The Rebirth Of An Ill-Fated Consort


Chapter 86

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Chapter 86

On the way back to the fu, Lian Qiao and Bai Zhi did not speak a single sentence . Even though they had numerous doubts in their hearts, they did not ask about them .

Jiang Ruan gently rested her head against the carriage’s window and closed her eyes . She was unable to conceal the blue-black colour of fatigue below her eyes .

Today, she had purposely guided Hui Jue . However, tomorrow if or when Hui Jue decided to carry out this plan, it would depend on his boldness . The more daring he was, the more benefits he would be able to reap from this game .

In her previous life, Jiang Ruan remembered that after three days, the rain which had gradually reduced suddenly started pouring again . Bo Chang reservoir was originally the capital’s largest reservoir . For those few days, under Xuan Li’s governance, it had generally been safe and well . However, storms may arise even in a clear sky[1], Bo Chang reservoir suddenly collapsed in the early morning three days later . The flood level that was rising became a mighty torrent in an instance . None of the residents living in the residential area close to the reservoir managed to survive, and the whole area surrounding the reservoir became a vast expanse of water .

[1] Tiān yǒu bùcè fēngyún ( 天有不测风云 ) : unexpected/ unpredictable circ.u.mstance .

At that time, although it had happened under Xuan Li’s management, the Emperor did not severely punish him as he factored in Xuan Li’s merits in curbing the water level previously . Furthermore, it was a natural disaster, not due to manpower . It was only after that, when Xuan Li mentioned this matter to her, his tone still held some regret . At that time, Jiang Ruan thought that he was feeling regret over the lost lives of the citizens . Only after, did she understand that Xuan Li’s real regret was actually regarding the flood burying his previous efforts of curbing the water level in the reservoir . It was truly as if success and failure both boiled down to the same factor[2] .

[2] Chéngyě Xiāo Hé, bàiyě Xiāo Hé ( 成也萧何,败也萧何 ) – lit . raised up by Xiao He, cast down by Xiao He (idiom), alluding to Han Xin 韓信|韩信 being made Grand General 大將軍|大将军 / fig . a situation where one’s success and failure are both due to the same factor .

The wheel of fate rotated with a loud bang and in the blink of an eye, that day had arrived . In the past life, Xuan Li had merely had his previous merits erased- it was an unintentional failure . In this life, just like what Hui Jue had said, the reservoir would collapse and Xuan Li, being overly suspicious, would definitely think that it was one of his enemies’ schemes to steal his merit . Xuan Li was someone who took responsibility for his own actions, therefore the more sincere Hui Jue was, the more annoyed Xuan Li would be . He would definitely not listen to Hui Jue’s advice and even punish Hui Jue in the name of deceiving people .

On the day when the reservoir did actually collapse, Xuan Li’s actions would be seen as deliberate . Jiang Ruan wondered whether Eighth Prince, who had always cared about having a perfect reputation outside, could accept the crime of causing thousands of civilians’ lives to be lost .

Thinking of this, it was more regrettable than the last life .

Jiang Ruan’s eyes were still closed, but the corner of her lips lifted slightly . This was just the beginning .

The horse carriage drove towards the Jiang fu with a rumble .

* * *

In the alley where Hui Jue stayed, a knocking sound was heard again . The little boy who opened the door was a little confused after seeing the visitor, but he led them into the hall . Hui Jue raised his head and made eye contact with a pair of cold eyes .

The gleam from those eyes were too cold, like the unmelted snow at the peak of the mountain, without warmth . Only a patch of chilliness .

“What did she say to you?” The youth had a slender figure and his black robe with golden embroidery appeared to be shining in the dark, portraying an alluring melancholy .

“I am a monk, naturally she spoke to me about Buddhism . ” Hui Jue spoke in a soft tone, and he appeared to be as benevolent as before .

