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Chapter 578: Appointment Of World Government

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Chapter 578: Appointment Of World Government

On the endless sparkling sea, a wars.h.i.+p was sailing.

In the uppermost compartment of the wars.h.i.+p, Naito was sitting on a recliner with his eyes closed, resting.

Almost several months had pa.s.sed since he came to this world. After defeating the Whitebeard, the wars.h.i.+p sailed unimpededly towards the Red Line and was about to arrive at any moment.

During this period, Naito has recovered nearly 6% of his strength; the recovery rate was getting faster and faster. It's estimated that even when it reaches 10%, the rate will greatly improve.

Of course, compared to this world, even a mere 6% of his strength is enough to shatter everything. Even those ancient weapons that are said to be able to destroy the world, I'm afraid that it's difficult to even scratch Naito's body. After all, Naito was standing on a higher realm than this world.

In addition, Naito's research on the law of time has also entered a new stage.

In addition to going back in time, Naito now can accelerate time, and with a single flick of his finger, it's a year.

He's not only accelerating time, but it also has no effect on Naito himself. Though It can't be used to help him recover his strength, after all, his power the Six Paths. It belongs to the law of chaos, and even if it's higher than the law of the time, it's still related to it. Nothing can exist without time.

Since he can accelerate time, then he can also decelerate it, and Naito is now idle and bored studying it.

Slow time down to the extreme; in fact, it means to freeze.

Naito is now a little interested in the ability to stop time; of course, the most important thing is to completely comprehend it. After all, if the ability to control the flow of time is mastered… then he can change the future and the past!

In the beginning, Naito rushed to learn these abilities, but he couldn't. He wasn't sure if it was because he still didn't completely comprehend the law of the time or whether it's even possible.

After all, Naito remembers that Yhwach had the ability to change the future in the World of s.h.i.+nigami, and this was just the world of pirates.

It's too difficult to find a certain world in the vast void, and Naito isn't ready to find the next one while his strength hasn't fully recovered yet.

Even if the strength is fully restored, Naito will return to the World first, and maybe one day, when he's really bored, he will go to discover the endless worlds.

Of course, compared to looking for a world, what Naito wanted to do more was to create a world.

When he was in the World before, Naito had absorbed part of Kaguya's abilities, and after combining it with his own power, he had indeed created his own s.p.a.ce.

But that s.p.a.ce is too small to be called a world. At most, it is slightly more refined and perfect than Kaguya's six s.p.a.ces.

Where ever you are, it's better if you have such a place to go back to.

Ordinary people naturally don't have this kind of thought, but he was in the realm of immortals and G.o.ds, and he thinks differently.

"Elements, s.p.a.ce, time… laws…"

With his eyes closed, images flashed in Naito's mind as if the world was falling apart and being reborn.

Suddenly, he opened his eyes, picked up a devil frit on the table next to him, and muttered, "The rules of this world are still very interesting, and there are many things to learn from it."

This devil fruit was previously obtained for research purposes, but now it has lost its value. Through it, Naito now has a deeper understanding of the power of the devil fruit.

Today's Naito can simulate any ability that devil fruit can offer.

With a flick of his fingers, the devil fruit began to tremble, then quickly turned into dust, and finally scattered and disappeared.

At this moment, there was a knock on the door.

"Come in."

"Sir Nito."

Ain, who walked in, greeted Naitor respectfully and then walked to his front.

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She was holding a doc.u.ment in her hand. After handing it to Naito, she showed a look of admiration and said, "Sir Naito, this is the appointment letter given to you by the world government…"

Ain watched Naito's reaction speechless, this, in her opinion, was almost a supreme honor, but Naito refused it just like that.

Walking behind Naito, Ain stretched out her hands, and rubbed Naito's shoulders, then said, "That, Sir Naito, you only need to go to the Holy Land Mary Geoise. It won't be troublesome. All that you need to do is accept the offer."

Ain knew that Naito didn't need such status, she saw how powerful he is, but still faced with such honor, she still couldn't let him waste such an opportunity.

Naito said lazily, "We need to go to the Holy Land Mary Geoise? That's troublesome enough."

Hearing this answer, Ain rolled her eyes.

The Marineford was just miles away, and the Holy is very close to it. It wasn't that far away.

Naito clearly doesn't care about taking the position.

However, after thinking about it, Ain couldn't help but admire him even more. Because he possesses such power, he doesn't care about status. Such a character and personality are really charming.

Coupled with Naito's demeanor and appearance, that she has never seen anything close to it. Ain couldn't help but nod. No one can match him already; why does he need such a status? She didn't care too, because as long as she's by his side, Ain was satisfied.

Just as Ain pondered, thinking about Naito while giving him a shoulder ma.s.sage, Naito closed his eyes and continued to study the law of time. And suddenly there was a sudden change in the sea outside!

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