The Rebirth Of An Ill-Fated Consort


Chapter 65

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Chapter 65: Devising A Strategy

After sending Jiang Su Su off to the carriage first, Gu Yi, who had been standing a few paces away from the window seat of the carriage, looked at Jiang Ruan with a somewhat flushed face.

Jiang Ruan went over and gently spoke, "Many thanks, Young Master Gu, for your protection. There is something that Ruan niang wanted to say to Young Master Gu. Actually… Ruan niang has a request."

Gu Yi was startled at first, deeply concerned, "If Miss Jiang has any troubles, if there is any way to help, Gu Yi would definitely spare no effort in aiding you."

Contrary to what one might expect, this person, Gu Yi, was someone with tender and protective feelings for the fairer s.e.x. Jiang Ruan nodded her head slightly, "Presumably, Young Master Gu is aware of a few things that have happened in Ruan niang's home. Actually, this thing ought not be said, however, upon seeing Young Master Gu's utmost sincerity and an extremely kind and honest character, I believe that with this matter, only Young Master Gu would be able to help. Thus, Ruan niang has decided to thicken one's skin to seek such a favour."

After hearing such flattering words from her, Gu Yi was carried away, and so, his thoughts towards Jiang Ruan were much fonder and indulging. He listened to Jiang Ruan speaking in a low voice, "Ruan niang's eldest brother left the fu to serve in the army five years ago, and since then, I have lost all contact with him. Ruan niang's mother met with an early demise and Eldest Brother is the only blood-related relative left in the world. All these years, Ruan niang has always tried to ask about him but has still ended up empty-handed.

Her voice was gentle and there was a slight smile gracing her face. Even so, one did not know how it was possible, but unexpectedly one could hear a trace of worry in that soft voice. However, this sort of strength and forbearance made one feel a sense of pity and tenderness towards her.

Gu Yi soothingly replied, "Do not feel broken-hearted Miss Jiang, Heaven helps the worthy, your esteemed older brother would definitely be alright. Only, with this matter, I'm not sure how I could help?

"Ruan niang has heard that darens, General Guan and General Chen, have an extremely good friendship between them," Jiang Ruan gave a slight smile, "five years ago, after my elder brother had joined the army, he happened to meet with General Guan and General Chen by chance while they were recruiting soldiers. Ruan niang has considered that perhaps my elder brother is in General Guan or General Chen's camp. Since Commander-in-chief daren has a good relationship with these two Generals, perhaps he could lend a hand and make some inquiries for Ruan niang about my elder brother."

Gu Yi patted his chest, "How could this be difficult. When I return, I will talk to Father about this matter. Please be at ease, Miss Jiang; once I hear some news about your esteemed older brother, I will get someone to inform you about it."

Jiang Ruan solemnly gave him a formal bow, "This kindness and grace that Young Master Gu has given, Ruan niang is unable to return the favour, and it can only be engraved on my heart. Someday, if there is an opportunity, I will definitely repay you."

Gu Yi was surprised and waved his hand in dismissal, "It's only an effort similar to lifting one's hand, there is no need for Miss Jiang to be this polite. Now, can we be considered as friends?"

Jiang Ruan smiled, "Naturally."

After bidding goodbye to Gu Yi, Jiang Ruan then entered the carriage. Jiang Su Su, Jiang Li and Jiang Dan were all waiting in the carriage. Upon seeing Jiang Ruan enter, Jiang Su Su's eyes were full of fury that was difficult to restrain while Jiang Li merely gave a mocking laugh, "Vixen!" Only Jiang Dan timidly smiled towards her in a cowardly manner. However, after experiencing tonight's affairs, Jiang Ruan had a deeper understanding of her; how could she possibly believe that she (Jiang Dan) was truly like her appearance- timid and afraid of getting into trouble. She was only afraid that in this fu, there was another that had concealed herself deeper and would not have found out about them in their daily life.

The few people sitting in the carriage were all silent as it travelled all the way back to the Jiang fu's entrance. Upon seeing the additional and unfamiliar Imperial bodyguards following the carriage, both the guards at the entrance and Steward Zhang were extremely surprised. After Bai Zhi had supported Jiang Ruan down from the carriage, Jiang Ruan smiled slightly to those Imperial bodyguards, "Many thanks today to everyone, please do help to express my thanks to Young Master Gu." After hearing Jiang Ruan say this, Lian Qiao was all smiles as she stepped forward and pa.s.sed on an embroidered purse of loose silver into the hands of one of the bodyguards, "Please do take this little bit of silver and have a drink with everyone."

With no other alternative, the bodyguards looked at each other and left wordlessly after bidding a proper farewell.

Steward Zhang had stayed in the fu for quite some years now and in one glance, he understood that these bodyguards were under orders from their master to protect Jiang Ruan. Upon seeing Jiang Ruan's calm and dependable demeanour, in the depths of his heart, he could not help but be doubtful. Is it possible that this Eldest Young Lady had actually obtained some favour during tonight's Lantern Festival gathering?

Meanwhile, Qing Ting had hurriedly hopped from the carriage as she helped an utterly drenched Jiang Su Su down. While doing so, she urged, "Quickly call for the physician, the Second Young Lady has fainted."

At first glance, Steward Zhang turned pale with fright and hastily asked someone to find a physician. As he left instructions for the servants, he also had someone notify Xia Yan as he asked, "What has happened to the Second Young Lady?"

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In her heart, Jiang Ruan chuckled. To have fainted as soon as she returned to the fu, this method that Jiang Su Su had thought of was rather convenient. However, how could she possibly have everything go as she (JSS) wished; how would she be willing to let things go if she did not stir up even more obstructions to hinder Jiang Su Su? Shooting a glance at the outer jacket from Xuan Li that was draped over Jiang Su Su's body, Jiang Ruan worriedly remarked, "Ermei fell into the river and then even had her innocence defiled by a villain. For now, it's best if we wait for Ermei to wake up. Later, we can have matters investigated at the patrol house and once Father returns, we can make a decision once more."

Bai Zhi took a glance at Jiang Ruan and replied, "The Eighth Prince had someone to send it over; it's said to be a good omen on Ling Long Fang and that our Miss had forgotten to take it with her."

Jiang Ruan side-eyed that lantern and replied indifferently, "This lantern can be gifted to Mei Qing Yuan and say that it is a gift to Ermei for receiving such a shock."

Lu Zhu felt that it was somewhat a pity. Lian Qiao handed over a cup of hot tea to Jiang Ruan, "Miss, now that Zhou Da has already been caught, although it can be said that it had been a command from that side, it might not be enough to have them confess or be lured out. Will this matter be settled just like that?"

Lian Qiao saw clearly; now that Xia Yan's maternal family was becoming more prosperous with each day, the patrol house still had to give her face. Thus, one could dare say that Zhou Da's matter would be heavily placed into importance but also be lightly handled.

"If matters were truly settled in this way, then it would be such a waste to squander away the effort and time that Xia Yan has taken to arrange this." She lightly took a sip of tea, "How could I possibly let her down?"

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