The S-Classes That I Raised

근서 - Geunseo

Chapter 146

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Chapter 139 A Shard Within (1)

“With only a B cla.s.s hunter as your bodyguard, there might be a third attempt to kidnap you today.”

Yoohyun laughed while he respectfully held an umbrella over my head. He would look like Hunter Minyui Kim to other people.

“If there are people who try to take such a foolish chance, I’ll burn their roots as a welcome. So please don’t worry.”

“You’re a dependable person like my brother.”

I walked along while trying to stifle my laughter. Other hunters worried over me and continued to ask if I was all right with only a B cla.s.s hunter as I went to the parking lot.

“Hunter Minyui Kim is more than enough.”

The hunters looked at Yoohyun with surprised eyes. While Minyui Kim had a useful skill, he was only a B cla.s.s supporter who had officially met me for the first time. It would be strange for me to trust him.

However, I did not want to be indifferent to him and thought it would be useful to raise Minyui’s value. After all, I was the person to be connected with nowadays.

Minyui Kim’s car was a small and yellow foreign compact model, and his novice driver sign had a character on it.

“Even his air freshener is cute.”

There was a famous children’s character mini-doll hanging on one side. I wondered whether kids nowadays liked this sort of thing, and remembering Yoohyun’s bleak car saddened me a little.

“Do you have a hobby?”

“A hobby? No.”

Yoohyun replied while turning on the engine.

“You really don’t have anything you want to do and the like?”

“I didn’t have time to think of such things.”

Yoohyun’s quiet reply made me think my question was an unnecessary one. However, my brother might have the time to find a hobby if his surroundings allowed it in the future. He should not become Hyunjae Sung or Riette. There were not any S from birth that would serve as a suitable example, and I might have to count on the other two.

‘I have to search for them anyway. Please let them be the right people.’

My life was already going crazy, and I needed a break now. Riette would appear soon, and I might have to meet her with my lowered fear resistance. The thought made my head spin.

I first replaced my broken cell phone. While the television and the Internet moved on to new issues, people inside and outside of the communication service branch store [still] recognized who I was. A grandmother held my hand and told me I had gone through much trouble.

I had my USIM chip replaced in embarra.s.sment and called our dear Sesung Guild Leader after getting back to the car. However, he did not answer for once. Was he busy? I called him again to no avail, so I changed tactics and tried to get Soyoung Kang on the phone.

[h.e.l.lo, Mr. Yoojin Han!]

“h.e.l.lo, Ms. Soyoung. Do you know where Sesung Guild Leader is? He’s not answering the phone.”

[Guild Leader is um, officially conquering a dungeon right now.]

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“I met him last night.”

“Do you know what he did?”

I had no personal interest regarding Hyunjae Sung, but I was curious. Did he really have foreign blood in him? He would have stood out before awakening as a hunter if he had lived in Korea. Since I did not have any information, there was a high possibility of him having been abroad.

“I don’t know, and I have no reason to know.”

“I can’t say to be on friendly terms with him as he is also an S cla.s.s hunter, but he is a good business a.s.sociate.”

He was special, and Yoohyun could learn how to be a better guild leader.

“Don’t become friends. You might pick up something bad.”

“I’m not friends with him.”

“Yeah, Ms. Hyuna Moon would be the best bet to be friends within the guild leaders. Noah and Ms. Soyoung would make good friends. It’s best to be friends with someone your age, and you should ignore old men.”

I felt better when I thought of them in the same place, including Yerim. It was a fresh and comforting sight.

“When we finish up this-“

It was then Yoohyun reached out to me with his hand. A longsword burst out and ripped my seatbelt. The blade spun over my head to penetrate the car door and became embedded on the road.

Then I heard a loud screeching noise of tires. .h.i.tting the ground, and something crashed into the yellow compact car. At the same time, Yoohyun’s sword absorbed the impact of the crash and struck out at the car that had hit us.

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