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Chapter 1469 Setting Up a Trap.

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Chapter 1469 Setting Up a Trap.

1469 Setting Up a Trap.

A couple of weeks later...

The squad stayed true to the plan and worked their best to fulfill their duties.

Captain Charleson and Hazel focused on interrogating the captured gang members with extreme methods to obtain information about the other members' whereabouts.

Fortunately, the leader was caught, which made the case much easier to conclude. They struck a swift deal with him, promising him jail time instead of getting kicked out of the plane if he gave out on his people.

He took the plea deal in a heartbeat as he wasn't loyal enough to throw himself off the heavenly plane for the sake of other people.

If it wasn't for Captain Charleson wanting to end the case swiftly, he would have never given out such a sweet deal and would rather kick everyone out.

After the rest of the gang members were captured across the entire heavenly plane, the case was considered concluded.

Alas, before they could even celebrate, Inspector Nolvar appointed a new emergency case related to another gang, using Captain Charleson's efficiency and competence in solving the past case to his advantage.

Captain Charleson was forced to take it against his will and continue wasting time on things unrelated to the fallen specters.

Meanwhile, Felix, Miss Sanae, and the rest were struggling immensely to find dirt on Mr. Atticus.

They spent weeks, using whatever means necessary to expose any shady deal he was up to, but to no avail.

They refused to make any contact with him until they got something concrete and damaging, so he wouldn't alert the organization about their target.

"Finding his dirt illegally can be achieved through my network and a considerable sum of money, but it won't do us any good." Miss Sanae sighed.

She was seen hanging in her own office while having a holographic screen of Felix and the others in front of her.

They decided to limit their real-time meetings to avoid the all-seeing eyes of Inspector Nolvar.

"There bound to be something we can find through legal channels." Ravager said coldly, "That b.a.s.t.a.r.d has many different businesses across the entire city. He can't maintain such a large empire without getting his hands dirty."

"I think we should set him up." Nidam suggested, "No matter how much we dig, there will be no water to be found. We have to make him lead us to the water source, then we can dig."

"It's a good idea, but how about its execution?" Miss Sanae shook her head, "Atticus isn't dumb to fall for a trap. He is extremely intelligent and will smell bulls.h.i.+t from a mile away."

Everyone nodded in agreement and remained silent, seemingly each thinking of a way to make it work.

Felix turned to glance at Miss Sanae and asked, "I heard rumors that Atticus has forced many land owners to sell their territories to him at a cheap price for the sake of his beasts/animals husbandry business. Is it true?"

"I don't have evidence to prove it, but I am certain he has done this before and still doing it in the shadows to expand his main business." Miss Sanae replied.

Mr. Atticus had a large business empire that revolved mostly around his animals/beasts husbandry company.

He possessed hundreds of farms across the entire heavenly plane and provided all sorts of dairy, plant, and meat products. He also sold beasts and animals in bulk to other companies.

To expand such a business, land was a main priority...Alas, it wasn't an easy task to obtain good pieces of plot that weren't already claimed.

Hence, Mr. Atticus must rely on treacherous methods to obtain such territories and there was no way his current empire would be this ma.s.sive without him doing so.

"Knowing his greed, if we dangled a piece of territory before him, he wouldn't hesitate to make a move." Ravager expressed.

"My thoughts exactly." Felix nodded.

"That's all fine and well, but how will we get a piece of land to set up the trap?" Nidam smiled wryly.

If even Mr. Atticus was having trouble with such an issue, how could they even imagine purchasing one?

"We don't need to buy one, we just need to act like we own it for the sake of the trap." Felix said indifferently, "I know someone who will lend us a small piece of land with no questions asked."


Everyone was left surprised and couldn't help but want to know the person's ident.i.ty. Too bad, Felix didn't bother entertaining their curiosity.

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"Just find me a trusted and unknown businessman from another city." Felix said, "Mr. Atticus must not know him, but at the same time, he should feel comfortable to bully him."

"This will do just fine."

After a few minutes of a.n.a.lyzing many great pieces of plot, Felix picked one with lash forests and great flat green surfaces, which were perfect for farms.

He made sure that the plot wasn't too ma.s.sive, so Mr. Atticus wouldn't be suspicious that a small businessman could own it.

Then, he thanked Elder Kraken and returned with the news to the squad to start their preparation.


A few days later...Inside Mr. Atticus' Office.

Seated behind a heavy wooden desk, Atticus was reviewing some doc.u.ments when his a.s.sistant entered the room.

"Sir," He began cautiously, "I thought you should be informed immediately. A piece of land, quite important in potential, near the city of Hope, has just been purchased."

Atticus's eyes darted up, interest piqued. "Oh? And who is the fortunate owner?"

"A businessman named Jonathan. He's new to the scene but seems to have deep pockets."

Atticus leaned back, steepling his fingers...The allure of a new piece of land was too tantalizing to ignore.

"Do we have any information on this Jonathan?"

The a.s.sistant handed over a file. "Not much. But initial observations suggest he's a genuine businessman whose main business is to flip land, houses, and other a.s.sets."

Mr. Atticus perused through the file, absorbing every detail.

"Jonathan..." he mused, "We'll have to arrange a meeting. If he's inexperienced, we might be able to make a advantageous deal."

The aide nodded, noting the aggressive glint in Atticus's eyes. "I'll see to it right away."

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