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Chapter 581: Sea King

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Chapter 581: Sea King

Hearing the starfish Pappag, Camie finally reacted. If it were ordinary humans and even pirates, that's okay, but they seem to be marines.

Because Fisher Tiger was killed because of the marine, many Fishmen hated the marines even more, but they didn't dare to offend them or attack them directly on the sea.

As for Naito and Ain, if these two went to the Fish-man Island alone, they could be easily targeted by the bad Fishman. In the eyes of those Murloc, death is nothing to the marines.

"Well, if you want to go to the Fish-man Island, you have to change your clothes," Camie said after looking at Ain.

Ain was wearing the marines' uniform, but Naito wore a loose white cloak that looked ordinary and had nothing to do with the marines.

Hearing Camie's words, Ain was a bit surprised, "Change clothes? Why?"


Camie hesitated, but Pappag suddenly jumped on her shoulder and said solemnly, "You only have two people. It's dangerous to go to Fishman Island like this. Changing your marines outfit will be the safest option."

Although Pappag's words weren't very direct, Ain was so smart, and she understood it instantly,

Would the Fishmen dare to attack the marines in the Fish-man Island?!

"No need to change clothes."

Naito looked at Pappag and said indifferently.

Pappag looked at Naito's appearance, then suddenly sighed and turned to look at Camie beside him, who also sighed helplessly.

"Alright, but you have to remember that when you get there, it's best not to go to the place where Fishman pirates stay. We, mermaids, are peaceful and never fight."

Fishman and mermaids are two different creatures. Fishman are basically humans with fins. They also have legs, while mermaids have a pure human upper body, with a fishtail on the lower part.

In comparison, the Fishman are kind of ugly, while mermaids are very cute.

After hearing Camie's words, Ain nodded. Although she sounded uncomfortable, Camie is obviously kind.

Naito stood there quietly.

Soon, Camie led the way ahead, while Ain and Naito dived deeper into the sea. The lower they went, the stronger the pressure was, but it was still nothing to Naito.

It was only 10,000-meters underwater. Even if it was a million times the distance, he could still create an isolated area.

"By the way, my name is Camie, and this is my friend Pappag."

While leading the ay for Naito and Ain, Camie introduced herself to Naito and Ain and at the same picked up Pappag in her arm.

No one knows when he did it, but Pappag suddenly put on a pair of and smiled gracefully.

However, he was just a starfish. Ain and Naito both glanced at it and ignored it. Pappag was. .h.i.t hard and felt like an invisible starfish.

Gradually, the color of the seawater began to darken.

Because they were going deeper, the sun could no longer s.h.i.+ne their way.

"It's already five kilometers deep. It's not easy for human beings to reach such a place without coating. I'm afraid you're the first."

Camie looked at the air-filled area about one foot around Naito and Ain in amazement.

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Things like water pressure are, of course, nothing to a mermaid, but humans like Naito and Ain… she was afraid that the pressure they will have to endure is extremely terrifying.

Camie looked worried. The current indicated that the sea king was very close, and it would be useless to extinguish the light now.

Are they going to be eaten again…

Although it has become a usual thing to be swallowed by a huge beast, the feeling isn't very good, and Camie doesn't want to experience it again.

Pappage, next to her, was so scared that his eyes were about to pop out.

Not far away from them, a colossal figure suddenly appeared in the pitch-black sea.

The seeking from before that could easily swallow a medium-sized wars.h.i.+p is nothing compared to this one!

This is no longer a large sea king, but the kind that can carry Arc Noah… a giant sea king!

Although it's not as big as the giant elephant that can carry Arc Zou on its back, it was one-third its size!

With such a huge size, even Ain was taken aback. If she were on the sea, she wouldn't be afraid of such a big sea king, but they were deep in the sea, and facing such a huge sea king is extremely dangerous in this place.

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