The Strange Adventure of a Broke Mercenary


Chapter 42

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Chapter 42

Chapter 42: Appearance after Defending

Where did they all come from?

Loren couldn’t find out the answer to that question, but he could speculate .

They were probably in a facility underneath the city .

Someplace people wouldn’t go near .

Loren guessed that they were gathered in the sewers that ran underneath the city .

Zombies and revenants did have some resistance to the sunlight but having resistance didn’t mean that undead didn’t hate the sunlight .

More so if they were monsters like ghosts or wraiths, which couldn’t exist under the sunlight at all . So, it made sense that they were in a place where the sunlight would never reach .

Loren thought maybe that place was the sewers .

No matter how thoroughly he would explore the surrounding area, he wouldn’t think about searching the sewers or the drains .

To put it simply, it was dark and stinky down there .

But undead don’t care about things like that .

Unlike when they were alive, undead were indifferent about those kinds of stimuli .

“I’m getting a bad feeling about this . ”

The groaning and moaning that echoed throughout the city got louder as soon as the sun set, and now they could hear it coming from everywhere .

Loren and the others managed to set up a barricade made of rubble around the clinic and made bonfires to light their surroundings .

If their opponents were living humans, turning off all the lights and staying low would’ve been a good countermeasure, but that kind of strategy had no effect on the undead .

They were drawn to the presence and warmth of the living .

The light and heat coming from the bonfires might catch their attention .

But even if they put that into consideration, to Loren, securing vision was the highest priority .

Because around them was already under the rule of darkness, and darkness always sided with the dead .

“This got pretty messy, but are you ready?”

Klaus, with his long sword in hand, nodded silently to Loren, who had his great sword on top of his shoulder .

Loren thought he looked quite nervous, but it wasn’t surprising .

He had no idea how much undead were inside the city, but it was probably way past the hundreds or thousands, and they were right in the middle of them . It was impressive that he even had the will to fight in this situation .

“If we die, the injured inside the clinic will die as well . Keep that in mind . ”

“I know . You don’t have to remind me . ”

After he replied, a pale light wrapped around his arms and legs .

The light spread onto his armor and weapon as well, and eventually his whole body shone under the dark of the night .

“Convenient . I’m jealous . ”

“Not really . ”

Lapis b . u . t . ted in .

She applied the anti-evil ritual on the whole clinic and made it somewhat harder for undead to break inside .

Loren thought that she could’ve done that for all the adventurers who were a part of this quest . But when he asked her, the only thing she said was that it was too much work .

“Klaus’ ability is indeed effective, but to the undead he will look bright and s.h.i.+ning . Their focus would be on him . ”

The undead attack the living due to resentment and jealousy towards them, but another reason is that they are attracted to vigor and mana .

Lapis explained that the power of Klaus’ Gift was converted from his life energy, so it was very attractive to the undead .

“Bring it on . I’ll send all of them back to the underworld . I won’t let them lay a finger on my friends . ”

“Well, not all of them became like that because they wished to be, I guess . ”

As he said that, Loren took out one of the silver knives he had made earlier and suddenly raised it about his head and threw it .

The silver blade twirled in the air and lodged deeply into a zombie’s chest and it fell and stopped moving .

Now that Loren knew there was indeed undead lurking around, a thought suddenly occurred, so he asked Lapis .

“I’m pretty sure they’re coming up from the sewers, but they won’t pop up from one of the toilets inside the clinic, right?”

“It should be fine . I made sure to block off those doors very carefully . ”

It wasn’t the cleanest thing to say, but the undead had no consideration for cleanliness .

There was a possibility that they could come up from the toilet .

Lapis seemed to have already thought of that and made sure that nothing could enter nor exit the restrooms .

“Even if Broas and the other wake up, they can’t use the restroom, huh…”

“They’ll have to keep it in somehow…Since I nailed the doors shut so that it wouldn’t open . ”

If one of the people inside woke up and went to the restroom without knowing about their situation, there was a possibility that everything could’ve crumbled from the inside, so Lapis made sure to get rid of that possibility .

“Getting attacked from behind is never pleasant, after all . ”

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Loren muttered and threw another silver knife .

Seeing the amount of force and momentum, Klaus was about to say something, but there was no way he could cancel such a heavy blow .

Of course, there was no way Loren would make the mistake of hitting Klaus, and the strike met a part of the ring of undead surrounding Klaus, and a few zombies erupted into spurts of blood and were reduced into pieces of meat .

“Is it too selfish of me to ask you to think a little before you attack?”

Klaus said in a shaky voice, as he had turned his back to Loren’s strike at the spur of the moment .

Loren’s strike had indeed succeeded in killing many zombies at once, but of course the blood and flesh that flew about had splashed inside as well as outside the ring of zombies .

If that were to happen it would splash onto Klaus, who was in the center, so although he didn’t take everything to the face, he still got covered in blood and pink debris from head to toe .

“Oh, sorry…”

“Ugh…it’s smelly and sticky…”

Klaus complained but didn’t stop moving .

Since his sword was affected by his Gift ‘Boost’, the long sword didn’t break or bend even when used in a way that would ruin a normal sword, and its sharpness stayed the same as well .

The zombies trying to attack the clinic were all attracted to where Klaus was like moths to flames . The only thing Loren and Lapis had to do was take care of the undead that weren’t heading towards Klaus, which wasn’t hard at all .

“Looking at him fight again, he’s pretty competent . ”

“Well, those with Gifts can be really capable depending on how they are used . ”

“Stop admiring and help…p . i . s . s off!”

He tried to complain, but no matter how many of them he cut down, the horde kept coming, so he couldn’t talk even if he wanted to .

Of course, Loren wasn’t just standing there watching . He was moving the corpses out to the side so that it wouldn’t get in the way and killing wandering ones with his great sword .

“In the battlefield, there’s always a few that trip on the enemy’s corpses . It’s important to keep your feet clear, you know?”

“I see . That’s a good piece of information to know . ”

“You guys!”

As Loren moved the corpses to the side and talking about knowledge on the battlefield, Lapis was nodding and started taking notes .

Klaus couldn’t stand it, so he cut down the zombies around him with brute force and was about say something with the little time he bought .

It was at that moment .

Along with a large exploding sound, a corner of the clinic got blasted away from the inside .

As Klaus froze with surprise, the undead that were attacking him were dealt with Lapis’ ‘Turn Undead’ and Loren’s great sword, but Lapis’ eyes were already focused on the crumbled corner of the clinic rather than the undead .

“W-what was that!?”

With Klaus panicking behind them, Loren and Lapis’ eyes were on the silhouette, who was most likely responsible for the destruction, that came out carrying an unconscious Shayna .

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