The Otherworldly Adventures Of A Super Naive Girl

Mu Ling Bin - 慕凌彬

Chapter 93

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[OASNG] Chapter 93: Pregnancy and the Motherhood Fruit Thanks for the donation iamkin! [Translator/Editor: otwentyfirst]

[July 10, 2019]


The school was stunned by the news. Feng Wu's baby wasn't the result of a tawdry relationship between a man and a woman but the result of a fruit! Who would have guessed?!

What was this motherhood fruit? Turned out it came from a native tree from a mysterious distant country. A woman could conceive a if she ate its fruit, though the gender would be unknown and dependent on luck.

It was a rare fruit desired by many women who wanted a baby but didn't want marriage, such as magicians and swordmasters and those unable to conceive. For these women, the fruit represented their final hope. The high demand and low fruit production meant many fierce battles were fought over it.

Needless to say, it was a rare fruit even in a bustling and important city like Zhongyang, yet somehow Feng Wu found one, ate it, and successfully gave birth to a son!

Didn't it seem too amazing to be real?

"It's really true? Feng Wu ate the motherhood fruit and that's why she has a son?"

"It has to be. If her character was as horrible as the rumors, there's no way the school would protect her like this."

"Yeah. I think so too."

"Yeah I thought it was strange. Feng Wu seemed like such a well-behaved girl. How could she have done those shameless things and given birth to a child? It was all a misunderstanding. Poor thing. She has such bad luck. To mistakenly eat that fruit, and she's so young."

"Yeah. She does have lousy luck."

By all rights the whole affair should have destroyed Feng Wu's reputation, but the winds of change were swift. Within half a day the voices spewing vitriol condemning her died away, completely replaced by voices of sympathy and curiosity.

Jasmine gnashed her teeth so hard when she saw the announcement that she nearly broke her tooth. She couldn't believe it. Feng Wu's reputation was barely in tatters for half a day before everything was resolved!

It brought the spotlight back on Jasmine and gossip about her running around nearly nude in the girls' dorm started up again. People hadn't paid it much attention before, but now people were looking at it with renewed interest.

Things would not have been so bad for Jasmine if Annika hadn't found her. She was a freshman and not many people were familiar enough with her to recognize her. No one would have known who she was if Annika hadn't yelled out her name and rushed to her.

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Jasmine regretted Annika's help that day when she realized this. Had Annika purposefully yelled her name out loudly so everyone would know? The suspicion created a rift in their relationship. The formerly inseparable friends became estranged.

Feng Wu was even less concerned with Jasmine. From the way Jasmine glared at her, she knew the Jasmine didn't like her. She just didn't care enough to try to find out why. She wasn't a suck up either so what Jasmine did was none of her concern.

Several days pa.s.sed. Feng Wu didn't see Ming Xi again in the cafeteria. She was unhappy but Jier was relieved. She was like a moth to a flame when it came to Ming Xi. Jier agreed Ming Xi was a good marriage partner, but he also knew the odds of Ming Xi's family accepting Feng Wu were low. He didn't want her to get hurt so he was quite happy she hadn't run into Ming Xi since then.

To keep her distracted he took her to the Adventurers' Guild. The same pretty receptionist was behind the desk receiving people. Jier and Feng Wu went the mission board to see what was available.

The last missions was far away and the they had to take time off school to complete them. This affected their studies, as a result Jier wanted them to stick closer to home.

After considering all the ones on the board he picked an annoying but simple one. The mission was to find a lost pet. The lady that owned the dog loved it very much. The reward was 500 gold. The pet was indeed a very beloved pet!

This kind of mission was open to all. The one to complete the mission would be the one to get the reward.

Jier signed up for it and paid the required fee. He went back to the board to see what other missions to take when the board refreshed with an incredible new mission.

"Heavens! Twenty million gold?! Wow! This must be one of those legendary s-cla.s.s missions! It's been ages since one of these popped up. No wonder the reward is so high!"

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