The S-Classes That I Raised

근서 - Geunseo

Chapter 147

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139 Part 2

I saw a large truck split in two through the cut car door. Yoohyun Han grabbed me with one arm and obliterated the swinging car door and jumped outside. I saw how chaotic the road had become when we landed on the collapsed truck that had been diagonally cut in two.

“Things become insane so quickly.”

I was still flabbergasted, but I was sure that the truck had tried to crush the small car. It had even targeted the pa.s.senger seat, and I had to sigh over the fact this happened the moment I came out with a B cla.s.s hunter. The real Minyui Kim was a supporter who would not have been able to protect me properly. Since I had not been using the grace, I would have at least been seriously hurt, and maybe die on the spot if things had turned out badly.

“I know that it was an opportunity hard to ignore, but these guys act fast.”

They must have been lying in wait, and my heart began to beat faster due to my lowered fear resistance. I called Haeyeon instead of Yoohyun, who was searching the truck driver. I asked them to process the accident and a new car and turned my gaze back to the road.

“The driver’s dead.”

“He is? Yoohyun, I mean, Mr. Minyui Kim, please help the people still trapped in their cars.”

Many cars were swept into this accident because of the size of the truck. Yoohyun looked like he did not want to do it, but he ran down when I told him I would turn on the grace. He suddenly came back with an umbrella.

“Stay still, so you’re in clear sight.”

He opened the umbrella and made me hold it before going to an overturned car. I did not care if I got wet; it was summer.

The road situation was soon remedied after Yoohyun began to work. He easily ripped the dented car doors and rescued others. I thought it might be dangerous to move the injured, but Yoohyun used mid-cla.s.s potions whenever necessary. He pushed the cars blocking the road and made way for the ambulances to come in.

119 and the police came soon, and there was low cla.s.s awakened mixed in the ambulance workers. While there were no high-cla.s.s awakened, there were more than ten mid-cla.s.s awakened who worked as firefighters around the country. Most of them had awakened in accident sites and chose to work as firefighters instead of hunters.

“Thank you, hunter. I appreciate your efforts.”

Yoohyun exchanged words with the ambulance workers and returned to my side. His question rang quietly in my ear as we shared the umbrella.

“Who might it be? The a.s.sociation?”

“The auction house might be involved since they would have some grudges against us.”

“They both had it coming. However, wouldn’t the auction house still find some value in keeping us alive?”

“They wiped the entire hotel. Someone wants revenge.”

Yoohyun made me promise that at least an A cla.s.s, and preferably an S cla.s.s hunter would accompany me.

Later on, people from the Haeyeon Guild and the hunter accident department arrived. I did not see Taewon Song around because it was a simple car accident. Haeyeon decided to collect the driver’s corpse first after negotiations. I had not seen Hunter Sunghan Kim for a while, and he now approached us.

“h.e.l.lo, Mr. Sunghan.”

“Are you hurt?”

Sunghan Kim did not say anything after I answered I was not hurt in any way and just took out the driver’s corpse. While he was friendly and showed his worry, his att.i.tude towards me was more indifferent than before.

‘He had not sent me any medicine or other gifts recently.’

I looked up my status page and saw Sunghan Kim’s name was still recorded there. However, there was a definite change in his att.i.tude towards me.

“Mr. Sunghan Kim.”

I called him as I got off the truck with Yoohyun’s help.


“Do you remember saying that I reminded you of your grandfather before?”

“Ah…yes I did.”

Sunghan Kim looked a bit embarra.s.sed as he nodded.

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“I apologize for surprising you with ungrounded words.”

“Please step this way.”

Soyoung Kang glanced at Yoohyun with distrust and led us in. We were inspected and given inventory seal bracelets to wear, but the inside of the building was heavily guarded. Soyoung Kang stopped walking.

“I’m sorry to say that a Haeyeon hunter cannot go on further.”

Yoohyun immediately frowned when he heard her words, but Soyoung Kang did not step back. She told him again that outside parties cannot enter with a rare determination and coldness in her expression.

“Mr. Minyui Kim, please wait here.”

“But I cannot leave him alone.”

“I’m not alone. Ms. Soyoung Kang is here, and maybe others.”

Something like a little lizard. I stepped closer to Yoohyun as if to calm him and lightly held his hand. Irin came over to my hand in the s.p.a.ce we kept hidden from Soyoung Kang’s sight. Irin went to my shoulder and began to rest as a tattoo.

“Please wait in comfort.”

“Yes, take care. If there is any danger, let’s go with eleven.”

Yoohyun must be talking about the contract leftover from the Hong Kong kidnapping. What was eleven? I should check the memo later.

I affectionately tapped Yoohyun’s shoulder and followed Soyoung Kang to step inside.

“Our Guild Leader seemed to be in a bad mood this morning.”

Soyoung Kang opened her mouth when only the two of us were left.

“He may have had a nightmare or have other thoughts in his mind. He said to let you in if you wanted to come, but his voice was off.”

Soyoung Kang took out a compact portal key, telling me to be careful today. What was going on? Did Hyunjae Sung have a nightmare like me?

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