It wasn't much, and against numbers like theirs, it was definitely lacking, but I gotta admit, thanks to the cultivator in crimson robes from the Poison G.o.d's Cave, and his annoying pouch, the golden Scripture, the movement technique inside it, I hastily took a note of it, tried it a few times and now it's the worst time every to test it because if I were to fail I'll die.

Immediately when the apes were distracted by me splitting into two, half of them chased after my clone and the other half went after me.

'f.u.c.k, f.u.c.k, f.u.c.k, f.u.c.k! This is bad they're way too d.a.m.n fast!'

The apes wound lunge and cover hundreds of meters with a single leap, I was hard-pressed to escape them on the hills, and my only option was to go down into the den infested with deadly formations.


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