The Otherworldly Adventures Of A Super Naive Girl

Mu Ling Bin - 慕凌彬

Chapter 54

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[Translator/Editor: otwentyfirst]


[Jan. 30th, 2019]

... Annika had felt the same discomfort over it as Jasmine did, however she didn’t want to fail the a.s.signment. That was why she settled for an easy job that paid well.

Feng Wu and Jier sat down to eat at the dining table after they finished cooking. Neither asked the girls to join. The thought never crossed Feng Wu’s mind. As for Jier, he and Feng Wu worked hard to cook everything. Why would he invite those who hadn’t helped to have some?

Xi and Annika waited expectantly, thinking that the two would be polite and invite them to partake in the meal. But alas no invitation came. They could only watch as Feng Wu and Jier dug into the fragrant and delicious looking dishes.

Unable to take it any longer, one of them plaintively uttered Feng Wu’s name. “Xiao Wu…”

“Hm?” Feng Wu answered the sad cry.

“Can you share a bite with us?” Xi asked pitifully.

“Okay,” said Feng Wu. She picked up two plates and put a bite of food in each before handing both over.

A surprised sound of, “Eh –,” escaped from the girls. They looked at the spread on the table before looking back down at the measly portion on their plate, a helpless questioning look in their eyes. Good sister, you didn’t have to take it so literally!

Jasmine looked disdainfully at the scene, shaking her head. What was there to say about it? She decided to retire for the night and went upstairs to sleep.

The incoming freshmen were all busy with and various tasks; none of them had free time to play around anymore. It was quite a contrast to the uppercla.s.smen who leisurely went about their business.

... La Wei’s father owned two large incredibly profitable hotels in Zhongyang so her family was very well-off. Although she was rich, she was not happy. This was because Ma Xiu, her childhood sweetheart, was lukewarm towards her.

La Wei was just an ordinary rich young lady; she wasn’t a student at Xingguang so her chances of seeing Ma Xiu were few and far in-between. He was amazingly talented, placing tenth out of all the fifth years at Xingguang Holy Academy. It was laudable, but at the same time it made her feel anxious, as though their destinies were drifting farther apart. If she didn’t keep reminding him of her presence, he might forget all about her! At the rate they were going, she was afraid some rotten woman would steal him away.

Today she was lucky. She had heard that Ma Xiu would visit a magic shop in the city. It was the perfect chance for her to talk to him. She went out, taking care to look her best. She presented a very pretty picture dressed in a long dress, with a slight blush on her cheeks, and a jeweled hair piece in her hair. The maid by her side, holding a parasol to shield her from the sun, completed the image of a quintessential rich young lady.

Upon seeing Ma Xiu the maid whispered, “Miss. Young Master Ma Xiu is over there.”

La Wei’s face blushed crimson at the sight of her handsome sweetheart. She picked up her skirt intending to walk over to him. Before she could, a cute looking brown-eyed girl beat her to the punch. She couldn’t hear what was said to her sweetheart, but afterwards the two left the magic shop together. La Wei wanted to follow but a young man dressed entirely in red and reeking of alcohol stumbled into them.

“Get away from us you drunk!” the maid screamed as she shoved the drunk to the ground.

La Wei walked over and looked for Ma Xiu as soon as the drunk was out of the way, but her sweetheart was nowhere in sight. She was so furious! If it hadn’t been for the delay… Now her entire trip was wasted.

La Wei looked for the cheap seductress who had tried to fool her darling Ma Xiu. There she was walking into a jewelry shop. An angry La Wei followed behind. Once inside she saw that the clerk was pulling out a bracelet for the brunette to try on.

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La Wei was in an extremely foul mood. She thought about the scene from earlier and easily guessed what had happened. You horrid person! How dare you seduce my Brother Ma Xiu! Now you’re trying on all this jewelry. Don’t tell me! You… you..! That’s why you were talking to Brother Ma Xiu earlier! She was an angry woman with an unrequited love and her imagination ran wild; truly fearsome indeed.

After the last item, a gemstone ring, was s.n.a.t.c.hed from her, the brunette turned around as though to leave.

“Hold it right there!” La Wei shouted. This seductress wanted to leave? Like she’d allow that. “You. Listen well. Brother Ma Xiu is mine. These jewels are mine as well. You can’t take them and you certainly can’t take Brother Ma Xiu!” La Wei turned away with her head held high. She and her maid walked out like proud peac.o.c.ks having won a duel.

It took less than five minutes before the young man in red stepped into the shop.

A tall and beautiful woman walked out from the rear of the shop. The clerk deferentially addressed her as “boss” the moment he saw her. She said, “The Young Miss from earlier purchased 20,000 gold worth of jewels. This is your cut – 500.”

Jier took the proffered crystal card. With a smile he said, “Thank you. If there’s another chance in the future, let’s work together again.” After he finished speaking, he pulled the distracted brunette girl next to him out of the shop.

The boss smiled at that before returning to her office so the clerks could continue greeting customers.

Once Jier exited the shop with Feng Wu a pleased smile replaced his staid business-like countenance from earlier.

“Didn’t I say this was a good plan? There are so many fools in the city, if you just look, it’s easy to find them.”

“Jier is amazing,” Feng Wu agreeably praised him in all earnestness.

“I know. I am. Come on, let’s go register with the Adventurers’ Guild. We can battle to earn more money once we do.”

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