The Otherworldly Adventures Of A Super Naive Girl

Mu Ling Bin - 慕凌彬

Chapter 60

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[Translator/Editor: otwentyfirst]


[Feb. 21st, 2019]

... Pierre and Jier searched all over the room but didn’t find any clues. It was not surprising. The investigation party had searched the room multiples times before them so everything of value was already found and taken away.

They were just about to go to Clara’s room when Feng Wu walked in.

“Xiao Wu, you’re back.” Jier didn’t mind that she ran off on her own while he was searching. He had full confidence in his own abilities. He would definitely be able to complete the mission.

Feng Wu stared at him, her face expressionless and her eyes clear. “When Mrs. Malin died someone in human skin came here. What does that mean?”

Human skin? Both boys had question marks in their eyes. Fortunately Jier quickly understood.

“Oh. You mean the one that killed Mrs. Malin wasn’t a person but a creature disguised as a human?” They lived in a magical world and using a magical art to disguise was not unheard of. Jier knew it was possible.

Feng Wu didn’t understand it at all when the old tree explained it to her, but at Jier’s words it finally clicked.

“Jier is so smart.” She looked at him with adoring puppy dog eyes.

Pierre’s fog of confusion also lifted at Jier’s simple explanation. But now he had another question.

“Miss Feng Wu, how do you know this?” How did this young girl discover something the investigation team missed?

Feng Wu bit her lip and tucked her head down, not saying a word.

This reaction made Pierre want to shout at the sky. Hey now, don’t look like that. This kind of good girl being bullied image. That boyfriend of yours is going to beat the c.r.a.p out of me!

Feng Wu kept her head down. She didn’t know what to say. Master told her not to tell anyone she could talk to the plants and animals, that it could result in trouble if she did. She could only silently keep her head down, feeling incredibly troubled.

Just then she felt a gentle warm hand stroking her head, the same way Master used to stroke her head. She looked up and saw Jier. His smile felt as bright as the Sun.

“If you don’t want to say then you don’t have to Xiao Wu.” The Jier now was completely different from the usual fiery Jier. This Jier was like a gentle older brother.

Feng Wu’s heart warmed at the sight making her unconsciously smile.

How adorable! Jier couldn’t help rubbing her head even more at the shy smile.

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“Ah yes please don’t be sad. Please just ignore my question.” If Pierre had known she was like this he would not have asked.

“Yes! Many people. Especially in the last two days. They don’t seem to know what to do, but they are here nonetheless. Adventurers from all over Frosted Hills and Knolls are here.” Pierre suspected Jier knew about it and was playing dumb earlier. Turned out the fellow really didn’t know.

Feng Wu tucked into the soup, a happy expression clearly showing on her face. Matron La’s oxtail soup was delicious and she liked it a lot.

Although Feng Wu hadn’t said anything, based on her face, Jier knew the soup had to be tasty.

“Boss, bring some wine over.” A tall man with a sword behind him came downstairs. It was obvious from his clothes that he wasn’t rich.

“OK, I’ll bring some over right away,” Pierre smiled.

Matron La had gone to the kitchen for some food so the only person left was Pierre. The inn was small and they made just enough to get by so they didn’t have money to hire extra help. The two of them were usually enough to run the place, it was just that the past two days had been exceptionally busy with more guests than normal. Nearly all their rooms were booked.

Instead of accompanying Jier and Feng Wu for their meal, he stayed behind and staffed the counter. He didn’t like to leave it unattended. It was dinnertime so it was very busy. The number of guests dining downstairs kept increasing. Luckily Matron La was a fast cook and no one had to wait too long for their orders.

Pierre was working, Feng Wu was busy eating, and Jier was taking the opportunity to ask the people at the inn about their reason for visiting Rime-Frost. Everyone was very forthcoming with their responses, not regarding as a secret.

The three of them gathered in Pierre’s study later that night. Jier shared what he learned from the guests at the inn earlier.

“A few days ago a mysterious streak of light arced over the town. People think it’s because an ancient tomb opened up. There’s surely treasure in it, and they’re here to find it.”

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