The Sacred Ruins

Chen Dong - 辰东

Chapter 822 - Vermillion Bird Abyss

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Chapter 816: This Emotion Can Be Expressed As Remembrance

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There was a very short line of words serving as a preface before the conclusion.

"You finally came. You'll finally be able to see it. You'll be the one to break karma and walk the path ahead of you!"

A pa.s.sage like that held Chu Feng back. What was the meaning of this? This was a group of G.o.ds. Could it be that they could see the future and had predicted that he would appear here?

Chu Feng was lost in thought, but he soon came to himself. This was most likely a general saying and wasn't directed to him alone, but rather it was a narration to all the future deities who were searching for a way out.

He felt that he had been scared out of his skin. Even if he was a G.o.d, so what? How would it be possible for them to foresee that he would appear here?

After that, he saw the main text. This was the outcome derived from the final deduction out of the written scripts inscribed throughout the whole s.p.a.cious and empty land that spanned as far as the eye could see and as vast as a sky full of stars.

"Break the cage of karma and cast off the fate set in place. My life after death…"

Just a single sentence like that made Chu Feng feel as though a heroic aura had hit him in the face. He could visualise a few things; some people paid the price in the process of conducting a grand deduction just so that they could find a path.

Perhaps, they were experimenting with their own lives; perhaps, they were involving others.

The later part of the scripture mentioned that constant experimentation needed to be conducted in the process of derivation. They were consuming their original imprint which was something that was branded in their soul light. There was no way for them to be reincarnated after it was obliterated.

Naturally, they also didn't know if there truly was genuine reincarnation. If there was, they were destined not to have such an opportunity because their original imprint in their soul light would be completely exterminated and it would be impossible for them to be reincarnated anymore.

Chu Feng's heartstrings trembled slightly. These few G.o.ds threw caution to the wind, so their destined endings were very tragic.

But he only knew of Purgatory, Radiant City of Death and Reincarnation Road. This might be a man-made arrangement. Chu feng wasn't clear as to whether there was a great natural reincarnation that transcended worldliness.

"Little Six Rays of Time Technique!"

Chu Feng looked down and clearly understood the deduction these people had obtained; it was actually a mental technique.

"The former generation had the Six Rays of Time Technique that can solve the problem they faced in their later years. Sigh. During that time, the powerhouse from the Yang Realm besieged the founder which resulted in this technique being lost. My generation's mental technique is shattered, so there is no way to smelt the Divinity Granules thoroughly as well as the terrifying Ancestral Daoist matter. Only then are there such strange changes and such mournful scenes in one's later years."

Chu Feng's heart was alarmed and his body leaped as he read the commentary. Upon reading it attentively did he discover that the Vicious Beast Plateau had a special technique in their initial ages called the Six Rays of Time Technique. It was complete and whole, therefore there were no concealed dangers to the individual in cultivating this technique.

But this technique was lost later on which caused the cultivators of this world to face a tragedy in that strange matters would tangle with their divine ghosts in their later years which eventually led to a miserable state in their declining years.

These people were inferencing with the intention to reconstruct the Six Rays of Time Technique. This made people's imagination run wild just hearing about it, but in reality, it was only a kind of special technique too. Nevertheless, it was the ultimate technique and based on what the ancient G.o.ds said, there was no side effects from using it.

Chu Feng sucked in a cold breath of air. Just how formidable did the people who cultivated this kind of special technique have to be to do so? Their strengths would advance by leaps and bounds and they didn't have to worry that they'd decay and face such a mournful end in their later years.

One could imagine how it was impossible to be weak in this world even if they wanted to. One could definitely emerge in power with intensity!

"In the end, powerhouses from the Yang Realm killed them…" Chu Feng felt a somewhat chilly air in his heart.

He had sufficiently faced up to how terrifying the Yang Realm was already, but now it seemed as though he had still been underestimating it. The Yang Realm's hidden secrets ran even deeper than he had imagined; it was excessively frightening since they even managed to expunge the individuals of this world at the rank of a founder who had mastered the Six Rays of Time Technique.

He continued reading and there were explanatory commentaries in the main text as well.

Later on, the deities from this world joined hands and a.s.saulted the Yang Realm once more during some incomparably glorious time to retrieve the founder's skeletal remains and obtain the Six Rays of Time Technique.

Unfortunately, they failed and those who went never returned as everyone died in battle.

In reality, this was precisely the battle Young Lady Xi had mentioned. The Land of The Fallen invaded the Yang Realm on a large scale and had overturned one corner of the land in the past. They ma.s.sacred every sect and in the end, some expert withdrew from seclusion as he led his disciples and friends in an immediate ma.s.sacre, leaving none behind.

Chu feng didn't know Young Lady Xi had mentioned these, but from the written records before his eyes, he could imagine the determination and lamentable end that group of people faced in those days.

"I reckon some people in the Yang Realm were afraid of the Six Rays of Time Technique so they wiped it out as soon as possible." Chu Feng guessed that this was the reason why the founder ranked individuals of this world were besieged and hunted.

