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Chapter 1079 Interrogating Aegnor!

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It was understandable that the war room would force anyone joining their cause to keep their mouths shuts about their plans.

Queen Ai's contracts were unreliable against them since unique void creatures were capable of splitting at least one wisp of their consciousness.

Since none of them was trusting the other, the only way forward was to utilize their G.o.d's oath to bind them all for this cause.

Felix had no idea about any of this.

He just wanted the Intel as well as keep Aegnor alive to serve as his dog.

Unique void creatures like him could be used as one of the best deliverymen even if he had no other use for him.

'Can we get the Intel out of him without caring about the penalty?' Felix asked.

'That's if you managed to find him.' Candace shook her head, 'The moment he breaks it, he will be sent into the depth of the void realm. It will be impossible to find him again.'

'I see...'

Felix recognized that the only path forward was to break the oath while avoiding the penalty.

'Can Nimo break it?' Asna wondered, 'He is considered as the replacement, so swearing on the paragon of sins was the same as wearing on Nimo...That's what I believe at least.'

'It makes sense.' Felix nodded in support, knowing that there weren't many options to consider.

When it came to swearing oaths, it was almost impossible to find loopholes.

Though, delivering such a complex idea to Nimo was a challenge on its own.

Felix had ended up spending more than fifteen minutes, trying to make him understand that he wanted him to free Aegnor from the oath's binds.

It was quite dangerous since Nimo keep mistaking him for wanting to free Aegnor from his control wholly!

Fortunately, Nimo wasn't a complete r.e.t.a.r.d and finally grasped what Felix desired.

"Are you done?"

Eee Eee!

Nimo nodded gleefully while his red eyes turned dimmer.

"Do you feel anything different?" Felix asked Aegnor.

"No?" Aegnor answered with a fearful look, not liking where things were going.

Alas, Felix wasn't concerned about his feelings one bit as he said coldly, "I guess there is only one way to find out...Start speaking now."

"Please...I would rather die than receive that eternal punishment." Aegnor begged.

"You really don't understand your position." Felix manifested a liquefied gray sphere and ten spherical potions in his hands before threatening, "I have the most potent truth inducement in one hand and four rank five truth serum in the other...You either speak while having your sanity or not."

Felix knew that those two options would get the truth out of Aegnor, but it wouldn't be as clear as him talking voluntary.

Knowing that the those two options would mess up with his brain immensely, Aegnor could only grit his teeth and bite the bullet.

"I am trying to get close to you to learn more about your weaknesses and strengths."

"Stop stalling and tell me why."

Aegnor closed his eyes tightly and continued on while his heart was beating out of his chest, "To deal with you properly when we launch the universal war."

The moment the last word came out of his lips, his entire body tensed up, expecting the banishment to happen.

However, moments went by and nothing occurred. He opened his right eye and peeked around him just to see Felix's stunned expression.

"I am fine?" Aegnor mumured, "Maybe it didn't work because I haven't said much? That can't be? I provided key information."

Before he could think too deeply about this, Felix came back to his senses and tightened his hand on Aegnor's collar, "What universal war are you talking about? Why the h.e.l.l is it related to me?!"

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Who could blame Felix for being this agitated? Nothing of such magnitude had ever occurred in his previous life. In fact, a universal war never occurred ever since the foundation of the Alliance!

"So, we can't take this to the primogenitors council and make a case against them?" Felix wondered.

"No, they will side with them even if they figured out that their true intentions were you." Lady Sphinx shook her head, "As long as we don't have valid proof, we can't accuse them of anything."

"As for their plan to start a universal war?" Thor continued on, "I am certain that at least 90% of primogenitors will either approve of it or not actively attempt to stop it."

"..." Felix could only take their words silently at the realization that primogenitors truly wanted only one thing in their desolate life.


As for caring about the deaths of their descendants? Nothing would move their frigid hearts but a ma.s.s extinction.

Felix took a deep breath to regain his cool and continued the interrogation. "How far have you prepared?"

"Not much, we have just started." Aegnor gave extra details to gain some points, "We are still in the process of recruiting the key figures in the war room to establish some sort of heirachy within the army."

"That's good to hear." Felix already expected his answer since Aegnor made his move only recently.

"Ask him about the key members." Candace said, "As long as we have their ident.i.ties and locations, we can easily deal with them."

Felix nodded in agreement and asked Aegnor.

Just like a shameless rat, Aegnor didn't hesitate to give up on his allies' names and positions within the war room!

When Felix heard that the most authoritative imitator in the universe was actually the current king of the Sage Race, he couldn't help but feel chills course on his spine.

'An imitator is actually one of the top ten rulers and controlled the entire scroll market.'

Just the thought alone made him reconsider the true terror of the imitators and how many were there with such high ranked positions?

In his mind, half of the top echolone of the alliance might be infested with them!

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