The Sacred Ruins

Chen Dong - 辰东

Chapter 823 - The Honorable Deity of The Yang Realm

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Chapter 817: Born From The Land Of Time Immemorial

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Chu Feng was really anxious and impatient because the flaw of time in Vicious Beast Plateau was different from the outer realm. It was abnormally terrifying!

"I hope Dameng Pure Land made a mistake in their calculations!" He prayed. If not, there would be big trouble.

A night in Dameng Pure Land was equivalent to a hundred years in the Vicious Beast Plateau. What concept was this?

Could it be that seven or eight hundred years had pa.s.sed in Vicious Beast Plateau when he stayed in the outer realm for around seven or eight days?

Chu Feng's face was somewhat green.

The most crucial point was that based on this deduction of the flow of time, it didn't matter whether Ying Zhexian, Qin Luoyin and the rest were alive or dead because they definitely wouldn't be on Vicious Beast Plateau anymore.

The test would have definitely ended if seven or eight days had pa.s.sed. If Dameng Pure Land discovered that his physical body couldn't move, would they think that he was dead?

So be it if they buried him. But if they cremated him… Chu Feng was scared when he thought about these. If he didn't come back to life, his physical body was equivalent to a corpse and there was a possibility that various things could happen.

"Calm down. I can't be impetuous. Eight hundred years pa.s.sed on Vicious Beast Plateau which means that eight days had pa.s.sed in Dameng Pure Land. What's happened has already happened."

Chu Feng calmed himself down to prevent his him from being so disordered that he acted outside the norms.

He was only preoccupied with comprehending the "Little Six Rays of Time Technique". He still hadn't searched this place carefully and gathered what he could. He wanted to bring some "local specialities" back since he was about to set off and was no longer in a hurry anymore.

But other than corpses belonging to G.o.ds, there were only corpses belong to G.o.ds. Moreover, they still had strange gray matter in them. Could it be that he was going to bring some corpses that had been contaminated back? That would be outrageous.

Something would always be left behind amongst the hundreds of corpses belonging to G.o.ds, right? It wasn't likely that the articles they had on them were completely destroyed.

Chu Feng patiently searched through broken armour, a metal sword that had broken into eighteen chunks, a large rotten bow… There really were a lot of things that were once divine tools, but the stone millstone had crushed them so they were more or less destroyed and had lost their spiritual nature a long time ago.

That was especially the case with some objects; dense gray matter tightly gathered together around them and there was practically no way of bringing them with him.

Chu Feng really didn't dare to use his soul light to move the corpses. That gray matter was too harmful to the point where even G.o.ds suffered a calamity from them. It definitely wasn't something he could resist at his level of evolution.

He used rocks and soil to flip the corpses over.

"Is what I'm doing considered an avant-garde manner of gathering corpses?"

Unfortunately, even weapons that deities crafted were ruined beyond recognition after the stone millstone crushed them. It would be pretty good if he could even bring a part of a ruined tool back over with him.

Shhh, shhh…

The stones were melting. The ineffable liquid overflowing from some corpses belonging to G.o.ds was very corrosive.

With the help of various rocks as his tool, Chu Feng flipped and searched more than three hundred corpses, but he didn't find any reward. The ruined and cracked weapons were wrapped up in gray matter and were terribly corroded.


Finally, he saw a strange item after flipping over more than four hundred corpses; it was an item shaped like a ball of mist. Upon closer inspection, it was actually made out of metal but had wisps of mist coiled around it.

Moreover, when he peeled it out from the corpse of a G.o.d, it actually separated from the gray matter and wasn't completely entangled in it.

This was a green leather calabash that was only as big as a thumb and was extremely pocket-sized. It was entirely green and lush and had dense Time Immemorial Essence qi.

The air of death lingered around this place and there was dense strange matter here. Yet a calabash actually was thriving and full of life. This really was strange.

Chu feng lightly pushed it to a safe spot before he carefully a.s.sessed it. He couldn't stop his pupils from contracting as two golden runes appeared in his eyes; he used the Fiery Eyes and stared at it with divine light s.h.i.+ning out of his eyes.

"An object from time immemorial is growing in the Primal Chaos?!"

Chu Feng was taken aback as he felt that this item greatly resembled the divine item mentioned in ancient books that grew from the Time Immemorial Spirit Root.

This kind of item was somewhat born from time immemorial land.

The green leather calabash was very small. It seemed as though it hadn't matured yet, but wisps and traces of Primal Chaos qi was lingering around it. At the same time, rich time immemorial vitality was rippling out from it.

The more he looked at it, the more it resembled a Time Immemorial Calabash as it corresponded with all the distinctive features of the actual item from every aspect.