This field of deities conducted a derivation with the intention to reconstruct the Six Rays of Time Technique!

In reality, the principle behind it wasn't very complex. One needed to effectively construct six kinds of the most perfect special techniques together and combine them to reconstruct the Six Rays of Time Technique.

These people discovered the special techniques of the Sun G.o.d and the others over here and felt that they were already considered to be the peak. As such, they attempted to develop it in hopes that the perfect ancestral technique would reappear once more.

The process of arranging the special techniques in order was rather terrifying because soul light was needed for the special techniques to be used, especially when six kinds were combined together. If there was an error, the outcome would be extremely dreadful.

Once there was the slightest slip-up, the deities would consume the original imprint in their soul light and would finally die tragically to the point where they couldn't be reincarnated.

As such, the price of such a deduction was too great. These G.o.ds were using their lives to fill in the price to pay every time they experimented, so they were already destined to face a tragic end.

Chu Feng saw six incomplete corpses here, but in reality, based on the commentaries here, there should be twenty one G.o.ds partic.i.p.ating in the experiment. However, some people completely dispersed in the end and not a single matter was left behind.

Chu Feng sucked in a cold breath of air. In order to form a deduction and for the purpose of experimenting, the price these deities paid really was great.

But they could only obtain a rough conclusion in the end and there were still gaps and flaws within it too. They were waiting for the later generations to refine and perfect the technique they called the Little Six Rays of Time Technique.

Chu Feng simply didn't dare to use it after looking it over for a long time.

Even though this was a grand derivation project, the conclusion that they arrived it still had flaws. Chu Feng felt that he still had a great time ahead of him that he could still pa.s.s since he hadn't reached the later stages of his life so he had no duty to die for a just cause here.

But he rather looked forward to it after reading the description of the Little Six Rays of Time Technique. Even if it was flawed, it was very shocking too as one could rapidly seize Divinity Granules and smelt Ancestral Daoist matter with an even higher efficiency!

At the same time, one could directly extract such matter from their opponent in the process of confronting them and become even stronger the more they engaged in combat. If they really were to unleash this technique as an ultimate power move, their enemy would wither and turn into flying dust. On the other hand, the user would evolve in a split second and their strength would increase.

Chu Feng felt that this was considerably perverse because this kind of cultivation method was too strange and it could even be said that it made one feel terrified. It wasn't without reason that the earliest batch of people from this world had been eliminated.

This kind of method was defied the natural order far too much. He reckoned the heavens couldn't stand by idly and watch either for it harmed the harmony of the world.

Chu Feng didn't dare use it. In the end, he only made a note of it in silence so that he could research it in the future if he had the chance to do so.

"After these people came to this brand new world, they can't really be searching for a few pieces of land to be suitable graveyards only, right?"

Chu Feng didn't stop, but rather he set off again in search of the next road to take a look whether there were any traces and valuable items that the other G.o.ds had left behind.

He pressed forward and walked in the direction of these corpses belonging to G.o.ds. He successively saw a few glowing bloodstains too which belonged to G.o.ds who had died midway.

In the end, he approached the end after travelling over more than 2,500 kilometers!

This brand new world could only be considered to be a narrow s.p.a.ce. He was already close to the Primal Chaos region after he had crossed over more than a mere 2,500 kilometers from when he left the stone millstone's door of light.


He saw lightning flas.h.i.+ng and thunder rolling in the distance as well as the vigorous symbols of primal chaotic astral winds on which immortals may ride on. That was a world of law; it was extremely terrifying and that kind of divine might made Chu Feng feel terrified.

He felt that this kind of might was sufficient to punish a deity and put them to death!

This wasn't Primal Chaos qi, but rather it was a genuine thick primal chaotic zone that was accompanied by the most primitive law and order. That lightning and storm were the embodiment of the world's law and were radiating with runes!

"It seems as though this narrow s.p.a.ce is only a crack between two great worlds. I've come to where the true wall between worlds are."

There were written accounts in ancient books dictating that the wall between worlds in the great universe was abnormally terrifying. Thunderstorms fell like a waterfall, whereas immortal light resembled the sea. Heaven-illuminators would be perished at every turn.

One would certainly die without a doubt if they wanted to forcibly charge in without the correct pa.s.sage!

After that, Chu Feng saw a large field of blood here. They were silver, gold, blue… and every other colour one could think of; they were all the blood of G.o.ds.

There were even more fallen deities here. Chu Feng roughly glanced over this place and was shocked. At the very least, he saw hundreds of corpses lying in disarray across this region.

He was speechless. Even G.o.ds could die in such a large group and such a wide expanse?

But he felt relieved after carefully thinking it through. A deity was born in every generation since such a long time ago. The number must be enormous after such an acc.u.mulation over a long period of time.

In addition to that, this definitely wasn't all of them. At the very least, many G.o.ds had crossed over to the Primal Chaos and stormed in, so their corpses weren't left on the outside.

