The Otherworldly Adventures Of A Super Naive Girl

Mu Ling Bin - 慕凌彬

Chapter 59

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[Translator/Editor: otwentyfirst]


[Feb. 21st, 2019]

... “If an egg was stolen then the elders of the clan the egg came from should be trying to negotiate right?”

The relationship between humans and G.o.d beasts in the spiritual world was a good one. If the spiritual world decided to intervene and request a.s.sistance on behalf of the holy beast, then the people of Frosted Hills and Knolls would have no choice to but a.s.sist in finding the stolen egg, lest they be shamed the next time anyone from their nation visited the spiritual realm.

“Its strange though. It’s been a while since the egg fell near Rime-Frost, but no one from the spiritual world has stepped forward to negotiate for our aid. Everyone is wondering if its an orphan egg.” If the egg was from a dead line, then it made sense, as there wouldn’t be an elder to step forward. Beasts from other families wouldn’t interfere.

“So it’s like that,” Jier nodded as the finally reached the Mrs. Malin’s villa.

It was a small two-story building, the kind commonly found in the city. It had a nice view with a yard and a flower bed.

“We have to go in through the side. Technically no one’s allowed inside until the case is resolved.” Pierre was more than willing to defy the Department of Justice’s orders in order to save his childhood friend.

The streets were practically deserted so they were able to sneak in through the side door without anyone noticing. Pierre led them to Mrs. Malin’s room.

It was a large room, and because it hadn’t been aired out in some time, it was very dusty. Jier noticed the large bloodstain on the bed right away. That had to be where Mrs. Malin died.

Look! There are people. No one’s been here for so long, will Clara be back soon?” A small childish voice floated to Feng Wu’s ear.

“No, those people think Clara is a murderer; they’ll definitely kill her for it,” said another voice, the tone unmistakably angry.

“Those people are bad. No one watered me properly after Clara left. I want her back.”

A bunch of new voices joined in, making a din like a market.

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The sounds didn’t surprise Feng Wu. It was just the plants nearby chatting. If she paid attention, she could make out what they were saying. She had always been able to hear the plants and animals, even the wind and the fire, back when she was on Yuehua Mountain. Her ability to hear them was even stronger since she crossed over. She’d learn to control her improved hearing earlier so had no problems tuning them out.

The reply encouraged Feng Wu. Her eyes sparked a little in her expressionless face.

“I used to be called Tian Lan but now I’m called Feng Wu. I came with Jier to investigate Mrs. Malin’s death. Did anyone else come into the villa the night Mrs. Malin died? She hadn’t joined in the discussion with Pierre earlier at the hotel, but she was paying attention. She knew their biggest obstacle was a lack of witnesses.

Since this was the case, she figured asking the tree was the best course of action. She liked communicating with the plants because their emotions were clear and easy to understand. There was no guessing or hard thinking involved. She liked this easy breezy way of communicating. Talking with people was so much more complicated.

“That day, there was a non-human person in human skin. A really strange one that one.” The old tree had seen many days come and go, most were not memorable, but that day stuck out in its head.

“A non-human in human skin?” This was too much for Feng Wu. She didn’t understand.

“Yes, wearing female skin. More beautiful than Mrs. Malin.” The tree, being a rooted plant, hadn’t seen many women, so it’s idea of beauty was based on Mrs. Malin. Mrs. Malin could only be considered average looking when compared to a real beauty.

Feng Wu thanked the tree and went back inside.

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