“Shua . ”

A sound rang out though he only saw a streak of silver light flash by his eyes, beautiful but cold, with an unimaginable speed . Hui Jue only felt that the area next to his throat was cold . The youth held a dagger to his chin and looking from that angle, he could only see the side of a face with unsurpa.s.sed elegance .

“Speak . ” It was a short word .

Big drops of sweat dripped from Hui Jue’s forehead .

* * *

In the Grand Chancellor’s fu, Li Yang who had been in a coma for a long time finally woke up .

As the days pa.s.sed, he had been in a dazed and unclear state of mind and would only wake up for a moment before entering a coma state again . Today he had woken up rather early, and the physician who was attending to him felt his pulse and heaved a breath of relief, before walking outside to write a prescription for him . However, he did not think that once he stepped out of the room, he would hear a “pa” sound from inside the room . A crisp sound of something being broken rang out .

The expression of the maidservant guarding outside, changed, and she ran inside alarmed . In the room, she only saw Li Yang with bloodshot eyes as he roared in a low voice, “What is happening? Why do I not have… . . ”

The latter words were swallowed down by him .

The area around his crotch felt empty and there was even a light breeze pa.s.sing through it . He stretched his hand to check and there was still a faint pain . He was a man- naturally he understood what had happened . Panic, anger, despair, hate, all sorts of emotions swelled up in his heart . Li Yang felt that he couldn’t accept the fact, seeing the maidservants’ knowing gaze was as if he was looking at his enemy . Seething with rage, he took the nearest flower vase and threw it at that maid .


The maidservant’s head was bleeding profusely, yet she did not dare to move . She gritted her teeth and stood in her original position . Li Yang, seeing the situation, still wanted to throw when he heard a low voice from outside, “Elder Brother, what happened?”

The door curtains were drawn and Li An took large strides into the room . Seeing Li An, a flash of hatred immediately appeared on Li Yang’s face . Li An looked at him with a gloomy gaze, “Why do you not continue smashing?”

Li Yang did not speak .

On one hand, Li Yang was really envious of this younger brother who had always been more talented than him since they were younger, yet had a strange temperament, because Li An’s talent showcased his own uselessness . On the other hand, he felt a type of reliance towards Li An, because Li An was a highly intelligent person . As long as there was him, there was nothing that could not be solved .

Li Yang shouted in fury, “Seeing me like this don’t you feel extremely happy inside? There will no longer be anyone fighting with you in the Grand Chancellor fu anymore! This time you should be satisfied!” When he said the last few words, his tone was more and more agitated .

Li An took a seat at the chair beside him and looked at him as if he was seeing a clown . Under that mocking gaze, Li Yang who had originally been agitated gradually calmed down .

“The person who hurt you is in the Jiang fu . If you want revenge, then you must tell me without missing out a word, the situation at that time . ” Li An said .

Although Li Yang felt anger in his heart due to the way Li An treated him with a cold and belittling att.i.tude, he did not dare to openly defy Li An . Furthermore, he needed Li An to help him get revenge[3] . He carefully recalled that time’s events and slowly told Li An about it .

[3] Bao chóu xuě hèn ( 报仇雪恨 ) – to take revenge and wipe out a grudge .

After he finished speaking, Li An asked, “Did you see clearly what that person looked like?”

Li Yang thought carefully again and shook his head, “At that time I was too drunk and did not see clearly . However, that person seemed to have worn red clothes .

Red clothes? Li An narrowed his eyes, the person who loved wearing red clothes the most in the Jiang fu was Jiang Ruan . Although he had already been almost certain in his heart that the one who had shifted the blame onto someone else was Jiang Ruan, when Li Yang said it out loud, Li An could not help but feel shock inside .

She had actually dared, in broad daylight, in a place just separated by a part.i.tion wall, to castrate Li Yang and then push the blame onto Jiang Su Su .

On the surface it seemed like an impulsive action, doing things without order . However, after careful thought, in this way, she had easily invoked enmity between the Li and Jiang family, and even harmed Eighth Prince’s power without batting an eyelid . It was really a good scheme which killed two birds with one stone .

