The Otherworldly Adventures Of A Super Naive Girl

Mu Ling Bin - 慕凌彬

Chapter 100

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[OASNG] Chapter 100: The Honey Trap Plan

[August 4, 2019] ... Ming Xi thought some more before speaking. "It really is a strange matter. There are people who have the ability to back a post like this, but out of those possible, none would likely do so in this manner." "Ming Xi's right. It is pa.s.sing strange. Regardless who posted the mission, the day of the wedding will be eventful I'm sure. We should be on the lookout." Tian Ya said.

In the end Ming Xi's party had to forsake their plans to gain more experience in the badlands and focus on the person trying to wreck their friends' wedding. How could they justify abandoning their friends and walking away?

After the meal Feng Wu's party went to find cheap lodgings. The got three rooms: one for the girls, one for Wind and Pei Qing, and a single for Jier. Like h.e.l.l he was going to share a room with two stinky guys.

Well he was the captain so he could decide. Plus he was also footing the bill for the trio, so they had no right to complain. The more they spent, the less of the prize money they'd be able to keep. Jier would surely confiscate everything if they weren't careful.

They rested for the night and the next morning gathered in Jier's room to go over their plan.

Rain was the first to talk. "What should we do? Should we kidnap the bride or should we kidnap the groom on the wedding day?" Her speech was slow and lazy after sleeping so much.

"No. There'll be guards that day. Plus I'm sure there'll be other teams with the same plan. It'll be difficult to kidnap the bride with so many strong parties in the picture." Rain shook her head, vetoing her own plan.

"Stupid. Do you think I'd have us come here two months in advance just so we'd kidnap one of them on the wedding day?" Jier looked down on her for her low IQ. There was just no hope for some people.

"Captain, do you have an idea?" Pei Qing sidled over to Jier.

"Stop that. You're making me sick." Jier rudely swatted Pei Qing away.

Jier posited, "The mission was to sabotage the wedding. It didn't say we had to kidnap anyone. Messing with the couple enough so the wedding has to be cancelled can also be considered a successful sabotage."

"Mess with them? Wait, should we one of them then?" Wind offered a horrible idea.

"Stupid! You don't have to kill anyone to force a wedding to be cancelled! You can just try to ruin their relationship. If they don't like each other anymore, then they won't go through with the wedding and it'll be cancelled." Pei Qing, this guy's knowledge of harming people was more insidious than either of the twins.

"Oh, hey then what about using a honey trap?" Wind suggested as he eyed the two girls.

"That's a great idea! Little Rain, you and Xiao Wu would work. One is adorable and cute; the other is pretty and vivacious! You'd definitely be able to attract Sir Germaine!" Pei Qing was keen on the idea.

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There was a twinkle in Wind's eyes as he thought about it.

"That's right! That's right! Xiao Wu I love you!" Rain pointed at the three guys in the room. "You three are also gorgeous. Your beauty meter, when you combine them, would be off the charts! This mission, it should be yours! If you act as the honey trap, it will definitely succeed!"

The more Rain talked the better she felt. In contrast, the more she talked the worse the boys felt! To think the day would come where they would have to rely on their attractiveness to complete a mission.

"You three look so good, Lady Minerva will definitely like you." Feng Wu added completely without emotion. She had eyed them objectively and came to the same conclusion.

They didn't want be liked by Lady Minerva, but they were no match for Feng Wu's serious and simple eyes. Admitting defeat the plan was changed from a beauty trap for men to a honey trap for ladies.

"Well this ended well didn't it?" Now that she was in the clear, Rain was relaxed and in the mood to joke around.

"How about the captain go? The captain is so beautiful, the ladies won't be able to help but faint. The plan will be a total success!" Pei Qing looked at Jier with complete belief in the other's abilities.

b.l.o.o.d.y h.e.l.l, Jier really wanted to beat the c.r.a.p out of Pei Qing.

"I feel that Wind is better. I hear Lady Minerva is twenty; she'll like them young. When she sees how tender and sweet looking Wind is, I'm sure she'll just want to eat him right up." Jier came up with this argument at the last minute. He didn't mind losing face in this instance and letting Wind win.

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