The Strange Adventure of a Broke Mercenary


Chapter 108

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Chapter 108: 108

Ch . 108: Thinking after Warning

As Dia continued looking at her with a smile, after telling them what they needed to know, Sierra disappeared as suddenly as she had appeared .

Since the one who had given the test, and because it was troublesome if the interferers found out that information about them had been leaked and set up new plans, she believed she should keep contact to a minimum .

Loren thought Sierra could’ve a.s.sisted them, but it seemed that there was a line she wouldn’t cross, so the only thing she gave Dia was information .

“The information itself is helpful enough, no?”

Dia told Loren, who had a complaining look on his face, as she started walking again .

Dia was satisfied knowing the ident.i.ty of their enemy, but to Loren, it was another Elder, and the only thing they found out was that she had many p.a.w.ns and didn’t feel like the information helped at all .

“Dia you must like your master a lot . ”

As Loren went silent, since he couldn’t tell his client what he was thinking exactly, Lapis spoke out, and Dia said happily as a wide grin spread across her face .

“Of course . Master looked after me for a long time, and she’s very kind . ”

“She came to give us information on the interferer, after all . ”

Lapis smiled as well .

Dia’s smile widened even further, as if she was happy that good things were said about her master .

Although Loren was concerned about the lack of vigilance, but when he thought about it, although Dia was an Elder who had lived around five hundred years, she wasn’t of age and had learned many things from Sierra, so it could be considered that Sierra was her whole world .

In that case, it wasn’t surprising that Dia trusted Sierra so much, so Loren kept silent, thinking it would be insensitive to interrupt her, as she was telling Lapis more about Sierra with a smile .

‘Onii-san, are you wary of her?’

The one who said to him was Shayna .

The girl that almost became a no life king, who was within Loren’s astral body, was currently the being that was closest to him, and seemed to be able to sense his emotions .

“Doubt anyone other than yourself and your companions during a job, that’s the mercenary style . ”

It would be troublesome if Dia heard him .

So Loren muttered in a small voice that no one else could hear .

“Speaking of master, Loren . About the teacher who taught you swordsmans.h.i.+p . ”

Taking no notice of Loren’s thoughts, Dia said to Loren in a good mood .

Although confused at the sudden change in subject, Loren decided that even if he continued thinking about Sierra he wouldn’t conclude, so he went with it .

“What about my teacher?”

“Who in the world is he?”

When Dia asked her, the image of a single man popped up in the back of hisi mind .

The man who had picked him up before he could even remember anything and raised him as a mercenary .

Although it hadn’t been long since he last saw him, when he thought about him, it seemed like a long time had pa.s.sed, and Loren let out a troubled laugh .

Now that the group had disbanded, Loren didn’t know where he was or what he was doing, or if he was even alive, but he felt that the man who had raised him was still alive .

“I was a mercenary before an adventurer, and he was the leader of the group that I was a part of . I learned it from him . Although he said I don’t have the talent, so I only learned a bit . ”

It was also because of him that Loren had started using the great sword as his weapon of choice .

Because the leader had told him that since he didn’t have the talent for skill he should train his strength, Loren had devoted to training his body, and was able to use large weapons that normal people couldn’t use .

“He wasn’t that famous of a mercenary . He didn’t have a t.i.tle either . He was caring person, but as a mercenary he was normal . ”

It was Loren’s evaluation of him as an individual .

As a leader, he had brought the whole group together quite well, and his commands in battle were very clever and experienced, as there were a few times they had turned the tables on a losing battle because of them .

But in the end, with the fact that the group had been destroyed, it couldn’t be said that his command wasn’t something divine .

“Was he a human?”

The question that Dia had asked Loren after his evaluation was strange, so Loren looked at her with a blank expression .

If she was being silly, Loren would’ve noticed it from her expression, but Dia’s face was serious, so he knew in an instant that she wasn’t joking, so after recalling his memories of the leader, he concluded .

“I believe he was human . There wasn’t anything strange about him . ”

“I see . That’s strange . ”

At Loren’s response, Dia said with an unsatisfied expression .

As Loren waited for her to continue, not sure what she was so concerned about, Dia told him what it was .

“You remember when you were fighting that child at the training ground in Kauffa?”

“I’m not that old to forget something that recent . ”

It was in the middle of Loren’s rank up exam from copper to iron, and it wasn’t that long ago .

“That time, you were using a normal two-handed sword instead of a great sword . ”

Among the training weapons, there wasn’t a great sword like the one Loren usually used, so Loren had fought the one who Dia had called a child, Klaus, with a weapon he didn’t normally use .

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With an unfamiliar weapon, he couldn’t close in on him, and on top of that, Dia had interrupted them so the fight hadn’t gone to the end .

Her being interested in how he was doing it, not whether he was doing it or not, was unexpected, so he wasn’t sure how to respond .

“Usually a knight’s sword is devoted to his master, so it is pointed upwards . ”

As she walked, she reached out to a short tree and easily pulled it out with her childish arm, held it with both hands, and held it at her chest .

The tips of the branches were pointed up towards the sky, and Dia said that this was a normal knight’s resalute .

“But Loren’s resalute pointed his sword downwards . This isn’t normal . ”

“Maybe some nations do it differently . I’m not sure what nation Leader saw it in, though . ”

There were numerous nations in the world, and there was that many knights as well .

Loren thought that there would be knights that resaluted as he did, but Dia disagreed .

“There are different styles of sword techniques, but for resalutes, this stance is almost universal . No matter where the knight is from, it would be strange if he didn’t take this stance . Of course, this is what I learned from my master, but it’s the knowledge of a long living Elder . ”

“You said almost just now, right? So that means there’s nations that are different . ”

Loren thought there were exceptions to everything, but Dia threw away the tree and shook her head once more .

“There is indeed exceptions . I only know one exception…but that’s why I can’t help but be interested . After all, the exception is something no one in the current world knows about . ”

“Don’t tell me it’s some vampire knight . ”

Loren didn’t want the think that Leader was an undead, but when Loren asked Dia about the possibility, Dia shook her head again .

“There are no knights among vampires . There aren’t any nations in the first place either . ”


Loren’s question was silenced by Dia’s gaze .

As his words were caught in his throat, Dia said to him in a somewhat uncertain tone .

“I can’t talk about this so easily . There’s the possibility that your leader arranged it in a weird way . So I want more information on him . What’s his name?”

Loren recalled his leader’s name .

The name of the person who raised him and taught him all the knowledge and skill he possessed .

“Juli Muthschild . That’s his name . He used to brag that he had a family name even though he’s a mercenary . ”

“I see . Let me think for a bit . I’ll tell you when I find something out . ”

After saying so, Dia ended the conversation and started walking towards their destination again .

Following her, Loren started thinking about his leader’s ident.i.ty, even though he knew he wouldn’t find out anything .

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