Thriller Paradise

三天两觉 - San Tian Liang Jiao

Chapter 420 - Golden Maggot No. 1

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Chapter 420: Golden Maggot No. 1

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

“Cousin, this does not look well,” Bugs casually commented as he leaned on the wall with one hand and munched on the carrot with the other. “The explosion earlier was probably caused by those Anomalies.” Not far away, Ravid was delivering a fatal blow to Hitmonlee. With a claw, the latter was shredded into a pulp.

“Other than those guys, I also smell the 9 Phantoms, the juries, time wardens, and the Leader of Demon himself,” Ravid said as he licked the blood from his paw. “This place is far more dangerous than we thought. It’s unwise for us to stay here longer.” Its eyes shook nervously. “If a strong Anomaly came after us to kill us to become stronger, then it’ll land us in a tough spot.”

“Hmm…” Bugs quickly finished eating the carrot. “Then let’s go.” He then drew a black hole on the wall. “After all, we’ve saved your friend and killed a jury. We’ve done enough for one day. The other juries…well, we have plenty of time to take them down.” Ravid nodded in agreement. Then it jumped into the hole with its cousin. Seconds later, the hole shrunk and disappeared.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the city…

Matcha Cookie pointed at the busy Musas.h.i.+ Koganei and turned to tell Feng Bujue, “So your summoned creature is a high-intelligence support-type…” As a professional player, Matcha Cookie had studied the battle between Brother Jue and Xu Huai Shang, and that was how she had learned about the skills and limitations of Brother Jue in battle.

“It is hard to tell how brilliant he actually is, but in terms of inventive power, Little Musas.h.i.+ is unrivalled,” Feng Bujue replied. ” Xiao Tan then said, “And that is directly corresponding to the thing’s level of craziness.” At that moment, the trio was inside the city’s fire station garage, waiting for Musas.h.i.+ to finish his ‘alteration.’

“Hmm…Looks like I should try to train my Summoning Mastery,” Matcha Cookie said. “If I can get someone like a ‘three-eyed one’…”

“Stop dreaming,” Feng Bujue said abruptly, crus.h.i.+ng her dreams. “After all, Musas.h.i.+ was a cartoon character. As unique as the things he created, they would have a corresponding weakness. This is unavoidable due to their creator’s nature. In terms of combat, his usefulness is zero. He is weaker than even a common bat or a boar.” He paused. “But the three-eyed one that you mentioned is basically a perfect summoned creature. He came from a non-comedic show with actual content. He has supernatural intelligence and exceptionally high offensive ability. ‘Invention’ is just one of his abilities. He also has perfect fighting skills, psychic powers, and abundant knowledge of the ancient world. Theoretically speaking, he has the power to destroy the world. Be it from the perspective of ‘power’ or ‘intelligence,’ that kind of creature would be categorized as S-type. It is not a skill that you can master just by practicing. In fact, even for players who specialize in Summoning, to obtain a summoned creature like Three-Eyed One requires an exorbitant amount of luck.”

Matcha Cookie stared at Brother Jue’s face for some time without saying anything, then she continued with a smile. “Ha…Now I understand why Autumn Zither told me to stay away from you.” She shook her head. “I just gave a random thought, but you already came up with so much. I just said one simple thing, but in two seconds, you came up with such a detailed a.n.a.lysis of the workability of my intentions.”

“That’s a habit of mine.” Feng Bujue shrugged as he pointed to his temple. “Normally, the more you a.n.a.lyze the progress and possible conclusions of an incident, the more prepared you become when you do face it. Your reflex and reaction time would be shortened should there be an accident.” He opened his arms. “Actually, everyone can achieve the state of ‘not flinching when Mountain Tai is crumbling’ as long as they realize beforehand that Mount Tai has a really good chance of actually crumbling.”

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Matcha Cookie was rather grated by Brother Jue’s lecturing tone, so she turned her face away to Xiao Tan. “I have to ask…Is he always like this? Does he always like to gloat before others?”

“Ha ha ha…Feast your eyes on it…” Musas.h.i.+ said as he opened his arms and regarded the firetruck underneath him, “This is Golden Maggot No. 1!”

In a way, the name was curiously appropriate, because the firetruck had been corrupted by the black energy in the city. The red surface was covered in an earthy yellow substance that felt like human skin. It was strangely supple and soft.

And now, with the alteration from Musas.h.i.+, the truck was fixed with many powerful machines provided by Matcha Cookie, and it turned into an actual monster.

“Oh! The name itself sounds powerful,” Feng Bujue said excitedly.

Xiao Tan and Matcha Cookie both looked disgusted. In unison, they said, “From the name alone, I don’t feel like getting close to it at all.”

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