One could encounter this kind of item, but it was not to be sought. It was born in the Primal Chaos, but that place normally had concentrated thunder runes and a sea formed of immortal light. Even G.o.ds would be killed if they entered such a place.

Naturally, it didn't mean that one could definitely find such an item once they entered the Primal Chaos, much less pluck one.

In reality, there wasn't much life in the Primal Chaos. It was a place with vast nothingness and were it not for a great opportunity, one might not be able to find a Spirit Root even if they searched for billions and billions of years.

"Is it really a Time Immemorial Calabash?" Chu Feng was excited.

When they were in the Yin Realm universe, he had always been reading various books and discussions about treasures across various topics. This kind of time immemorial object had been mentioned before and it was very difficult to find one.

But he also noticed that there were minute cracks on this green leather calabash that resembled spider webs. This made him feel fairly regretful because he presumed the stone millstone had crushed it for these cracks to appear.

Chu Feng sighed. That stone millstone was too terrifying.

"Hmm, that's not right either. It's been struck by lightning before!" Chu Feng discovered that those cracks clearly had traces of being slightly burnt, only that it wasn't too obvious so it was easily overlooked.

He a.s.sessed it once through and used the Fiery Eyes to carefully look over the calabash before he finally a.n.a.lysed it. This calabash suffered damage entirely because it had just grown into a fruit and wasn't fully grown yet.

That was because it was too small; it was only as big as a thumb. It was still entirely verdant too. Normally, it wouldn't be glistening yellow after it matured, but rather it would have a golden purple l.u.s.ter. There were written accounts of this in ancient books.

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In those days, a supreme powerhouse from the Yin Realm universe was fortunate enough to see it before but he didn't dare pluck it. He watched with his eyes wide as the crack in the Primal Chaos closed shut and the Time Immemorial Spirit Root disappeared.

Finally, hundreds of corpses belonging to G.o.ds weren't emitting much gray mist anymore. He used the cork attached to the green leather calabash to seal this time immemorial secret treasure.

"It's time to go home!"

Chu Feng dashed along the original path he came from as fast as lightning; 2,500 kilometres was nothing to him. When he didn't know how to fly in those days, he relied on his legs to cross such a distance and eight hours of mad running would be sufficient for him to do so, let alone now.

But when he saw that door of light, Chu Feng was a little hesitant. He reckoned there shouldn't be any problem with returning, but nothing would happen to this green leather calabash, right? After all, it had a few cracks on it.

In the event this thing exploded, he would definitely die.

"Let's try it out first and see how it goes."

Whoos.h.!.+ Chu Feng pa.s.sed through the door of light and very soon, he saw the stone millstone. He immediately threw the green leather calabash into it first.

"Huh? It didn't break into pieces!"

Chu Feng didn't dare dally as he charged in after that. His whole body shone from the veined patterned light of the talisman paper. He found the green leather calabash and used the light of the talisman paper to protect it.


Chu Feng felt immense pain in his mind. In the end, he still experience the acute pain resembling five horses tearing his body limb from limb. His soul light was being ripped apart and it was just the same as when he had arrived; he was crumbling apart.

Thankfully, he had the protection of the light of the talisman paper so he couldn't die. It had to be said that the background of this mysterious talisman paper was too shocking for it to be extracted out of the forbidden land. The light that initially spilled over from the talisman paper alone could protect his soul light from being obliterated and was capable of regrouping it back together.

In some sense, the Little Daoist's black talisman paper that had been brought out from the first restricted area was even more impressive than G.o.ds. At the very least, many G.o.ds had died here.

"Shoot!" Chu Feng's face turned green. There were a few more cracks on this green leather calabash and it was even more intense than before as the stone millstone crushed it; it couldn't bear the weight of it a little.

"You better not explode by all means!" Chu Feng was scared and was prepared to throw it out at any time. If this thing exploded by his side, he would die without a burial site.

Once that gray matter plagued him, there would be no way to erase it and even G.o.ds found it unbearable.

Chu Feng got through a daunting experience without mishap along the way. He broke away from the stone millstone and charged out from this place. It was unknown how many times his soul light had been ripped apart, but it finally regrouped back together.

One felt fearful and apprehensive as they looked at the cracks that densely covered the green leather calabash. On the whole, it wasn't completely damaged.

"Could eight hundred years really have pa.s.sed?" Chu Feng's mind trembled. As expected, there was no one outside. Ying Zhexian, Ouyang Feng, Qin Luoyin and the silver haired little lolita were no longer there.

There was no need to think it through meticulously. Too much time had pa.s.sed so they couldn't wait for him any longer.

Chu Feng opened his Fiery Eyes and looked around in the vicinity again and again. All of a sudden, his eyes focused on some area which was precisely the place where they initially stopped over at.

He flew over in a split second and descended onto the ground. He saw that there were some words engraved over there; it was a message those people had left behind for him.

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