Thriller Paradise

三天两觉 - San Tian Liang Jiao

Chapter 1516

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Chapter 1516: Finis.h.i.+ng speech

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As you can see, after four years and ten months of serialization, Thriller Paradise is finally completed.

Even though I was filled with emotions, I suddenly realized that I didn’t know where to start when it was time to say something.

However, it didn’t matter. When you didn’t know where to start, it was always good to start from the beginning.

In that case, let’s start from before the book was opened …

This is my third novel, and I’ve told you more than once about the situation of the first two novels when they were serialized. Since I’ve persisted to this day, then I’ve been ‘buried’ back then. But if you look at it from another perspective, what if I didn’t persist back then? It was just that.


In 2013, I didn’t think too much about it. At that time, I had just finished writing two books that didn’t bring me any fame or fortune. I thought that the third book should be “to relax myself”, and I should write something that didn’t require too much effort.

Then, he slapped his head and typed a chapter to post. It could be considered the start of a book.

I’m a straightforward person, and as I’ve mentioned before, the reason why I wrote novels in the gaming genre was because I thought that this genre would be easier to read.

He had originally thought … That he could just make up some settings for killing monsters, leveling up, and wearing equipment, a more conventional plot, and a lot of repet.i.tive descriptions about specific values. He could easily write 10000 words every day without much thinking.

In the end … When I wrote more than 200000 words and was about to put it on the shelf, I turned around and saw what I had done.

Now it seems that the setting of “script” is really digging my own grave. This setting forces me to write dozens of short stories in a book, and because of the long framework, it makes it more difficult to write these stories than to directly write dozens of unrelated short stories.

Four years ago, if I had insisted on writing this book as a large-scale kimchi-style online game, I would probably have been able to write more than two million words in about a year and write until there was no plot to write about … And then I could have finished the book. Next, he could switch to another two or three categories and use this routine two or three times, rising into the ranks of the most productive authors.

Of course, this doesn’t exist in our world, so I’m just saying.

You can think of this case of “writing whatever you want and being strangled by the work itself” as one of the risks that a serialized author without an outline might encounter.

But no matter what … As the saying goes,”a flower planted with a heart doesn’t bloom, an unintentional Willow grows,” hehehe.

With the intention of letting herself “relax,” she had been working so hard for several years.

Long works were really more tiring and difficult to write.

‘Thriller Paradise’ was selling well from a business point of view, so the additional work that came to me, the author, was endless.

“In addition, in these four years, I’ve also experienced a few major events in my life, such as getting married and having children, buying a house and renovating … Especially in 2017, I even encountered some contract disputes. The pressure was especially great, and there were a lot of things to do …

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At the end of the year, Thriller Paradise was finally completed, and everything in his life was almost settled or stabilized, so he could finally catch his breath.

This was how long serial works were like. At the end, there would always be things that the audience did not understand, and there would always be details that they wanted to know. The author would also have endless trivialities and supplementary things to add … After so many years, perhaps this kind of feeling similar to reminiscing about old friends could support a sequel like “Dragon Ball Super”?

I think it’s better not to … At least not on purpose.

Feng bujue’s story has ended. Just like I said in the chapter of life of the salmon, the life of the characters is the time they spend with the readers.

The things that happened before and after the beginning and the end of the story, as well as the things that were not explained in detail, were left to the audience’s imagination.

This imagination and memory were the continuation of the characters ‘lives.


Alright, I’ve stirred up enough emotions. The last part is a preview of the new book.

Three days and two sleeps’s new work will begin serialization on New Year’s Day 2018. I’ve already decided on the t.i.tle, but I can’t disclose it for the time being.

You can follow my Weibo account [three days and two sleeps] or my public WeChat account [three days and two sleeps](you can also find it by searching “santian beautiful liangjiao”).

In order to celebrate the completion of the book, there will be a book-giving event on WeChat this week. Please take note.

Well, that’s all I have to say. Let’s meet again in the next book, hehehe …

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