The Otherworldly Adventures Of A Super Naive Girl

Mu Ling Bin - 慕凌彬

Chapter 80

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[Translator/Editor: otwentyfirst]


[May 11th, 2019]

... The imposter Wenda recognized Jier and Feng Wu from the party. It was a recent meeting so he still remembered them clearly.

“You’re trying to bribe us in front of a Star general?” Jier spoke without thinking.

“Star?! You’re from Star Marshall Hall?!” Wenda thought they were just nosy adventurers. He didn’t expect one of them to be a Star from the hall. Anyone from the 28th generation would be difficult to deal with.

“You finally realize the situation you’re in huh?” Jier gloated.

“d.a.m.n! Why is someone from the temple here?!” Wenda paled; he knew he was in trouble.

Wenda was thinking of how to get rid of them when Wolf took out a mirror and chanted the words, “Reflect and illuminate, show your true self.”

It was the mirror Wolf always carried with him. The mirror was framed in silver with delicate carvings on the handle. A few gems were embedded around the frame as well, giving it a beautiful l.u.s.ter.

When Wolf aimed the mirror at Wenda, the imposter screamed in pain and panic. The golden light from the mirror made Wenda’s skin smoke.

“Ahhhhh!” Wenda screamed as his disguise was forcefully burned away. His true face was revealed when the smoke cleared.

“The Asura really are a beautiful race.” It was Jier’s first time seeing the legendary beauty of an Asura in person. Their beauty was only comparable to their thirst for blood.

“I don’t know who you are, but the human world is no place for an Asura. Come with me.” Wolf let his guard down as he spoke.

“Go with you? Dream on! Let’s see if you have to ability to catch me!” Unbound from his human disguise, the Asura released all his power, filling the air with droplets of blood.

The blood in the center of the room grew so thick none of them could see through it. Everything became a red haze.

“Blood spirits! I summon you! Kill them! Kill them all!” The blood haze in the room suddenly coalesced into human shaped blobs. One rushed toward Wolf as it formed a sword out of blood.

“Bahahaha! Let’s see you defeat my blood spirits!” Blood spirits didn’t feel fear or pain, only the desire to slaughter what was in front of them. This made the Asura smug, confident in his victory.

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“Blood spirit summons? Well it’s a pity for you I’m your opponent!” Wolf laughed coldly while easily dodging the sword aimed at him. Feng Wu and Jier were also attacked by the spirits. She used her small sword to cut down the spirit in front of her. Unfortunately summoned spirits were intangible. They simply reformed and commenced attacking again.

The Asura yelled, “I’ll come back for you Dusha!” before flying out the window.

“Don’t think you can escape!” Wolf, who was stabbed in the back so close to his heart, was glad Dusha was an ordinary person with ordinary strength. Had she practiced any of the arts, it was unlikely he would have survived such a wound. As it was, the wound was a minor one that only penetrated skin and flesh, but not muscle or bone.

Wolf wasn’t about to let a superficial wound stop him. He was a professional! With a roar he flew after the Asura.

“Xiao Wu, watch this woman!” Jier kicked Dusha in the stomach to get her off of him. He turned into a flash of red light and followed the other two out the window.

“No! Don’t hurt him! Don’t hurt him!” Dusha ran to the window and screamed after Jier before collapsing into a ball of pain on the floor.

Sheila ran in and helped her mistress up. “Mistress! Don’t be like this! That person’s a monster! He’s not Master Wenda!” She had been trailing behind Dusha but stopped dead in her tracks when her mistress pulled a sword and stabbed the pretty man. She only dared approach now that things had settled down.

“No! He’s not a monster! He loves me very much! For me… for me he did so many things. How can I abandon him?!” She shoved Sheila’s outstretched hand away as she yelled in anguish.

“Mistress! Don’t tell me you… you already knew?” Sheila couldn’t believe it. Protecting her mistress was topmost in her heart, but it was apparently a joke because the whole time she had been trying to save her mistress and escape from the demon, her mistress already knew! Knew and chose to stay together with him!

I’ve proofed up to the first intermission arc, so those chapters should be easier to read. Will get to the rest some other time. Reminded me of some good one-liners in the story. And to think there was even one scene where Feng Wu thought Jier was an idiot – not the other way around!

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