The Rebirth Of An Ill-Fated Consort


Chapter 30 part1

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Once again we get to see how good of an actress JR is. And the much awaited return to the captial is here. Enjoy the chapter!

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Chapter 30: Jiang Su Su (Part I)

The night pa.s.sed.

When the sun rose the next morning, a cacophony of sounds arose from the temple courtyard. All around the temple, doors were knocked upon in a flurry, and Li Mi's anxious voice could be heard calling, "Miss Jiang, Miss Jiang!"

Jiang Ruan pushed herself off the bed. As she dressed herself hurriedly, she instructed Bai Zhi to check on the situation outside. After she had put on her coat, she pushed open the door, and the thick scent of blood rushed into the room.

Li Mi drew in a deep breath when he saw that Jiang Ruan was unharmed. The strain was evident in his voice as he questioned her, "Miss, are you all right?"

Jiang Ruan looked at him doubtfully. "What on earth has happened to cause Daren to ask this kind of question?" When she had finished speaking, she craned her neck to see what was happening behind Li Mi's back. With a startled cry, she turned her head and said, with a fearful quiver, "This . . ."

Several bodies lay in a disorderly state on the snowy ground. Blood ran everywhere, as if a ma.s.sacre had taken place on the Shura field*. Bai Zhi and several others rushed to block Jiang Ruan's view of the gory spectacle and stood in front of her wordlessly.

*Xiuluo chang ( 修罗场 ) – lit. Shura Field. An asura in Buddhism is a demiG.o.d. See A shura field refers to the scene where asura fight to the death, and therefore is used to denote a battlefield with fierce fighting. See

Li Mi shook his head and said, "A group of thieves came here last night, and this is the scene we encountered this morning. I was worried that something might have happened to you. Thankfully, you are all right."

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Jiang Ruan frowned. "That . . . how could it be that I am unharmed?"

They were already quite close to the capital, and the carriage reached the gate of the capital around noon.

Lu Zhu had never been to the capital, and her curiosity led her to lift up a corner of the window curtain and peer out. She exclaimed, "Ah, so this is the capital! Previously, I heard people say that the capital is always bustling. Now, I see that it is really true! So beautiful!"

Bai Zhi and Lian Qiao also looked outside. They had been away from the capital for five years, and on this occasion of returning, they were filled with an unspeakable excitement. They were also happy for Jiang Ruan, and it felt as if the bitterness of life was over, and the sweetness was about to begin. Unlike them, Jiang Ruan bore no happy or excited expression. Slowly, she lifted up the corner of the curtain nearest her, and was just in time to see a fine, jet black horse brush by the carriage as it sped away. That steed was a rare breed and she could not help taking another look. By that time, it was only a distant silhouette, but she felt that the rider had an incomparably graceful bearing.

Translated by : shl

Edited by : Anks & Ely

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