When they were rummaging through that Primal Chaos and in the interval when that lightning law appeared, Chu Feng could even see the bone fragments of the deities and shattered palms appearing within the thick Primal Chaos. That was them being wrung into pieces!

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When the evolution civilisation of a world had reached its end and no longer had any opportunity for advancement, these pathfinders really faced a truly lamentable end.

He could see hundreds of corpses belonging to G.o.ds just by looking. It could be a.s.sumed that there were would be even more people partic.i.p.ating in this!

Chu feng studied this attentively and only managed to finish reading it all over several days and nights. The conclusion the G.o.ds here had arrived at was relatively better developed. At the very least, he could utilise it.

This wouldn't cause any harm to himself!

They didn't reconstruct the Six Rays of Time Technique.

However, the Little Six Rays of Time Technique that all the G.o.ds managed to derive was already very impressive and relatively speaking, it was more mature.

At this moment, Chu Feng was excited and joyous. He immediately started to attempt the technique; he split his soul light into six pieces and sustained one kind of special technique on every piece.

The six kinds of special techniques occupied a ray of soul light respectively. After that, he activated them and in a split second, the six rays of soul light flipped over and emitted a frightening overbearing pressure as though there were sutras being chanted and prayer wheels were being spun.

Unfortunately, there wasn't a suitable experimental target he could use this on and so, he had no way of seizing Divinity Granules and Ancestral Daoist matters.

Chu Feng didn't dare use this technique on those corpses belonging to G.o.ds. The grey matter within them was too terrifying and there wasn't enough time for him to take shelter from it.

Based on the inference of all the G.o.ds, the Little Six Rays of Time Technique could seize eighty percent of Divinity Granules from their prey and the Ancestral Daoist matter it could absorbed had increased by a huge chunk as well.

In reality, what made the G.o.d tiered special technique the most powerful technique was that it could absorb Ancestral Daoist matter. This was the most fundamental difference between the mid, high and super tiered special technique.

Unfortunately, even the Little Six Rays of Time Technique all the G.o.ds derived still couldn't quantify the Ancestral Daoist matter and it was unclear how many Ancestral Daoist matter this technique could absorb at a time.

That thing was something that G.o.ds couldn't see nor touch; they could only sense its existence.

Based on the written records, the Ancestral Daoist matter could only be quantified when the true Six Rays of Time Technique absorbed it.

Clank, clank, clank!

Chu Feng circulated the Little Six Rays of Time Technique once more and actually expropriated many Yang qi into his soul light. It made him feel comfortably warm as it nourished his spirit body.

Six soul lights turned like six kinds of sword light combined together, yet it also resembled a rotating prayer wheel. It was very mysterious as very terrifying spiritual energy waves filled the air.

"I can't call this the Little Six Rays of Time Technique. If I do, those people on Vicious Beast Plateau will immediately know what this is all about once I shout it out. Also, in the event that the experts from the Yang Realm got to know of them, they'll definitely exterminate me once we meet."

Chu Feng decided to change its name.

He walked about over here and discovered the last words of the G.o.ds before they died. Some were exclaiming about how cruel the world was and that their evolution road had already been cut off.

On the other hand, some people swore that if there was a next life, they would definitely have to plan their cultivation path one more to break karma and storm into the Yang Realm so that they could demand a reasonable explanation for all this.

There were also many G.o.ds that were feeling sentimental about the past like mortals. They regretted missing a few important people in their lives; some were lovers that faced an early demise, some were childhood sweethearts who couldn't walk together with them in the journey of life, while others were friends that they got to know through hards.h.i.+p. Unfortunately, those people had died before them after they become G.o.ds.

At the same time, Chu Feng noticed that these deities believed in karma the further on they got into their later years and they held suspicion towards the so-called evolution.

"Such happy laughters they had in the early stages of their lives, yet so much sorrow and tears did they shed later on."

"An unconstrained youth; a great misery in their later years; a lonely soul looking up at the sky. Acts of tragedy are playing in my mind one after the other."

Chu Feng was stunned. How was it that these deities were like ordinary people as they actually pa.s.sed away in the end with feelings of sadness? They were unlike G.o.ds that were set up on high, cold and detached, and heartless.

Finally, he thought about it as he looked at the messages these deities left behind. He immediately gave a new name to the Little Six Rays of Time Technique: This Emotion Can Be Expressed As Remembrance.

That was because he felt this was somewhat similar to the emotion most of the numerous G.o.ds felt.

But if he let the others know, he reckoned they would be speechless. Ouyang Feng would definitely scream, "What motherf**kingly artistic name is that? They were merely feeling frustrated at that time."

"This is bad! I have to go back!" Chu Feng woke up with a start. He was suddenly conscious about an incomparably serious question: How many days and nights had he been retained in this world and how many years had pa.s.sed in Vicious Beast Plateau?!

"Oh no!" He wished he could grow wings and return in the blink of an eye right away.

One had to know that Dameng Pure Land had their version of events known as comprehending a hundred years in one night. How many hundred years had pa.s.sed now?!

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