The Sacred Ruins

Chen Dong - 辰东

Chapter 1644 - 1644 Chapter 1643 Unbreakable Friendship

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Chapter 1644 - 1644 Chapter 1643 Unbreakable Friends.h.i.+p

1644 Chapter 1643 Unbreakable Friends.h.i.+p

As the cold wind blew, sand and dust swept up the gra.s.s roots under the soil, filling the sky. The land was barren and lacked vitality. No one could be seen within a thousand miles.

In the distance, there was a silver-haired woman with tears in her eyes. She continued to dig into the ground. At first, she looked like she was crazy to search, but after that, she acted like a machine, every day.

For a total of twenty-five years, she had been digging into the frozen ground. She had left her footprints within a radius of thousands of kilometers.

If a mortal woman had experienced twenty-five years, her youth would have long faded. Her black hair was dyed with snow. How many people could be so persistent in digging into the ground.


“Why? It has to be here. I have to find you. Live, I have to take care of you. If you die, I will accompany you!”

She cried again. Twenty-five years had pa.s.sed since that battle. Every day, her heart felt as if it was being cut by a knife. Every time she thought of that final scene back then, she felt as if she was suffocating. Her entire body turned cold.

She herself had pa.s.sed out for many days. It took her more than a month to wake up. In the end, she saw complete devastation. The ground was covered in bloodstains. There were countless dead bodies. The mountains and rivers were shattered. All the heroes were gone. Only broken bones and dried blood were left behind, it was mottled and mottled, recording the desolation of the past.

Ying Xiaoxiao cried for a long time before she began to attack again. She clearly remembered that he had fallen onto this piece of land that day. She had searched crazily for more than twenty years, but why had she not found him?

There were many dry bones under the ground that had been dug up. It was an endless battle. She really did not want to recall the scene of that final battle.

The dog Emperor wanted to send them away, but she couldn’t bear to do so. She was afraid that something might happen to him because she had already seen the farewell in his eyes. There might not be a chance for them to meet again in this lifetime.

Therefore, she rushed out of the light curtain at the last moment. She didn’t care about anything else and wanted to stay behind. Even if she had to die, she would stay behind with him on this piece of land.

“Brother Chu Feng, where are you? I’ve been looking for you for many years!”Ying Xiaoxiao cried.

There weren’t many living beings within a radius of a thousand miles. The land was completely bare, and both the population and the vitality of the land had been reduced by more than 90% .

Another two years had pa.s.sed, and Ying Xiaoxiao was still digging continuously. She wanted to dig through the entire land, and even if she saw the most unacceptable result, she would continue.

“Why is my strength getting weaker and weaker? The essence of this world and all kinds of spiritual energy are getting thinner and thinner?”Ying Xiaoxiao raised her head to look at the sky.

Her beautiful clothes from back then had long since been tattered. However, a woman who loved beauty didn’t care about these things and began to search for Chu Feng once again.

She didn’t give up on this area because she knew that the Great War back then had changed the landscape. Perhaps Chu Feng had sunk into the ground nearby.

Many mountains in the surrounding area were broken, recounting the terror of the battle back then. The entire land was in this state, and many areas had been destroyed.

On this day, she searched again as usual. When she walked down a newly discovered crack in the ground, she suddenly widened her eyes in shock. He saw a tattered battle suit and blood stains..

“It’s his battle suit!”She rushed down like crazy. She would never forget. Even if a long time had pa.s.sed, her memories would not fade. She still remembered that he had worn that moon-white battle suit during the last battle that year.

But now, it was covered in blood. It had long turned dark red and was in pieces.

“Chu Feng!”Ying Xiaoxiao cried as she rushed to the bottom of the crack.

She was afraid that reality would be too cruel. There was still no trace of Chu Feng. She was also afraid that after finding him, he would turn into an ice-cold skeleton. She cried incessantly and fell to the ground.

Finally, she saw that person lying quietly on the ground. He didn’t move at all. His arms and legs were somewhat deformed. That was because he had been severely injured during the Great War back then. No one had ever helped him recover.

Ying Xiaoxiao trembled as she picked Chu Feng Up. It was as if she had found the most precious treasure. She was unwilling to let go and muttered, “You’re not dead. I’m sure of it. I’ll take you away and Cure You!”

She was terrified. She did not dare to immediately check whether Chu Feng was alive or dead. She only wanted to believe that he was still alive.

It was only after a long time that she calmed down. She used her hand to touch his heart and soul light to touch his frontal bone.

“Ah, he’s really alive. That’s Great!”She was like a young girl who did not know the ways of the world. She laughed happily and cried joyfully, jumping and jumping on the spot.

From losing to having it all back, this kind of joy and touching made Ying Xiaoxiao cry uncontrollably. Earlier, she had already prepared herself for the worst. She thought that even if she found it, it could still be a broken and cold corpse, it might even be just some broken bones.

“G.o.d, this is the first time I’m sincerely thanking you!”

Not long after, she found a stone jar in the crack. It was not far away and was open. There were all sorts of rare and precious medicines in the jar.

She knew that this should be the life-saving medicine that Chu Feng had prepared for her to fight to the death. However, it was a pity that the spiritual essence and medicinal properties within had almost been lost.

“It looks like a cosmic level expert had unconsciously absorbed it while circulating his breathing technique?”Ying Xiaoxiao was suspicious.

This was enough to show the severity of Chu Feng’s injuries. Those rare herbs had all been swallowed by his cosmic level body, but in the end, he still hadn’t woken up.

