The Sacred Ruins

Chen Dong - 辰东

Chapter 821 - Reunion

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Chapter 815: G.o.d's Final Deduction

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There was an abundance of Yang qi in the stone forest and they soared from beneath the ground in strips whereas wisps of Yang qi emerged from the cracks between rocks like gentle flames jumping about.

More than ten badly damaged and bloodstained divine corpses were lying between rocks. Every single one of them died in a relatively tragic state.

Some of them didn't have heads whereas others didn't even have a quarter of their bodies left; some of them were even badly mutilated. Even if they had terrifying G.o.d blood that blossomed with resplendent radiance, it couldn't change their miserable conclusion either.

Chu Feng took a close look and observed every corpse in detail. These people were wearing pieces of incomplete armour, but they were shattered to the point where they couldn't be used anymore. Grey mist contaminated them as the metal armour pierced into their physical bodies.

"Where should I start?" His eyes burned with pa.s.sion and it seemed as though raging flames were leaping out of them.

He was too excited. How could he have antic.i.p.ated that he would encounter the inheritance of the G.o.ds at this place? And not just one or two kinds either, but there were as many as six kinds that he could choose from.

Irrespective of where such items were found, once it was made public, it would definitely give rise to a universal level of rain of blood as all the evolvers under the world would want to fight over it.

So much so that experts from great sects that had innumerable years of inheritance might come out altogether because they might deteriorate as a result of the fierce contention and the immortal Imperial Family might even be entirely exterminated because of that.

There was no need to think too much about it. If this was the outer realm, they would fight each other until the heaven fell and the earth rendered. The cries of ghosts and the howls of G.o.ds would sound as blood would dye the whole earth red. The firmament would be as dismal as the afterglow of sunset.

There was no one else on the scene. Chu Feng was the one person who discovered this and could easily take his pick.

Six secret books were carved into six different boulders. Even though it was left behind before they died, the carvings could be considered to be either forceful as metal or as charming as silver.

"I'll start with comprehending the Sun G.o.d's special technique."

Chu Feng arrived beside a golden corpse whose shattered head was covered in blood while a large chunk of his body had snapped off. There were numerous characters written in this world's language densely carved on a bounder next to him.

The Sun G.o.d was very conceited. Even before he died, he still believed that his special technique was number one in the present age and it was practically impossible for anyone to compare with him.

Chu Feng looked over again and again and discovered that the Sun G.o.d left behind this special technique because his predecessors had left mental cultivation techniques a step ahead of him at this place.

After that, those that came after this predecessor imitated him and left their own secret books behind to compare whose was better and whose was worse.

The Sun G.o.d was the third person to leave his secret technique behind. He was very confident in himself; even if the circ.u.mstances of his later years was miserable, he could still display his svelte in a lofty manner and believe that his special technique was the strongest.

The three people that followed after him were the same as well; they left their techniques behind to confirm this fact and were comparing whose was the strongest over here.

They were evolvers from different generations and hadn't seen each other before, but those who came after them heard of the impressive military glory their forerunners left behind in history.

"Very good. Those who dare to leave their secret books behind as comparison are all very confident in themselves, so their techniques are naturally extremely powerful too." Chu Feng happily laughed.

In an instant, the Sun G.o.d's special technique was branded in his soul light. There weren't that many words to this technique. It brightly dazzled in Chu Feng's soul light like a sea of stars and it seemed to be extremely gorgeous.

He seriously comprehended it and had an intuitive impression immediately after doing so. The Sun G.o.d's special technique was extremely tyrannical; it was masculine and vigorously intense. When he activated this special technique in a violent fight, it was like a burning sun and became the only thing between the sky and the earth as it illuminated the world.

The special technique was firm and ferocious as it could set the other party's divinity granules on fire and directly extract it out of their body when the user of the special technique came in contact with their opponent in battle.

But Chu Feng felt slightly regretful that there was a limited elaboration around combatting techniques and various indigenious techniques.

This kind of secret books mainly expounded special techniques and explained how to absorb Divinity Granules as well as Ancestral Daoist matters which was where the essence of this world's evolution.

From the perspective of this world's G.o.ds, the special technique was the strongest foundation and was like the breathing technique from Chu Feng's universe; it could evolve and give rise to other things. Once an individual reached a certain strength and when their evolution realm was high enough, they would naturally comprehend other matters thoroughly too.

They only explained the special technique in a special manner, yet it was actually so extremely abstruse too. One had to meditate to comprehend some key points in depth; there was no way to understand it just by reading it through a few times.

"Mid tiered special techniques can normally absorb more than ten percent of Divinity Granules from prey, but not exceeding fifteen percent," Chu Feng said to himself.

The special techniques he had now mastered were at this level and was cla.s.sified as the secret techniques the elites in the army under the Martial G.o.d's faction specially used.