No, it should be killing three birds with one stone, as it could also make Jiang Su Su unlucky .

Li An laughed, she was truly interesting .

“Do you know who she is?” Li Yang saw Li An’s expression and hurriedly asked . Over the days that he laid in a dazed state, even when he was sober he didn’t know what exactly had happened . He only had his mind set on torturing the person who had harmed him to this extent, determined to make her pay for her actions!

“Eldest Jiang Miss pushed the blame onto Second Jiang Miss . ” Li An didn’t intend to hide it from him and directly told him the perpetrator’s name .

Eldest Jiang Miss? Li Yang frowned, when he went to the Jiang fu, he had wanted to see both the Jiang sisters . However, he had only seen the Jiang Su Su of unrivalled beauty and elegance, yet did not manage to see Jiang Ruan’s appearance . Hearing Li An’s words, Li Yang spoke with determination, “This cheap person! Why did she want to do this?”

“Naturally she has her own plans, Elder Brother was only unlucky by coincidence and thus became the victim in this situation . ” Li An did not feel any heartache for his elder brother’s situation, instead, he spoke with a tone of nonchalance . This made Li Yang feel even more depressed inside .

“I must kill her!” Li Yang gritted his teeth and opened his mouth, “This cheap person, I must make her life a living h.e.l.l!”

“She is mine . ” Li An interrupted his words, “You better behave yourself . ” Such an interesting prey, such a clever young woman, how could he allow Li Yang to recklessly ruin[4] her . He would, as if playing with a beast trapped in a cage, slowly extract her talons and fangs, and let her witness her family dying tragically in front of her . . The expression of horror and indignation on the face that always smiles gently would surely be very touching . She would beg for mercy, cry all her tears, and he would little by little crack her straightened backbone, making her moan bitterly and kiss the tip of his toes .

[4] Bào tiǎn tiān wù ( 暴殄天物 ) – to waste natural resources recklessly .

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She was the most exquisite pet, the best prisoner .

Seeing Jiang Chao this way, anger flared in Jiang Su Su’s eyes . Jiang Chao also glared at Jiang Xin Zhi, “You actually dare to raise your hand and hit people!”

“I have just hit you, so what?” Jiang Xin Zhi’s words were shocking, “Do you want to complain to Father? Jiang Chao, are you a three year old kid? Quickly ask Father to come save you . ”

His tone was full of ridicule, the mocking in those words immediately led Jiang Chao to feel so ashamed that his whole face turned red, and the surrounding servants had a hard time holding their laughter in . Jiang Chao choked out, “You… disrespect your brother……”

“Do not talk to me with all your virtues and justice[6],” Jiang Xin Zhi said, “You should only tell me whether you are a man . Jiang Chao, today, I will tell you straightforwardly that I have hit you, so what? After today, if you dare to touch Ah Ruan, I’ll hit you everytime I see you . You should know that I am a crude man, I am not as gentlemanly or reserved as you all who have been raised in the Jiang fu . I cannot control the strength of my hand well . With a slip, a life might actually be lost . ”

[6] Rén yì dào dé ( 仁义道德 ) – refers to traditional virtues and propriety

Jiang Xin Zhi had an army ruffian- like appearance which made all the surrounding servants who were looking at him gape- Jiang Chao also couldn’t believe it . Originally, Jiang Xin Zhi was the gentle and scholarly eldest young master of the Jiang family . However, his current demeanour didn’t have even a trace of his past self . That blatant threat was not at all like the Jiang Xin Zhi in the past .

Truly similar to Guan Liang Han . Jiang Ruan witnessed the happenings in front of her with a slight smile, it seemed like during the five years of living in an army camp, the things that Guan Liang Han had taught Jiang Xin Zhi were not only battle tactics .

Lian Qiao could not help but let out a laugh with a ‘puchi’ sound . Jiang Chao’s face immediately became flushed . Yet at this moment, they abruptly heard Jiang Su Su give an alarmed cry, “Father!”