She kept injecting pure vitality into Chu Feng’s body in order to wake him up.

“Chu Feng, wake up!”

After an unknown amount of time, Chu Feng heard the call. His soul gradually recovered from the darkness and saw the light. Then, he saw a familiar but incomparably haggard face — Ying Xiaoxiao.

Her silver hair had lost its l.u.s.ter. The dress she wore was also tattered. Her face was dirty and full of tears, but when she saw him open his eyes, she was smiling.

“You’re finally awake.”

After a long time, Chu Feng struggled to sit up. His bones crackled as they were all restored.

This time, he was heavily injured, mainly because of his soul. But in the end, it was the woman on the pollen path who had helped him, so he wasn’t doomed beyond redemption.

Otherwise, at the last moment, many Dao ancestors would have attacked him together. Their bodies and souls would certainly have been destroyed!

Later on, he discovered that it was probably nine-daos-one, the rotting corpse, and the others who were fighting with their lives on the line. They were roaring furiously and wanted to take revenge for him. In the end, his vision turned black and he didn’t know what to do.

“Xiaoxiao, don’t cry.”Chu Feng leaned against the stone wall of the large crack and circulated his breathing technique. He wasn’t in too much trouble now. After a long period of silence, his soul had almost recovered.

Suddenly, he saw the stone jar. Why was it still there?

He clearly remembered that in order to save Jiu Daoyi, he had once knocked the stone jar out. He didn’t know where it had fallen to, so how could it be here? It shouldn’t have fallen with him.

“Xiaoxiao, this stone jar?”Chu Feng asked her.

“It was by your side when I Found You.”

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Chu Feng frowned. This matter was somewhat strange. Could it be that the jar really had its own consciousness and had run back on its own? ! The Jar Heavenly Monarch had only been joking at first, but now its will had truly fully awakened? !

He felt a burst of heartache when he thought of this. He saw the ancient Green Dao collapse and even saw the dog emperor explode in front of his eyes. Blood splattered everywhere.

“Even you are dead. Where have those people you protected been sent to? !”Chu Feng muttered to himself.

Not long after, Chu Feng realized a very serious problem. The world’s spiritual energy was still declining and the yang-realm was about to dry up.

This was an unimaginable rate of decline. This great world was no longer suitable for cultivation. If this continued, it would lead to the era of spirit extinction. Without spiritual energy, there would be no more cultivators in the future!

Ten years later, Xiaoxiao was no longer able to fly. The spiritual energy in her body was being used up little by little.

Twenty years later, Ying Xiaoxiao began to like looking at herself in the mirror because she found that her body was showing signs of losing its youth.

She was afraid. She hugged Chu Feng’s arm and said, “Will I become an old woman?”

“I. . . If I really want to grow old, please send me to a quiet village in advance. I don’t want you to see me grow old. I want to leave quietly by myself.”

Obviously, she had long since realized that this world was no longer suitable for evolvers. There was a high possibility that no one would be able to evolve in the future.

However, Chu Feng’s changes were only slight. He was far stronger than her and was still the same as before.

“Xiaoxiao, I have a talisman here. It was given to me by the dog Emperor back then. He told me to use it to escape.”Chu Feng directly gave it to Xiaoxiao. He felt that this talisman could send Xiaoxiao to a place with spiritual energy.

“Will you follow me?”Xiaoxiao asked.

“No, I want to cultivate to become an immortal during the age of Chaos. I want to comprehend the heart of an immortal king in this land of despair. I want to rise up in this ruins and comprehend the Dao to the true. I want to become a dao ancestor. I’m not willing to be defeated just like that. I’ll go into the land of disaster to take revenge!”Chu Feng’s voice was deep, he clenched his fists.

“I’m not leaving. I’ll stay with you in this world. Although I may not be able to see you in the future, I know that you’re still in this world. I’ll be at ease.”Ying Xiaoxiao wanted Chu Feng to send her to a quiet village, she wanted to live the life of an ordinary person.

Chu Feng didn’t persist even after all sorts of persuasion was useless. This was because he was afraid that the dog emperor’s Dao Talisman wouldn’t be so effective. This was because even he himself had died and couldn’t escape.

There was still time, so he had to think of some other ways.

After he left, Chu Feng discovered that Ying Xiaoxiao had stood outside the small village for a very long time. She had never left.

He quietly returned and saw her face full of tears, she was muttering to herself, “I really can’t bear to see you leave, but I don’t want you to see me grow old. I’m so sad. I’ll wait here silently for your news. I hope you can become an immortal of the mortal world in the future. Before I grow old, I’ll quietly leave this place. I don’t want you to see me grow old and die. I hope you’ll be fine in the future.”

Chu Feng couldn’t hold it in any longer. He strode out and embraced Ying Xiaoxiao, whose face was full of tears but was filled with astonishment and incomparable joy.

“You haven’t left yet. Do you still want to accompany me for a while? But not too long. I’m getting old.”

“Nonsense. You look like you haven’t even reached thirty years old. How can you be considered Old?”

“But I used to look like I was only twenty years old. Now I’m getting old very quickly.”Ying Xiaoxiao’s mood was gloomy.

“I’m not leaving. I’ll stay with you. What Immortal Hong Chen? If I want to run away from this, then I’ll let you grow old with tears. What kind of immortal is that? You’re too incompetent!”

Not only did Chu Feng not want to leave, but he also decided to stay with Xiaoxiao and accompany her to grow old. How could he not understand her intentions?

She gave up the chance to escape and stayed behind to constantly look for him. She was still crying and sad. How could he let her down? !

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