The Marriage of an Esteemed Supreme Healer, a Noble Ruler

War Nishino - 战西野

Chapter 1358

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Chapter 1358: Leave

s.h.i.+ Rui’er asked dazedly, “Elder, what… should we do?”

The previous situation was already troublesome enough, and this happened again today… It seemed almost hopeless to want to bring Chu Yue out.

“Hua Feng, we can’t continue staying here anymore.” Behind, an elder walked forward and spoke with knitted brows.

Although the commotion had already stopped temporarily, who would know if it would continue later on? Previously, it was because they hid quickly, but it didn’t mean that they could be this lucky every single time.

Besides, the door at the front was already sealed.

Everyone looked at Elder Hua Feng, awaiting his decision.

After a long pause, Elder Hua Feng said, “You guys move back first. I’ll go over and take a look.”

“Elder!” s.h.i.+ Rui’er called him and was very worried. Even though she was worried about Chu Yue, it was really very dangerous for Elder Hua Feng to go over on his own.

“This place isn’t safe. You guys leave first; I’ll be right back.” Elder Hua Feng glanced at her in comfort and turned around to say to that elder, “Dan Qing might find us very quickly. Lead them to a safe place first.”

“Okay.” That elder acknowledged the order, turned around, and left.

s.h.i.+ Rui’er originally wanted to advise further, but after some thinking, she still swallowed her remaining words.

The crowd from Lingyun Mountain surveyed their surroundings, and after much thought, they finally decided to retreat first.

Jiang Zhiyuan moved back with the crowd, taking two steps before she couldn’t help but turn around to take a look.

In the gully, the mountain rocks were piled together as the dust spread everywhere.

The person who is locked inside… will never be able to come out, right?

Behind the door.

Chu Liuyue sat down cross-legged, and her eyes were tightly shut as she crazily absorbed the surrounding force.

The water droplet in her dantian spun increasingly quickly.

The surroundings were completely quiet, and time slowly pa.s.sed. Unknowingly, increasingly more cracks appeared on the tombstone.

The force density in the entire s.p.a.ce became increasingly higher.

As if not knowing exhaustion, Chu Liuyue allowed all of this force to enter her body and flow through her body. She faintly felt an invisible barrier at some moment.

Intermediate stage-eight! Shock quickly flashed across Chu Liuyue’s heart. My cultivation speed here seems much higher than when cultivating outside. Even though it can’t be compared to my cultivation speed at Fengmin Mountain, it is also very outstanding. Unknowingly, I reached the point of breaking through again.

At this point, Chu Liuyue had already realized that the time flow here was different from the outside. I wonder how long has pa.s.sed outside…

Normally speaking, the thing that can change the time flow is a G.o.d Realm… This thought just flashed across Chu Liuyue’s mind very quickly before she rapidly retracted her thoughts and started to focus on breaking through.

Another period of time pa.s.sed as she gathered the force within her body and hurled it toward her dantian!


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Soft shattering sounds could be heard.

“Sigh, if we knew about it earlier, we shouldn’t have brought so many people over…”

The few elders from Ling Xiao Academy had also gathered together, and they couldn’t help but sigh. In the beginning, everyone was too positive.

It was only after experiencing so many things that they then realized that this wasn’t a place they could bring students to cultivate. The dangers here far exceeded their expectations.

“I wonder where Bo Yan and the rest are now… Now, I just hope that we can meet with Dan Qing first. I wonder if there are other people with him…” An elder spoke and suddenly looked at Jiang Zhiyuan at the side. “Zhiyuan, when you guys separated, did Dan Qing tell you anything?”

Dan Qing has always been very concerned about his top student. On the brink of death, he would say something, right?

Jiang Zhiyuan was dazed for a moment as she nervously clutched her hands in her sleeves. “N-no… The situation was very chaotic back then, so…”

The few elders looked regretful. “Forget it. Let’s wait and see if he will come over. If there are other people with him or if he has news about Bo Yan and the rest, it would be great.”

Jiang Zhiyuan looked down.

“Hua Feng, what’s the situation?”

At this point, Elder Hua Feng had already come back. The crowd looked over in unison.

Elder Hua Feng shook his head. “Chu Yue… might not be able to come out for now.”

The surroundings fell silent for a moment, but everyone didn’t seem shocked. Actually, they had long expected this outcome.

After a moment, s.h.i.+ Rui’er then questioned, “Then, for now…”

Elder Hua Feng took a deep breath in. “Let’s meet with Dan Qing. After that, we’ll find Bo Yan and the others.”

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