The Otherworldly Adventures Of A Super Naive Girl

Mu Ling Bin - 慕凌彬

Chapter 76

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[Translator/Editor: otwentyfirst]


[May 9th, 2019]

... Each successive generation chose a new weapon based on their personal preference. Each weapon had its own characteristics, thus different powers and abilities. Weapons could be anything. If the holder of the seal wanted it to be a staff, then it would be a staff. If the holder of the seal wanted it to be a sword, then it would be a sword. Once finalized, the seals would confer their respective powers to the chosen weapons.

Wolf's weapon was a mirror... No one else but him...

He was unique in his choice; however it was an appropriate one for the current situation as it had the ability to expose illusions, perfect for combating those good at transformations such as the Asura Race.

Jier guessed this was the reason Wolf got the task.

“Little Flame, it's been ages.” Wolf walked over and sat down next to Jier. He looked around and saw that the only female presence in the room was Feng Wu and Matron La. On top of that there were also quite a few good-looking people around. This was good. They would help him blend in. Although he enjoyed his good looks, the most important thing to him, hard as it was to believe, was being strong.

No one looking at such a delicately beautiful man would think he was a master, what with his haughty n.o.ble demeanor and complete lack of a traditional weapon. The only one who knew was Jier.

Jier didn’t feel like dealing with Wolf however. He completely ignored the greeting and addressed Feng Wu instead. “Xiao Wu you’re back.”

“Mm.” Feng Wu nodded her head then held out the bag in front of her hesitatingly saying, “These... are gifts from Wolf.” She wasn’t sure if it was OK to accept or not.

Jier waved his hand saying, “Don’t worry about it. Feel free to take whatever he gives. The only thing he’s good at is spending money anyways.”

What?! Jier was just a tiny mite the last time Wolf saw him, but apparently his att.i.tude hadn’t changed one bit. He was still an a.s.shole. Wolf really wanted to beat him up!

Pierre thought Feng Wu would be hungry from having been out all day so he said, “Feng Wu, come over. You must be hungry.”

“Mmm.” Feng Wu nodded as she handed the clothes to Matron La. Since the seat next to Jier was already taken by Wolf, she sat next to Pierre instead.

Jier took a big gulp of ale before looking askance at Wolf and saying, “I’m surprised the Temple sent you. I would have thought they’d send Martial Wu or Honorable Chaste.”

“They’re on other a.s.signments right now. I was the only one Zi Wei could send over,” Wolf said offhandedly.

“Big brother Wolf is from the Sacred Temple?” This revelation both surprised and delighted Pierre. Never in a million years did he think he’d get the chance to share a table with someone so esteemed.

Jier laughed at that. “This guy just swept the Temple’s courtyard. You don’t have to take him so seriously.”

“S...sweep...?” Wolf sputtered. He really really REALLY wanted to kill this kid. How dare this shorty lump him with those aunties and uncles who swept the yard?! Waving his hand Wolf said, “Jier is right. Don’t mind me. Don’t mind me. Come now. Eat up.”

Although he said this, Wolf couldn’t bring himself to have any of the roasted meats and ale brought over by Matron La, having completely lost his appet.i.te because of Jier.

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Wolf was already eye-catching on his own so when paired with Jier’s flaming beauty, it was impossible not to turn heads. Even in a roomful of men, calculating gazes still turned their way.

Wolf wasn’t a rookie and could tell there was something wrong with the manor. Even if Rime-Frost had shorter days and people retired earlier, there should have been servants still on duty. That there was no one moving about was a red flag. “There’s something not right about this place.”

At that Jier said, “Xiao Wu, be careful. Immediately run away if it gets too dangerous OK?” Jier was worried about Feng Wu, afraid she would be killed before her brain caught up with the situation and she thought to run away.


Her reply made him feel better. He knew if she said she would do something then she would do it.

“I’m very strong,” she continued very seriously. She was sure she could protect herself with Xiao Chun.[notes]

Wolf patted Feng Wu lightly on the head. Yes. Of course you are. Neither he nor Jier believed her.

They carefully snuck into the yard with only the faint glow of the moon to guide them.

Feng Wu abruptly stopped at a flower garden.

“What’s wrong?” Jier asked. He was keenly aware of her presence, so he turned around when he felt she wasn’t following behind.

“There’s someone buried here. The flowers are very sad because the person was very kind.”

“Buried?!” If she said someone was buried there, then someone was buried there. Jier believed her without a doubt. He was all too familiar with her ability to communicate with plants.

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