The Otherworldly Adventures Of A Super Naive Girl

Mu Ling Bin - 慕凌彬

Chapter 77

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[Translator/Editor: otwentyfirst]


[May 9th, 2019]

... “Let’s not focus on that right now. First we have to find Mr. Wenda and Ms. Dusha.” Wolf was a professional and he knew his priorities.

The three of them kept moving. First they would try to find Ms. Dusha. A great number of strange things had happened since her arrival at Rime-Frost, yet they knew next to nothing about her background. Jier felt she was the most suspicious person.

Just as they were about to open the gate, it was pulled open from the other side by a girl. It looked like she was a maid based on her uniform.

Her first instinct, faced with three strangers in the middle of the night clearly sneaking around the manor, was to scream.

Fortunately Wolf covered her mouth in time. “Don’t scream. We’re not bad people. Take us someplace private. We have to ask you something.” Wolf had one hand clamped over her mouth and his other hand wrapped around her body, immobilizing her.

The maid nodded and led them to a storage room filled with odds and ends. It was unlikely anyone would interrupt them there.

“We won’t hurt you. We just have some questions we want to ask. I’m going to let you go now. OK?”

After being released the first thing the maid did was take a deep breath in, then she looked at the three people surrounding her.

“You, you people are investigating Master Wenda and Mistress Dusha right?” Her voice was excited and she was clearly expecting them to reply in the affirmative.

This took them by surprise. Who knew a simple maid would be so clever? Wouldn’t the normal reaction be to think they were burglars?

Jier asked, “How did you know?”

A little embarra.s.sed she admitted it was a guess.

“Tell us everything you know.” Wolf could tell from a glance there was something she wanted to say.

“I’ll tell you what I know, but please, you must promise to save Mistress Dusha from Master Wenda! As long as you promise I’ll tell you everything I know.”

She reached out wanting to grab onto Wolf’s sleeve for rea.s.surance, but Wolf was not obliging. He didn’t like strangers touching him. He’d only touched her earlier to keep her from screaming.

She dropped her hand and stopped trying to reach out. Instead she grabbed her own skirt with an overwhelmed expression on her face.

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“Who are you and why do you want to save Ms. Dusha?” Jier reevaluated the maid, thinking that her ident.i.ty was more important now after her comment. Maybe she was Ms. Dusha’s confidante?

He was happily married to Mrs. Malin. Miss Clara was three I think. Anyways by the time Master Wenda arrived, the only person left was my mistress. Everyone else had pa.s.sed on already.

Master Wenda was very kind. He wanted to help, but because of my mistress’s ident.i.ty, he couldn’t very well bring her home with him. So instead he bought her a house outside the city and left several servants to help take care of things. He would stop by every now and again to check in on us and make sure everything was OK.

My mistress is a very virtuous lady. Most of the servants in the house were wretched people my lady took in. I’m one of them! She saved me! Eventually she even made me her personal maid.

When I became her personal maid I realized she was in love with Master Wenda. But she was too young. Plus Master Wenda was happily married to Mrs. Malin. My mistress tried to keep her feelings for Mr. Wenda a secret, but I could tell! She’s been keeping it secret for the past twelve years now! My poor mistress!

Anyways when my mistress was twenty-two she came upon a young man with a grievous head injury. He was bleeding something awful! She had never seen him around the city before but nevertheless, she still saved him. It turned out he was an orphan with no family or home. Since this was the case, my mistress, as virtuous as she is, offered to have him stay on at the house!

He was pleasant and a diligent worker. Everyone liked him. Some of the maids were even in love with him. Me included. We were all trying to get his favor, trying to win the position of his missus and raise a family together.

I was confident I could win him over. After all I was in the best position of all the other maids. But but…”

“Wait! Stop! We want to hear about Ms. Dusha and Mr. Wenda. Not about your love life.” Jier was getting impatient.

“This is about my mistress. Please listen. You’ll understand once we reach the ending.” Sheila was embarra.s.sed but stood her ground.

“Jier, let her finish the story. It should be relevant.” Wolf was far more patient than Jier.

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