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Yosei Ichigo - 妖精壱号

Chapter 543 That Person is Coming

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Chapter 543 That Person is Coming

Gumihou: Adjusted the chapter so that it’s a little less bland. For some reason, Gumi lost this chapter and had to re-translated it…

Today is yet another day of cooking for my hungry gluttons.

To be honest, I do find cooking pretty fun. I like putting things together and see whether the end result meets my expectations.

Now, what should I make today?

Right now, I am standing in the luxurious kitchen of our latest rental mansion, taking in the well-appointed interior and considering what to make.

Meat, of course, but what kind of meat?

I rifled into my [Item Box] thoughtfully. Hmm… I feel like having some white meat today. We have been having a lot of red meat lately, and seafood, so maybe some chicken? I removed a nice large chunk of c.o.c.katrice meat and considered it.

When it comes to chicken, there’s something I haven’t had yet ever since I arrived in this world. That’s right, Demi-Glace Chicken. Demi-Glace Chicken that goes perfectly with bread.

Now, comes the shopping: Onions, carrots, garlic, b.u.t.ton mushrooms, s.h.i.+meji mushrooms, and a few cans of demi-glace sauce.

Ah, can’t forget the fresh cream either.

A splash of fresh cream on the final product would result in a mellower taste. It also looks really nice too.

“I think I ran out of b.u.t.ter? Anyway, let’s get some b.u.t.ter too,”

After checking out, the usual cardboard box appeared out of thin air.

Then, comes the prep work. Slice the onions into half-a-centimetre thick slices, thinly slice the carrots into half moons. Chicken meat cooks fairly quickly, especially when cut into bite-size pieces, so I want the carrots to cook quickly alongside the meat too.

Next, I shredded the s.h.i.+meji mushrooms and cut the b.u.t.ton mushrooms into halves.

Finally, finely mince the garlic and stir-fry it in a little b.u.t.ter. When the garlic is fragrant, I added the c.o.c.katrice meat, skin side down.

When the skin has been nicely browned, flip the meat over and add the onions and carrots. Stir lightly while shaking the pan. If the meat becomes too stuck to the pan, add some red wine to deglaze.

“Hmm, is this my last bottle of wine? I should get some more next time. Should I get cheap cooking wine or try cooking with something a little more expensive…”

It’s fine to leave out red wine when cooking, I could have deglazed the pan with chicken stock or even water, but I think adding red wine to Western dishes gives it more depth.

Once the alcohol from the red wine has evaporated, add one can of demi-glace sauce along with some water, ketchup and a couple of consommé cubes. Let the mixture simmer for a bit.

Once the mushrooms are cooked, check the flavour and season with salt and pepper to taste.

Finally, ladle the Demi-Glace Chicken onto a plate and pour a dab of fresh cream on it.

“Woah, it certainly looks good.”

I was feeling very proud of myself when I heard the entrance door opening.

“Ou, I’m back!”

“It’s you, Willem-san!” I called out from the kitchen. “You’re just in time for dinner, please head to the dining room.”

“Umu, this is decent.”

“The strong seasoning is impeccable, Master’s cooking is excellent as always.”

“”Yup! Yup! I’m all for stuff that goes good with bread!””

“”Sui likes it too~~””

“Well, I’m glad everyone likes it-”

“Oi, second!”

“Here too, Master,”

“”Same! Same!””

“”Sui wants more too~~””

“Yes, yes, coming~”

After serving my familiars another round of Demi-Glace Chicken and bread, I returned to the table where Willem-san was still eating his first plate of food.

“Well,” said Willem-san. “Your familiars sure have great appet.i.tes.”

“Haha, well, they really enjoy eating. It takes a lot to feed them, but seeing them eating their food so deliciously makes it all worth it.”

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I paused just before taking a sip of my tea.



“Wait,” I cast a glance at my snoozing familiars. “Don’t tell me, it’s… that person??!”

“It is indeed ‘that person’.”

I was dumbstruck.

Sir, did you know that we came to the Royal Capital specifically because we wanted to avoid ‘that person’??!!!

I mean, Elland-san was not a bad person per se, but, but, he’s a natural enemy of all Dragons!! I cannot imagine just what kind of reaction my familiars would have once they find out, especially Grandpa Gon and Dora-chan!!

I was making ‘awawawa’ sounds, but trying to keep it low because I do not want my familiars to know!! Not now!! Especially not at night!!

They would bug me forever!!

But, if they found out I knew and didn’t tell them… at the very least, I should help them be mentally prepared for ‘that person’, right?

“What if,” I said hesitantly, “he could not come?”

“I heard that he cried tears of joy the moment the summons reached him. And that he left Doran the very same day.”

“… …”

[Gumihou: Wow, I actually translated this page twice. But, I think I did a better job the second time round!]

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