High tiered special technique was considered to be very uncommon. Only evolvers from the order of feudal n.o.bility would normally be able to come in contact with it, but it was not necessarily complete. For example, as a Quasi-saint, Ling Weihou could only come in contact with the high tiered special technique, yet it more or less held defects.

This kind of special technique could absorb within twenty five percent of the Divinity Granules from one's prey.

There was the super tiered special technique above it. This was cla.s.sified as a secret technique that only first-rate powerhouses, heirs and disciples of G.o.ds on the Vicious Beast Plateau could cultivate. It could absorb thirty five percent of a prey's Divinity Granules.

The final level was naturally the G.o.d tiered special technique which belonged exclusively to the deities and those they recognised as their successors. It was exceptionally powerful and generally speaking, it could absorb fifty percent of the Divinity Granules from the whole body of a prey.

Moreover, G.o.d tiered special techniques could even absorb Ancestral Daoist matter. Such things couldn't be seen nor touched; it was abnormally mysterious, but it truly existed and was even more terrifying than Divinity Granules.

Some rumours on the Vicious Beast Plateau said that G.o.d tiered special techniques could absorb Divinity Granules with one hundred percent certainty, but it seemed as though it was only a folklore after all was said and done.

Chu Feng understood the secret with definite precision. It was impossible for deities to cover the sky with one hand; they had no way of retaining all of the Divinity Granules and Ancestral Daoist matters they obtained from killing their opponent.

"As expected, the Sun G.o.d is a genius. He's extremely impressive!" Chu Feng lemented. Based on the Sun G.o.d's parting words, the kind of special technique he had could absorb around sixty percent of the Divinity Granules from his prey.

On the other hand, the efficiency of the previous two G.o.ds was actually very high too and exceeded that of the normal G.o.d; they could achieve an efficiency of more than fifty five percent!

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It was no wonder that they dared to be so self-confident as they left behind their secret books here while they were still alive. These weren't ordinary G.o.d tiered evolvers; they were challenging and showing disdain for those that came after them.

He sat cross-legged on the ground and attentively comprehended the special technique. His whole body was sparkling and translucent and he was even emitting the aura of a divine saint.

He opened his eyes after a whole day and night. His understanding of the six secret techniques could only be considered to be a thorough readthrough and he tentatively mastered the profound meaning of the origin because this G.o.d tiered martial arts technique was too complex; he needed to spend a long time to comprehend it.

Even if it was at the initial stage, it was stronger than the mid tiered special technique he had previously obtained.

There were ten or so deities in total, whereas the others didn't leave their special techniques behind. They might have come slightly later. Those deities didn't leave their techniques behind at that time possibly because those that came after thought that their special techniques couldn't compare with those six.

Chu Feng stood up and went to search this region again. By accident, he discovered that a vast area in the depths of the stone forest was filled with symbols that were tightly packed together and was as boundless as the heavenly books.

The written characters were very small, but it occupied this empty and s.p.a.cious region completely. Other than that, a few corpses of the deities had fallen flat nearby too. They were in an even more tragic state as their oil had completely dried up and their bodies were dimmed all throughout. It was unlike the other divine corpses that had light on them and they had consumed all the Divinity Granules in their blood to the lowest point.

What is it doing? Chu Feng got close to take a closer look and discovered that this resembled a terrifying deduction.

He read it from head to toe in a very serious manner, but it was too difficult and abstruse. This was the theory of a G.o.d, it wasn't something someone at his level could understand.

In the midst of deduction, many G.o.ds established a leaping technique theory that the ordinary person found it difficult to comprehend.

Chu Feng slowly tried to figure out. He read it from head to toe and still hadn't finished reading it over two days and nights. It couldn't be seen how grand the engineering of a G.o.d tiered deduction was.

The whole area was extremely s.p.a.cious, but words were densely packed against one another and written all over it. It could be compared to a vast sky full of stars. One could imagine how complicated this was. This was the ma.n.u.script of a G.o.d!

He could confirm that these few G.o.ds were extremely powerful. They were abnormally miserable in their later years, but in the end what were they deriving with such single-minded devotion?

Chu Feng's heart violently leaped as he felt that this item was transcendent and out of the ordinary!

In the midst of reading, he saw that a deity had fallen behind a pa.s.sage. There was no longer a l.u.s.ter to his blood and it had an incomparably fishy smell as his physical body had split up and was in pieces while his bones had broken down into pieces.

Chu Feng was alarmed. This was the legendary depletion of divine attributes!

This made him increasingly curious. What were the few deities trying to develop in their final moments for them to tax their minds and bodies to the point that they actually neglected sleep and forgot about food? They persisted in doing so even if they had to consume their final vital qi.

He then looked at it for a whole day and night. The few deities he encountered along the way were in the same state as well — all of them had collapsed mid-way and died of old age as a result of implicating their final moments in life.

Chu Feng was mystified as he looked at that place because these things were too profound, but he persisted and when he finally read to the very end, the conclusion that was derived was written there!

Other than that, there were a few annotations!

His pupils contracted as he stared at that place without moving an inch!

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