Then, they saw Jiang Quan coming from the other side of the garden and upon seeing Jiang Chao lying on the floor, his face turned gloomy, “What has happened?”

Jiang Su Su stood up, her eyes br.i.m.m.i.n.g with tears, “Su niang doesn’t know how she has angered Da Jiejie . I greeted Da Jiejie, however, Da Jiejie not only ignored Su niang, but even spoke impertinently . Second Elder Brother could not stand it and chided Da Jiejie with a few lines, but who knew that when Eldest Brother came back…… he knocked Second Elder Brother onto the ground without saying anything . ”

Jiang Su Su looked at Jiang Ruan with grievances, “Da Jiejie, what exactly has Su niang done wrong, Su niang will apologise to you . However, Second Elder Brother hasn’t done anything wrong, I beg Da Jiejie to not let Eldest Brother harm Second Elder Brother this way anymore . ”

What a good compromise[7], every sentence was a direct complaint .

[7] Wěi qū qiú quán ( 委曲求全 )- make concessions/compromise to achieve one’s aim

Jiang Xin Zhi coldly stared at Jiang Su Su who was sobbing with tears trickling down her face . Jiang Su Su’s skill of reversing black and white[8] was really not boasted about outrageously . After distorting a few main points, it became a story about this brother and sister pair abusing their power to bully others .

[8] Diān dǎo hēi bái ( 颠倒黑白 ) – lit . to reverse black and white (idiom); to misrepresent the facts / to reverse right and wrong .

Lian Qiao and Bai Zhi had difficulty hiding the despise in their eyes . It was just as Jiang Xin Zhi had said, the pair of brother and sister only knew how to complain! Complain! Complain! Truly something only a three year old child would do!

Jiang Quan after hearing those words, did not say anything else and raged at Jiang Ruan and the other, “Unfilial son! Unfilial daughter! Kneel!”

There was some disappointment in Jiang Xin Zhi’s eyes . He knew that Jiang Quan had not liked him and his meimei since they were young . Thinking that because he was a son, he felt that maybe it was because he was blocking Jiang Chao’s path that made Jiang Quan act in this way . However, Jiang Ruan was a girl completely without any threat, yet, Jiang Quan actually allowed Jiang Chao, the brother and sister pair, to bully Jiang Ruan without care!

So this is how Jiang Ruan had been living all those years!

A spark of fury grew in Jiang Xin Zhi’s eyes, and he pulled Jiang Ruan behind him in a protective stance, coldly glaring at Jiang Quan .

Jiang Quan, seeing the situation, raged, “Rebel! Rebel!”

Jiang Ruan stood out from behind Jiang Xin’s body and said, “Father has only heard Second Younger Sister’s one sided statement, isn’t it too biased? If it was on normal days and there was only Ruan niang, these words could be dismissed . However, Dage is here as well . We brother and sister versus them brother and sister, both have the same number of people, both are the Jiang family’s daughter and son, why is it that we do not have the right to speak up?”

She smiled, “Just now it was obviously Second Younger Sister who was rude to me, and Second Elder Brother still wanted to slap me . Dage only acted out of anxiety . However, who knew that Second Elder Brother, a man, would have such a weak and fragile body, and end up flying away . ” Jiang Ruan said with joy, “I know that Second Younger Sister has been possessed by an evil spirit, thus her insolent remarks were probably that evil spirit’s act of mischief . This is perhaps why she refuses to acknowledge it . After all, even though Ruan niang is courageous, I am also afraid of being stained by that filthy spirit . ”

Jiang Su Su’s body became rigid, and Jiang Ruan looked towards Jiang Chao, “Second Elder Brother as well, in future you must train your body more . After all, this concerns the Jiang fu’s future . You flew away after being touched slightly, this truly causes one to worry . However, luckily you didn’t injure either of your little fingers or toes . ”

She stood next to her tall and imposing brother who had a soldierly bearing, smiling gently and causing the three people on the opposite side to be so furious that their faces turned white .

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